Vana'diel Bestiary: Friar Rush  

Found in:Den of Rancor
  • Notorious Monster
  • Aggro
  • Not Linking
  • Based on Fire
  • Weak against Fire
Stolen Items:
Updated: Fri Dec 28 16:26:12 2007

Friar Rush Picture

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General Information

    • Respawn time is roughly four to six hours since its last ToD.

Friar Rush's Special Attacks

  • Berserk - Self target Attack Boost and Defense Down effect (Effect can be dispelled).

Historical Information

In German folklore, the Friar Rush was a malevolent indoor spirit that would attempt to seduce monks and friars to stray from the path of God by coaxing them to indulge in sinful activities.

Final Fantasy XI

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# Dec 02 2007 at 4:46 PM Rating: Decent
just to clear things up, the nm DOES NOT use the Self Destruch ability. the bifrons however (placeholders) uses it. any good DD with \nin can solo it. However, i'm not so sure about everyone execpt rdm taking on the PH cuz they are the ones that uses Self Destruct. without barfire and stonskin, ur pretty much dead if one of them does it and still has alot of hp left. maybe a nin with sub rdm could pull it off but i dunno. its a bit funny that a nin or another dd can solo the NM but not the ph :)

but self-destruct changes everything and can easily take u down in a sec. i did it as rdm/nin and it was a bit hard. the NM has some good accuracy and hits hard. its in no way impossible, u just have to be prepared and always have buffs on.
bomb core
# Aug 07 2007 at 12:30 PM Rating: Decent
Could a 73pld and a 63drk kill this thing?
# Jan 13 2007 at 9:46 AM Rating: Default
but blm is expensive and i hate it so not gonna do it
Short info
# Oct 02 2006 at 12:32 PM Rating: Decent
138 posts
For those who don't know by now:

Friar Rush spawns around E-5 in Den of Rancor. It's somewhere around lvl 70 and a lottery spawn from Bifons in that area. It's weak to fire and lightning and definately soloable by NIN,BST or RDM

It sounds like the Bomb Core (ATT+12, resist vs. fire -6) is a 100% drop, but i'm not sure about that and is auctionhouse/bazaar sellable.

It goes for about 700k on Siren atm so I wouldn't recomment /ra it!!
Short info
# Feb 12 2008 at 5:03 AM Rating: Decent
Most likely 100% drop.
I am 8/8 so far.

Edit: 11/11, msut be 100%. <.<

Edit2: Core is definitely 100% drop, I'm now something like 47/47 on Rush (*`.`*)

Edit3: 78 kills of Rush, 78 Cores dropped. No more doubts about 100% drop. Orz.
(on an unrelated note: Beastmaster is a wonderful job.)

Edited, Feb 15th 2008 4:18am by Livsenjel

Edited, Apr 7th 2008 2:55pm by Livsenjel

Edited, Oct 23rd 2008 8:44am by Livsenjel
Short info
# Oct 02 2006 at 12:30 PM Rating: Decent
138 posts
For those who don't know by now:

Friar Rush spawns around E-5 in Den of Rancor. It's somewhere around lvl 70 and a lottery spawn from Bifons in that area. It's weak to fire and lightning and definately soloable by NIN,BST or RDM

It sounds like the Bomb Core (ATT+12, resist vs. fire -6) is a 100% drop, but i'm not sure about that and is auctionhouse/bazaar sellable.

It goes for about 700k on Siren atm so I wouldn't recomment /ra it!!
self destruct
# Sep 11 2006 at 4:15 AM Rating: Decent
Thief's Knife
15,054 posts
when soloing this keep in mind that if it self destructs you will probably die.

Edited, Sep 11th 2006 at 5:16am EDT by Lobivopis
Final Fantasy XI 12-14-11 Update wrote:
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If the Overlay Graphics Resolution is set higher than the Menu Resolution, menus will be automatically resized.

I thought of it first:

It... actually makes sense...
# Jul 22 2006 at 11:28 PM Rating: Good
265 posts
Think about it... take a fire cracker. Put it in water. Nothing happens. Freeze it. Nothing happens. Light it on fire. Boom. Gone. Weakness found :P
It... actually makes sense...
# Aug 10 2006 at 10:52 AM Rating: Good
370 posts
Um... actually, no... Bombs are arcana, and all arcana are weak to fire, they're also weak to water because they're fire elemental and last, but not least they're weak to lightning because the elemental magic system in this game is ****** beyond repair (or at least they don't seem to want to do anything about it). And no, snolls are not weak to ice, they're weak to fire because they're in fact arcana as well and also because they're ice based.
# Mar 08 2006 at 1:20 AM Rating: Decent
this mob although based on fire, takes absurd amounts of damage from fire based spells
RE: weeknes
# May 24 2006 at 10:22 PM Rating: Decent
Fyi, all bombs do keep that in mind ^^b
RE: weeknes
# Jul 01 2006 at 6:21 PM Rating: Decent
Ya I've always wondered why they made them dif from other FF's
RE: weeknes
# Jan 20 2007 at 9:52 PM Rating: Decent
483 posts
Sorry dude, but bombs have been weak to fire in every FF.
# Aug 09 2005 at 1:46 PM Rating: Decent
116 posts
where does he spawn in the den? info please, i wanna solo ^^
PH and respawn time?
# Jul 28 2005 at 1:22 PM Rating: Decent
What is the place holder for this NM? and what is the respawn time on this?
# May 09 2005 at 3:07 AM Rating: Decent
I killed today as 75 nin/rdm without any problems at all. gave me 9000g, a bomb core, and 61 xp... according to the mysterytour xp chart, that makes the NM lvl 72. definitely not lvl 80-85.
pop location is den of rancor main map E-5.. enter from temple of uggalepih - paintbrush of souls door then hug the right wall until you reach the altar of rancor. the bifrons there are placeholders. not sure about the repop time.
is the bomb core a 100% drop?
RE: hmm
# Mar 02 2006 at 12:29 PM Rating: Decent
39 posts
we also got it 1/1 we didnt stay to kill it again and it was quite an easy fight 70 sam 74 monk 75 blm 75 mnk we killed it in about a minute lol.
Spawn Time?
# May 03 2005 at 2:56 PM Rating: Decent
Anyone know the spawn position of this?
Mob info is wrong
# Apr 17 2005 at 8:25 PM Rating: Decent
711 posts
I don't personally care if that guy soloed it or not, I'm just wondering over the mob info, first off, Based on fire does NOT make it weak to Ice, it makes it strong to it, and if this is a Bomb, then it is Arcana, thus it is weak to Fire, not strong to it, need proof? lvl 50 BCNM Time Bomb, you have 60 secs to deal 10k damage, our method, 2X SAM, 4X RDM, the SAMs did 5 Fusions while the 4 RDMs chainspelled FireII (had some mishaps on a couple of the runs, but when everything acutally went as planned, that **** went down with the quickness)
Character: Sylvr
Server: Diabolos
Jobs: 75RDM/75PLD/75BLU, 227 Merits

