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Can not be Auctioned

Clear Chip
[Inventory] All Races
This transparent chip is shaped
like a tiny hexagon. A strange light
is emitted from its sparkling center.

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Used in Quests:
Sold by Merchants for about 21000 gil:
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Teleport Sky
# Dec 18 2006 at 8:23 PM Rating: Good
928 posts
This item is used to teleport to Sky.
Basically you have to have PM8+

Travel to tavnazia. Talk to the bard pay 300 gil to get title "The Crystal warrior"

Head to Northern Sandiora and talk to the goblin near the Blacksmithguild behind the pile of lumber. Purchase 3 non stackable clear chips.

Head to each of the telepoints and place a chip in the hall's right hand mechanisms. (same place you go for promies)

Head to sky run up the middle past despot and run left or right. tillyou see a green port. Not the ones on the bottom. The ones on the top. examine on and then go to the opposite side and do the same thing. Now you cna port to sky from any craig.

PLease note that this does have limitations. After using the port 2x in a row my chip broke. This tells me you can only use it 2x, 2x per craig, 1x per rl day, or 1x per game day.

Edited, Dec 18th 2006 11:29pm by Fumikuu
Teleport Sky
# Jan 31 2007 at 1:40 AM Rating: Decent
Uhm, do you know the position or name of the bard? I tried the one near the homepoint crystal but I can only recall past cutscenes.
Teleport Sky
# Oct 10 2007 at 3:11 PM Rating: Good
1,085 posts
The bard's name is Aligi-Kufongi. He is a Tarutaru in the Tavnazian Safehold at (H-9) on Main Floor.
Teleport Sky
# Jan 31 2007 at 9:06 PM Rating: Decent
The bard's name is Aligi-Kufongi at (H-9) on the main floor of Tavnazian Stronghold.
The Password Revealed
# Jun 22 2006 at 1:03 AM Rating: Decent
137 posts
I'm making this post on all the colored chip forums that work with the strange apparati.

The Password is based off the first 3 characters of your name and the zone's number.

The first thing you want to do is decided which zone, the zones value is the starting value of the alphabet's number values. So, if you go to Wadi A = 00, but the Maze A = 07.

Now, once you have that get the first 3 letters of your name, and find the numeric value of them. Let's use ABE as an example. For Wadi, A = 00, B = 01, and E = 04. But, for the Maze, A = 07, B = 08 and E = 11. These are the first 6 numbers of the password.

To get the last 2 you need to take the value of your letters, and add them, i.e. ABE @ Wadi = 00+01+04 = 05, and ABE @ Maze = 07+08+11 = 26.

So, for the Password of ABE in Wadi you need 00010405. While ABE at Maze is 07081126.

I hope this makes sense to most of you. And here is the listing of the zone values.

Dangruf Wadi=00
Gusgen Mines=01
Crawler's Nest=02
Ordelle's Caves=03
Eldieme Necropolis=04
Outer Horutoto Ruins=05
Garlaige Citadel=06
Maze of Shakhrami=07

This does work.
Quest Item
# Jun 25 2005 at 5:20 PM Rating: Decent
103 posts
This used to get the reward of Snow Gorget or a Hyorin Obi in the quest "In the In the Name of Science."

To get the Hyorin Obi you trade Yurim (First Floor, Tavnazia) a Silver Obi, this color chip, and Xzomit Organ, and Phuabo Organ.

To get the Snow Gorget you Trade Yurim a Gorget, This color chip, 5 Phuabo Organ, 10 Xzomit Organ, 1 Yovra Organ.
Strange Apparatus Locations
# Jun 05 2005 at 10:16 PM Rating: Decent
For anyone looking to use the Strange Apparatuses, this is a list of locations and colors. Given is the location, the color of the chip necessary, the position on the map where you enter the hidden area, difficulty rating (1-10), and maps necessary to reach the Apparatus. All of the maps used are from http://www.speakeasy.org/~sticks/ffxi/treasure/ It's got maps of every zone - very useful.

Ordelle's Caves - Green - (F-11) - Difficulty: 2



Maze of Shakhrami - Black - (K-10) - Difficulty: 2



Gusgen Mines - Yellow - (J-6) - Difficulty: 2



Dangurf Wadi - Red - (F-11) - Difficulty: 2 <Beware; there is a small hole right before the cermet door, no real problem, but you have to go out of your way.>


Outer Horutoto Ruins - Purple - (F-6) - Difficulty: 2



King Ranperre's Tomb - Red - (E-8) - Difficulty: 5



Crawlers' Nest - Blue - (J-8) - Difficulty: 3



Garlaige Citadel - White - (J-8) - Difficulty: 8 <Note, 4 people required to access this one due to Banishing Gates.>




Eldieme Necropolis - Clear - (L-13) - Difficulty: 5



Ranguemont Pass - Unknown - (E-5) - Difficulty: 3


Fei'Yin - Unknown - (G-6) - Difficulty: 7



I hope this is helpful to anyone willing to search for them. ^^
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