Vana'diel Bestiary: Climbpix Highrise  

Found in:Sauromugue Champaign
  • Notorious Monster
  • Aggro
  • Linking
  • Weak against Light
Involved in Quests:
Updated: Fri Dec 28 16:26:12 2007

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Location of NM
# Jan 04 2012 at 11:47 PM Rating: Decent
I belief theis NM spawns at the tower of H-8
# Feb 03 2010 at 11:26 AM Rating: Decent
well killed it with my 75PLD/NIN, i would say was a easy fight, thou i would sugest using shodows all the time because the NM(Climbpix Highrise) hits about 50+ hp and after 50% HP starts hitting aroung 65+ HP and attack speed is increased botton line in the long run it could kill you if u mp runs out without having any shadows on, well hope this info helps plp out ^^
Job requirement?
# Oct 02 2009 at 3:24 PM Rating: Decent
39 posts
Just to eliminate any questions: You do not need to be a THF to pop this mob. I did it alone with my MNK.
Defended with 70 RDM/NIN
# Feb 16 2009 at 6:40 AM Rating: Decent
225 posts
This was a very hard fight and beat him on my first try.
Climbpix Highrise is a 55 NM and can do every thing a 55 gob Thief can do (Perfect Dodge, Triple Attack, etc. and also Bomb Toss and Goblin Rush).
The fight was slow and he had a Very high evasion (I missed 25% of the time).
He was able to hit me for 80 to 120 HP when he did get me.

It was not hard to work out a battle Plan. First made sure I had Stoneskin, Shadows and Blink when shadows where down. Had Enblizzard, Refresh, Haste up all the time Cure 3 over ten times and Cure 4 six times, had to use Convert.

To him I only hit with my swords and cast Paralyze (that work very well) and after 8 to ten mins defended him. (woot)
# Sep 16 2007 at 8:13 PM Rating: Decent
yeah i just happen to be running around and saw the ??? so my need for clicking on them popped this guy i haven't lvled thf in a long time but i killed him pretty easy as 75 pld/thf with a greatsword with the skill of 175 might have to lvl thf more if i get the hat ...... naaaa
Soloed as WAR/NIN 70/35
# Jun 01 2007 at 8:44 PM Rating: Decent
Read the posts and decided I had a good chance to take him. I have average gear, dual rune axes, AF Head/Hand/Feet, Sipahi jawshan body, 2 Sun Rings, Amemet Mantle, RK +1 belt, RK breeches, RG Collar, 2 Wing Earrings. Used sole sushi and got lucky with spawn at tower near spine of the world. He missed me a lot and I was able to keep shadows up most of the time. He did use perfect dodge so I used Defender, thinking the extra defense would act like Perfect Dodge, since he was missing alot with base defense. Even with Defender I was hitting him for around 80 each axe. He used bomb twice and rush once. Ending HP 678/1454. "Double Attack" went off at least 10 times. Used Rampage while Defender was still on at 300%TP for 567 damage. I would bring a heal potion or 2 for those with lower HP.

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Life Belt onry = lol
# Jan 01 2007 at 12:21 AM Rating: Good
140 posts
Killed it as 70whm/35pld for the day that I get off my lazy butt and start to level Thief again. Wasn't easy though...

Suffice it to say, but it'd be best to have more than 10 ACC going into this fight. XD
Tough mob
# Oct 29 2006 at 6:39 AM Rating: Decent
86 posts
My SAM is lvl 67 so I think ... hmm ... level 55, I should be able to stomp this guy, even with perfect dodge, no biggy.

Go out there, things are going decent ... pop my 2 hour ... Ut-oh, we're both down to half health and I know he's got more HP than me lol

