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Physical Damage Taken

  • The Physical Damage Taken effect from Burtgang bypasses the otherwise set Physical Damage Taken cap of 50%.

Atonement Damage

  • Level 90 - level 95 - Increases Atonement damage by 15%
  • Level 99 - Increases Atonement damage by 30%

Historical Information

This was once the long sword of the celebrated knight, Alphollon C Meriard, who is still often championed as the very embodiment of chivalry itself. Some say that on one memorable occasion, in an attempt to prove his unflinching loyalty and goodwill to his liege during a training bout, he intentionally sundered the blade. At present, however, the body shows no sign or scar of having been broken or remade.

Burtgang (or "Blutgang" meaning "Blood Fetcher") was the sword wielded by the giant Heime in the Dietrich Cycle. The weapon was shattered in a battle with the Dietrich, Prince of Bern, but instead of slaying the giant, the prince made him a knight under his own banner after showing signs of valor.

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