"I would even go so far as to say the best RDMs and BRDs are completely unnoticed in their parties. After all, when a support class is noticed, it is typically when they miss something, and are being spammed/yelled at because of it. This type of job holds little appeal for those who want recognition."
Quote by Foolycooly of Caitsith
# Apr 04 2005 at 5:32 PM Rating: Excellent
99 posts
Solo'd as a 65 BST/WHM.
Used the Dire Bats around the area.

(Did die twice due to mischarms. But
im guessing I just had bad luck.)

Edit: You can also use a Mousse which
will pretty much take him down to 1/10.
Then just find some bats to finish him

Edited, Fri Apr 22 15:02:36 2005
# Feb 26 2005 at 12:18 AM Rating: Default
Level 80-85? BS! I had a alliance of about 15 60-73 people, and me(66 pld), a 72 nin, and a 71 drk killed this guy with absolutely no problems whatsoever. Bomb core drop, the idiotic whm lotted and kept the drk from getting somthing he's wanted for months. -_-;
RE: wtf
# Feb 26 2005 at 6:59 AM Rating: Decent
basically everyone lotted =( and the rng took it -_- greedy bastards. i couldve used it too /cry.
RE: wtf
# Jun 10 2005 at 12:13 PM Rating: Default
72 posts
basically everyone lotted =( and the rng took it -_- greedy bastards. i couldve used it too /cry.

I'd say you're greedy for expecting them not to lot on a valuable item when they helped kill it. If it were rare/ex I would understand, but it isnt so everybody has the right to lot on it. If you want it so bad buy one.
RE: wtf
# Jun 15 2005 at 12:18 AM Rating: Decent
Thats why u go with ur LS and not some random pick up pt. Even if they did help kill it they shoulda been told they are there to help or skill up and not to loot. U dont go all the way to den of rancor (wich is very risky at any level) just to lot on an item that can be easily bought at AH. People are greedy... always go with friends or LS wen its sumtin u need.
RE: wtf
# Jun 29 2005 at 8:57 AM Rating: Decent
We found it randomly while doing ZM4. I asked if I could have the drop and no one argued, some said ok. But once it dropped everyone lotted. Oh well I've long sinced moved on and bought one. Shot it by mistake a couple days ago infact. Gonna go buy a new one today lol

Edited, Wed Jun 29 10:00:37 2005
# Dec 22 2004 at 5:35 AM Rating: Default
this NM sucks i spent 8 hours killing place holders and wont pop so i gave up and the day before i killed just for 15min and he popped wtf
# Dec 19 2004 at 3:36 AM Rating: Decent
352 posts
Saw this the other day while doing ZM4.

It spawns in the spot where you get the Rancor Flame and is a lottery pop of the bombs there.

We had to kill a bomb to avoid getting aggro while getting the flame. Then 2 of us had to go back since we only had 2 Lanterns and Friar was up. Didn't know anything about him, so we just avoided him and got our flames.

If we knew it dropped Bomb Core, I'm sure we would have fought it.
what type of spawn
# Dec 02 2004 at 2:35 AM Rating: Decent
Is this mob spawned by trading an item? lotto pop? what? I've never seen it up myself. Can someone give useful info on this NM? Thanks.
not to tough
# Nov 13 2004 at 1:44 PM Rating: Decent
25 posts
I popped this NM yesterday while helping a new LS member with ZM4, and a 75NIN and I (71SMN) duo'ed it. It was incredibly easy. I doubt this mob is lvl 80. I pulled him using Carbuncle so we could fight near the zone, and he didnt even kill Carbuncle. Infact, Aquarious hits harder than this guy. He doesnt have alot of HP, and I know the 75 NIN could have soloed it, and I might have been able to (depending on how easily i could move around down there.)

It dropped Bomb Core, Fire crystal, Bomb Arm, and Bomb Queen Ash.
# Nov 03 2004 at 9:15 PM Rating: Default
u can solo it with ut 2
anything with nin 37

Soloable? Yes
# Nov 01 2004 at 3:00 AM Rating: Decent
Just finished ZM4, and saw a NIN solo this bomb from pull to death.
# Oct 29 2004 at 3:24 PM Rating: Decent
a 75mnk/37nin can solo friars rush.
# Sep 07 2004 at 4:43 PM Rating: Decent
like this item droped
Bomb core attck+12

Rank: 9
ZM: 5
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