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Greed Scimitar
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DMG:38 DLY:260

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# Nov 13 2008 at 4:58 AM Rating: Decent
I've been reading through these posts. Came accross a couple that didn't make sense to me actually. Krystalphyre and Nohkfeen, both of your comments really don't make sense to me. Yes Dagger is the main weapon of choice for THF. With that being said, your offhand is always your buffer weapon. Now for buffers that can be either mod stats or delay. I personally like to offhand swords more than I do daggers and never have an issue with my TP gain. Now when you posted about how THFs only use daggers??? Are you serious? Post to level 32 you only use H2H or Sword main with dagger offhand for most output damage. You don't get Viper Bite til 32 or 33 I think I really can't remember it's been so long. Your damage with dagger before hand is very weak. Also when you offhand a sword you end up gaining about 2 or 3 more tp depending on the sword you're using as well as more damage in general. Really just need ACC TP Gain gear than switch to WS gear. Don't get me wrong I'm game for dual daggers, currently lv.71THF using: Thiefs Knife/Harpe in main hand than in offhand using Garuda's Dagger but I usually prefer to offhand Ifrit's Blade or Greed Scimitar. Now what's nice about Greed Scimitar is that for THF when you get Shark Bite it requires 50% DEX from your base. So if you have DEX65 you need to add atleast +32DEX in order to meet the requirements. Every little bit helps when it comes to modifing your weaponskills. I'm done my banter, overall i love this sword ^_^)/

~. ~. ~. ~. ~. ~. ~. ~. ~. ~. ~. ~.
Server: Gilgamesh
Name: it's a secret ^_^
One of the Seven Sins
# Jun 25 2008 at 12:53 AM Rating: Default
An evil looking Scimitar that increases the wielder's dexterity. But at what cost?
Blu and this sword
# Dec 06 2007 at 5:20 PM Rating: Decent
i use this on blu i think the dex is kick *** dmg is nice too makes up for the - dex on my pallas even when i get ifrits i might keep this subbed instead of main
To the BLU.
# Oct 05 2007 at 12:27 AM Rating: Decent
515 posts
This sword is not bad at all the DMG 38 is nice and the DEX +7 is also nice special if you have pallas in hands it makes up for the - dex and you get a nice STR + the minor -1 on this does not matter much.
For Blu?
# Sep 24 2006 at 1:34 AM Rating: Decent
21 posts
I am extremely curious as to why there is no feedback here from Blue mages.
I am wondering if this beautiful sword is worth the investment for level 60....
I'm still at level 40 BLU (My highest job)trying to get the staging points for af sword.

Thanks for any feedback,

For Blu?
# Nov 16 2006 at 9:32 PM Rating: Decent
672 posts
just hit 60 on blu. I debated whether to get this, but the spell i'm gunna start sc'ing with is death scissors, whose damage is based on STR. also, this has higher delay than musketeer commander's falchion, so i think i'm sticking with that until ifrit's blade.
# Feb 19 2006 at 3:38 AM Rating: Decent
OMG its ME!!!!!!!
# Jan 07 2006 at 9:07 PM Rating: Decent
61 posts
Hmm. The pic I off I beleive. Unless she is holding the Greed on the hand that you cant see, then its a bad pic. Bleh.
Nice stats but not for XP...
# Jan 04 2006 at 1:13 PM Rating: Decent
First of all to all you would be THF's out there that would think this sword would help them alot, let me be the first to tell ya this sword can only be best used to farm.

2 reasons:
1. THF Sword skill is B rank. This means compared to a dagger you will miss more in comparisson to just using a dagger in offhand.
2. The Sword has a larger Delay. This means slower TP build which then leads to slowing down SC's that lead to slower chains. THF already have it tough as it is depending on ther ability timers to be on key for chains 1-5. You dont need to gimp your pt even more so by slowing them down with a sword.