Long story short, he whooped me, I'm sure with another friend of mine at lvl 67 also we can take it, but don't go alone unless you've got some 75 job. (Or are a higher lvl nin and can just avoid his dmg altogether).
# Oct 08 2006 at 6:22 AM Rating: Decent
Can me n a buddy duo this thing as a 62Nin and a 51Thf?
We have level 70+ jobs but that seems like it would be too easy and would die rather fast.
# Aug 03 2006 at 5:31 PM Rating: Decent
I just killed this guy with <me> 55 thf/nin and a friend 75brd/nin was a fun fight guys hard to hit at 55 brd did well tho the most dmg we took was 117 from a bomb
Noone wants to hear it.
# Mar 27 2006 at 2:07 AM Rating: Decent
Bardoz, first of all, this NM is easy, you just suck, and noone wants to hear your petty little whine. Here's a thought.... get someone to help you.
#REDACTED, Posted: Mar 15 2006 at 7:41 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) this **** isnt 55-55 i got owned this site is ******* retarded with lies - Go Kill yourself allakhazam.com
The Natural Male Enhancement Goblimon!
# Jan 11 2006 at 4:29 PM Rating: Excellent
450 posts
Notorious for getting it up. Nothing more needs to be said.
Overkill, massive overkill.
# Jan 04 2006 at 12:22 AM Rating: Excellent
Me and a couple friends were spending a few hours collecting my AF pieces, got the two coffers easily and decided to go for this one.


From the start we had raised all our TP to 300%, then when we finally found the right tower, we lined up like this...


Paladin uses Spirits Within from the start to gain enough hate for me to SATA+Viper Bite from behind the dragoon. Once his attention is focused on the dragoon, he uses Impulse Drive for about 750+damage. Dark immediately uses Soul Eater, Last Resort and SATA's Spiral Hell for 1223, skillchains Darkness does another 1223. Gobbie is dead.

All in all, the fight lasted about 15 seconds, and he never got to use Perfect Dodge.
# Dec 28 2005 at 9:18 PM Rating: Good
102 posts
Just thought I'd mention, duoed with a 75 pld/nin and myself, 56 thf/nin. Obviously over kill, but for those who can't get more than one person to help out, its easily possible. Only danger was I took rather high damage from it's bombs, didn't die though.

Spawned at the G-6 tower, which was the 5th one I checked. Cutscene with grapnel at I-7 tower. If you're looking for info on this or other THF AF, try this page:
(very nicely marked maps)


# Oct 15 2005 at 2:12 PM Rating: Decent
3,644 posts
ok so yea, no one may read this. But yesterday im in a party as a 33 war, we a GC ..it breaks after a few hrs and i just log out side. i come on a few hours later and lfp while standing in front of GC talking in LS..i decide to run back to town to lfp..it has been a while from last time i pt at GC and ran to town again. But i was doing fine..then when i got near the zone i saw a gob..i waited for it to turn so i could run behind..i didnt pay attention to the name cuz my main is 64DRG and all gobs are TW..but i /c to see if it was a EP-DC just incase i had to fight ( everyone stands out side now..some of them mules are lvl 1, id laugh at them if someone zoned a arggoing mob,i laugh) So anyways i /c and its this NM..it hit me once and bam..i was like half dead..so i took of for the Rolanberry zone..it hit me again,then i did a zone death..no big deal..so i HPed real fast to change to DRG to kill it..grab a RDM friend to come kill it. we cant find the NM..

Here i am checking to see what he drops and he is for THF AF WTF!...someone died LMAO... ._. i fell like a noob now that i tried to kill a NM for an AF that i dont need >.>
# Sep 21 2005 at 11:14 AM Rating: Decent
1,257 posts
Solo'd him as a RDM64/BLM32 last night. With sword skill still less than 190. This made the fight longer of course, but he's still dead.

The only gear I'd have changed would be my hands and head. Wore a Carapace Helm and AF gloves, but could have used the MP of a hairpin and elemental skill of my hat, and had the Carapace Gauntlets for additional low HP defense instead.

Squid sushi, Deft Ring x2, Drone Earring x2, Promise Badge, Life Belt, Nomad's Mantle, Darksteel Buckler, Wise Wizard's Anelace, Morion Tathlum, Promise Badge, Carapace Breastplate, AF legs and feet.

Buff up, pick an Enspell, make sure you have Barfire up. Get your MP back, click the ??? spots until you get him. Standard debuffs, then just whack at him, keeping up buffs of course, but otherwise going easy on the MP.

He is VERY susceptible to Paralyze and Slow. Paralyze in particular is a lifesaver, keeping the number of hits to Stoneskin down. Gravity didn't last as long, and he was resistant to Drain (my Dark Magic skill is capped). I basically just kept Dia II, Slow and Paralyze up. Had to recast these 3 or 4 times the entire fight.

When he PDs, nuke him til your sword connects again. I made sure I had over 100 MP left, and fresh Stoneskin of course, when I converted. Both the gauntlet's and breastplate's latents will kick in at that point and help you survive.

