Vana'diel Bestiary: Lamia Toxophilite  

Found in:Arrapago Reef
Level:80 - 83
  • Aggro
  • Linking
  • Detects by Sight
  • Based on Water
  • Weak against Lightning
  • Strong against Water
Updated: Fri Dec 28 16:26:12 2007

Lamia Toxophilite Picture

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Lamian Armlet
# Aug 28 2007 at 6:55 PM Rating: Decent
I just acquired {Lamian Armlet} from {PSC} {Assault} {Ilrusi Atoll} {Golden Salvage} (??? Box}

Edited, Aug 28th 2007 10:57pm by TorqueX
# Jun 17 2007 at 6:07 AM Rating: Decent
where do these spawn and what map? i cant find them
bST solo?
# May 02 2007 at 1:18 PM Rating: Decent
558 posts
Any pets next to these that a BST could charm to kill it with?
# Jan 01 2007 at 8:30 PM Rating: Decent

Edited, Jan 5th 2007 1:45am by yingyang
# Dec 09 2006 at 7:42 AM Rating: Decent
Can 75THF/NIN and 75BLM/WHM Duo these?
# Jan 04 2007 at 12:06 PM Rating: Decent
need a really good THF and BLM to dou these... there VT++ to IT++ and only 2pop points. GOna be tuff with no haste and drop rate for armlets and bows is horrid.
not saying cant be done but need skilled players to dou with those jobs.
THF + RDM would be better can enfeeb etc, and cure 4, convert etc.
Probably a Rare drop
# Dec 01 2006 at 9:35 AM Rating: Decent
3,211 posts
I think you'll probably want a thf friend along to get them in any form of reliability.
Lamia Armlet
# Oct 26 2006 at 2:16 AM Rating: Decent
Can anyone please confirm what drops Lamia Armlet? I killed 80+ of Lamia Toxophilite without even a single drop...(5 Lamia Kaman -1 dropped though.
Please help.
# Jun 05 2006 at 3:56 PM Rating: Excellent
388 posts
This also drops Lamian Kaman -1.
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