There are way better daggers that can help your performance over all instead of this sword. Granted it has a nice Dex stat on it but doesnt do enuf improvement on sa/ta to grant it worthy of puting it on over a dagger in XP setting. However this does make a good Farming weapon imo.
# Aug 31 2005 at 11:34 PM Rating: Decent
Combine this with the Lust Dagger and you get -2 to all stats cept +6 to DEX and AGI
good for THF SATA
think about it.
# Jul 22 2005 at 1:20 PM Rating: Decent
Now usually most thf will sub nin becuase of duelwield right? Subbing this and with a top dmg dagger wouldn't be too bad. remember. doing 0 dmg won't get any TP. And how about +food effects? another +7dex would do great on SATA dmg with the max base dmg dagger on main right? So basically i don't see any harm subbing this sword. You'll need sword WS in later stage anyway.
Hidden effect? TH?
# Jun 20 2005 at 1:10 AM Rating: Decent
I farm alot as thf/nin and get more drops when I dual wield this sword. Maybe that's why they called it "Greed Scimitar"?
# Mar 06 2005 at 10:59 PM Rating: Decent
i wonder how good Green Scimitar+Lust Dagger would be.....
RE: hmm
# Mar 30 2005 at 10:16 PM Rating: Default
Greed Scimitar and Thiefs

Although the +7 dex would be awesome for a THF the main drawback for using this weapon in a PT situation is that your SATA will do much less damage. THF's do not use swords they use Daggers. The THF sword combat skill is much lower than it would be for a RDM or PLD or WAR therefore doing less damage.

Daggers get a huge bonus with SATA. For soloing, this sword might be very nice--have not tested in a solo situation.
RE: hmm
# Apr 12 2005 at 4:22 PM Rating: Good
122 posts
Lust Dagger Main
Greed Scimitar sub??

You still get the bonus but dagger is what is used for SATA calculations
# Jan 21 2005 at 11:32 AM Rating: Decent
548 posts
just got this sword even tho you said it wont work with assasin im stil gonna try it out subbed with my Corsairs knfe if there are ever any in stock ; ; /cry
# Jan 05 2005 at 10:57 PM Rating: Good
Have a Thf/Nin Dual Wield this with a Lust Dagger......
+6 AGi +6 Dex (-1 Dex on dagger, -1 Agi on sword) with top notch equip..... That would be some lovely SATA gear! only problem know is how would the combo work with the new Assasin trait??? Would it be good for Dancing Edge??? anyone wanna test this and get back to me.

It's actually not good at all with assassin trait. First off the stats on the sword aren't that great. +7 dex is a lot, but lvl 60+ mobs have high def. Mobs def = decreases your average attack and peak dmg by A LOT. To counter this theif's need more attack gear which does the opposite. Increase average attack and peak dmg. Below is a little chart.

If you max Attack, your damage bar looks like this:
Not much potential, but you cap a lot.

If you max Dex/Agi, your damage bar looks like this
Lots of potential, but you tend to have trouble passing a certain point.

If you get some of both..
Nice balance of both potential and capping power.

Assassin trait is made to be split. No more SATA together, but only at the start of the fight. Assassin trait has made thief's into DD. Do more dmg then any job in the game. How? SA+ws, 30 seconds, TA+ws = continuous crazy dmg. WS is thief's power not our single dmg. How do you gain 100%tp in 30 seconds? Check out my gear and you'll understand.

Edited, Wed Jan 5 22:58:34 2005
RE: answer
# Feb 16 2005 at 12:08 AM Rating: Good
1,831 posts
The worst part is that ayakosan had his account hacked and all of his equip/gil stolen. So never mind those spectacles...

Poor THF ; ;
RE: answer
# Feb 09 2005 at 12:34 AM Rating: Default
not everyone has the resources to get hornetneedle, merman earrings, amemit+1, emp hairpin, Rapparee Harness, Sniper Ringx2, and most of all SPECTACLES!
RE: answer
# Jan 18 2005 at 1:50 PM Rating: Decent
I didnt even think about the "Assain" trait... I need to read up a lil more about that trait cause i dont quite understand it totally... >_< thank god im not 60 yet lol. But since these skills are split now does this mess up hate control...? am i still doin SA or TA on tank to start fight? sorry i just wanna be clear on this hehe.