Edited, Wed Sep 21 12:23:03 2005
# Jul 11 2005 at 6:28 PM Rating: Decent
does anyone think it'd b possible to take this guy on with a lvl 64 BST/WHM?
# Sep 17 2005 at 2:01 AM Rating: Decent
382 posts
# May 30 2005 at 4:57 PM Rating: Decent
Just solo'd this as a 64 RDM/DRK.... about a 13 minute battle. Never had to worry. Just keep it Slow/Blind/Paralyzed and you Phalanx/Stoneskin up, and you should be fine.

and YES... you can spawn this wihtout a THF! Since it is a QUEST, you only need to be THF to start the quest, you can trigger the ??? as another job
# May 02 2005 at 5:00 PM Rating: Default
81 posts
Easily soloed it just now for a friend as BLM74/RDM37 Hume. Just thought I'd share, in case it ends up helping anyone. Used gravity/bind and nuked with fire IV and Aero IV. Done on Firesday. Had to rest once when it was at 1/8~ HP for one last nuke.
# Mar 08 2005 at 12:19 PM Rating: Default
122 posts
Soloed this guy as a 60NIN/WAR, had to switch from my solo attack equipment to my accuracy equipment since it seemed like he had a great deal of evasion. Kept him paralyzed, slowed and blinded so he missed me 75% of the time allowing for me to cast Utsusemi:Ni everytime I needed them. Dropped a BT once the whole fight that hit for around 100, and used Perfect dodge about 1/3-1/2 into the fight at which point I just spammed ninjitsu. Fight took about 5-6 minutes.

Spawned at the first tower directly east after exiting Port Jeuno. I was on my back from farming Castle Otzroja and decided what the heck, might as well spawn this guy and try to get this item for my THF AF Quest (if it looked bad I could just 2hr ^.^), so the order of towers checked was from the South western most tower and worked my way up to the one closet to Port Jeuno. I did not enter the Citadel and check that tower, thankfully it wasn't that one.

Edited, Tue Mar 8 12:20:36 2005
# Mar 08 2005 at 8:08 AM Rating: Decent
this guy was a joke.. 57BLM 72DRK 53THF.. didn't even use SP once.. only tossed 1 bomb, but got it stunned..

SATA spiral hell grabbed a good 25% chunk out of his HP
# Apr 04 2005 at 4:02 PM Rating: Default
60 posts
How can you say that he's a joke, when you had a level 72drk to help you?
Guide through Garliege?
# Jan 25 2005 at 2:12 PM Rating: Decent
284 posts
I'm a 53 THF right now, and considering about going after this tard... Only problem: I don't know the way through Garliege Citadel to get to the tower on the other side... and it'd be nice to get this tower touched first, so I don't have to stress about it.

I'm hoping, that whoever I take with me to go after this, *does* know the way around... >_>
RE: Guide through Garliege?
# Jan 25 2005 at 8:20 PM Rating: Excellent
The zone to where I believe you are talking about is right past Banishing Gate #3, there is a Monument there too worth 10k^^
# Dec 13 2004 at 2:02 AM Rating: Decent
134 posts
Myself and the other active THF in my LS decided to do our AF2 quests together, along with a little help from other LS members. The final party ended up being:

LV50THF/NIN (me)

We fought Climbpix twice, once for me and once for my buddy. The fight wasn't at all hard, Climbpix threw maybe two or three bombs each fight - the annoying part was Perfect Dodge, which was used at exactly half health in both fights. Since we had nine attacks swinging at that thing every few seconds (4 daggers, 2 fists, 1 sword, 1 staff and Shiva) two entire pages of my chatlog were nothing but "Climbpix Highrise dodges the attack." Aside from that, it was an easy fight. Asuran Fists and Savage Blade rock the casbah. ;D

I would like to note that both times, Climbpix popped at the LAST tower we checked - so if you can, go through Garlaige first to get that out of the way, then check the others at your leisure. My THF buddy went first checking all the towers, and we checked Garlaige last. After waiting 15min for Mug to cool down, I checked the Garlaige tower first, and thus negated a need for a second trip through mountains of undead.
# Nov 05 2004 at 4:59 AM Rating: Decent
235 posts
Well, me and my level 54 Thief friend took this thing out. I was a level 70 White Mage at the time. WHM/BLM, tanked it the whole way, he tossed in a SA or two every now and then. It took a while, but he fell to the might of Hexa Strike.
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