Thanx Aya!
RE: answer
# Jan 16 2005 at 4:39 AM Rating: Decent
1,983 posts
Really interesting gear. I see what you mean about massive damage if JA/WS every 30 seconds. Quite amazing. That gear is very expensive and hard to obtain--Otherwise, I'd try it. No doubt that chicken knife (and hornetneedle as well, but that is less important) give ****** damage...but a ws every 30 seconds...now that is something.

Surely though, with your money, you will soon enough be able to purchase 2 hoplite's harpes, if theyre not rare...or one of those and something else...thats a lot of extra damage, but more delay. I wonder if you would have to re-think you're scheme then.

But for now, really interesting.
# Jan 05 2005 at 7:10 PM Rating: Decent
Have a Thf/Nin Dual Wield this with a Lust Dagger......
+6 AGi +6 Dex (-1 Dex on dagger, -1 Agi on sword) with top notch equip..... That would be some lovely SATA gear! only problem know is how would the combo work with the new Assasin trait??? Would it be good for Dancing Edge??? anyone wanna test this and get back to me.
# Nov 29 2004 at 9:44 PM Rating: Decent
252 posts
About 120k on Fenrir. The delay is a bit high for my taste (though low, for such a large looking sword), but in the lack of a Hornetneedle, I've been playing around with it. Not too bad.
price check.
# Nov 29 2004 at 10:45 AM Rating: Decent
90 posts
its 80k on quetzalcoatl.
# Oct 18 2004 at 9:44 PM Rating: Decent
Anyone do a price check?
RE: Price?
# Nov 28 2004 at 2:14 AM Rating: Decent
545 posts
I can imagine that this would vary greatly from server to server. On Valefor alone the price has jumped from 300k down to 100k in less than 10 sales. Your best bet is to simply check the Jeuno AH.
how bout?
# Sep 02 2004 at 8:20 AM Rating: Decent
435 posts
Has anyone tried pairing this up with a Chicken Knife? The low delay on that may offset the Greed's high delay, and still let you keep a dagger in your mainhand for Dancing Edge.
Recommended for THFs
# Aug 03 2004 at 3:37 AM Rating: Decent
I personally like this for my THF. I do about 50-80 more damage on regular Sneak Attacks and SA/TA is higher with it equipped.

However, there are THF/NINs who don't like using this as the secondary weapon because of the longer delay and lower skill cap for THFs using swords (which results in a less likely chance to hit XP mobs).

It's all preference though, but I say give it a try and see if you like it. It looks cool and you can't beat that +7 to DEX. Thumbs up.

Edited, Tue Aug 3 04:39:09 2004
#Anonymous, Posted: Feb 11 2004 at 11:01 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) To find where it is, why dont u go the the monster that gives it to u and scroll down on the map,that will show u where it is
#Anonymous, Posted: Feb 08 2004 at 1:25 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Mmm... Greed scimitar + duel wield = +14 Dex... hooray!
RE: Duel Wield
# Feb 17 2004 at 8:59 AM Rating: Decent
601 posts
yeah greed scimitar is rare so you cant have more than one at any given time. thats why you dual wield with the lust dagger and get a dual bonus of +6 agi and dex and still have a dagger with which to use SA+TA+dancing edge/viperbite. ^^
RE: Duel Wield
# Feb 09 2004 at 10:44 PM Rating: Decent
greed scimitar is rare...but yeah that would be awesome, lol
# Jan 29 2004 at 8:07 AM Rating: Default
Submitted by: Aen
Found in Areas:
Eldieme Necropolis
Dropped off Mobs:
Skull of Greed (Level: 60) (Eldieme Necropolis)

dont you people read :)
where do u get this sword?
# Jan 19 2004 at 8:43 AM Rating: Default
I've seen this sword around but have no idea where to find it. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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