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Auction House: Furnishings
Elemental Value: 2

My First Magic Kit
Sold in souvenir shops all over Windurst, this beginner-level magic kit contains an instruction booklet with illustrated step-by-step instructions.
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Used in Quests:
Sold by Merchants for about 1800 - 2200 gil:
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Many elements
# Jul 09 2006 at 9:23 PM Rating: Decent
When your mog house is algow with the light many diffrent elements do you get all the minor effects or is it an effect all it's own?
Hidden Enhancement?
# Mar 21 2005 at 8:47 PM Rating: Decent
42 posts
I've heard that placing this item in your moghouse will cause your magic skills to raise at a faster level. Has anyone else heard this?
Do you think it's true?
Stackable enhancement???
# Oct 30 2004 at 3:32 AM Rating: Decent
HI, does anyone know if the Moghancement: experience stacks if you have two in mog?
RE: Stackable enhancement???
# Feb 03 2005 at 4:53 AM Rating: Default
that's an interesting idea...the beds do not stack (e.g if you has 2 simple beds, you aren't gonna save 20%, it's still only 10%), but adding these items {Hmm.} makes me wonder, since there seems to be little use so far for the all Ex. airship-dock-items...I have this in my moghouse (use lightning a lot on desynths), so i'll suicide a low lvl job with it in and out and let everyone know...(update to follow soon)...
# Sep 20 2004 at 10:20 PM Rating: Default
if you ever notice what your enhancements are, you will notice you get Mog enhancement: Experience. this is what i tend to get when lighting is the major element in my moghouse. I could be wrong .... but i dont think i am :)
RE: enhancements
# Jan 20 2006 at 2:55 PM Rating: Decent
Lighting is one way, and Ice Element is the same. And from my uses, Taru Screens also help in getting that Affect. I keep it on all the time since I farm and party all the time. I'm now waiting on #1 slot in Region to get the last MogHouse upgrade.
RE: enhancements
# Dec 01 2004 at 10:07 PM Rating: Decent
20 posts
You get Moghancement: Experience from having a bed. In this case, the fact that it's lightning doesn't make a difference. I'm not going to say what the effects of the element are for sure because I don't know and I don't want to risk being wrong.
RE: enhancements
# Oct 14 2004 at 6:40 AM Rating: Decent
is bronze bed lightning? if not then, i dont think element has anythin to do with it
RE: enhancements
# Oct 14 2004 at 6:11 PM Rating: Default
The bronze bed is lightning.
RE: enhancements
# Oct 14 2004 at 11:35 PM Rating: Decent
205 posts
The bronze bed is ICE.
RE: enhancements
# Nov 14 2004 at 8:02 PM Rating: Decent
so it is, sorry
Nothing so far...
# Sep 19 2004 at 6:59 PM Rating: Decent
1,059 posts
I've had this in my mog house for 4 days now, and unlike most furniture-->moogle items (like cupboard, armoire, etc), I have not gotten anything from my moogle. Also my moogle was home for the Sunday Conquest update (the way mog safe moogle quests are activated), and still nothing from my moogle.
RE: Nothing so far...
# Mar 15 2006 at 10:49 AM Rating: Decent
Out of all the elements Make a collection of mostly that 1 element. Like {ICE}(I.E. Taru screens) to make Mogenhancement: Experience.

BTW: {Mogenhancement: Experience} is when/if you die once within a 24/12 (RL)hours, you loose less exp than normal.(Very helpful for a constant leveler.)
RE: Nothing so far...
# Nov 02 2004 at 10:34 AM Rating: Decent
279 posts
Only about eight of the roughly sixty different furnishing actually give a quest or item at a point.
# Sep 17 2004 at 4:18 PM Rating: Decent
115 posts
whats the sandy item? bastok is cosmetics kit, windurst is magic kit...sandy is "?"
RE: sandy???
# Sep 18 2004 at 3:22 AM Rating: Decent
chocobo beddings
huh, well it gave me this
# Sep 17 2004 at 12:03 AM Rating: Default
431 posts
it gives "lightning" moghancement. and gives boosts to crafting with lightnings cystals.
(had to take all the stuff out of my layout to see what it does) :P
# Sep 16 2004 at 6:29 PM Rating: Decent
115 posts
so where do u get this again??
RE: where?
# Sep 17 2004 at 9:57 AM Rating: Decent
First of all you gotta have Rank 5 or higher or have purchased an Airship pass cause it's in Windurst Port on the other side of Customs in the tent, I got my Pass the night of the update and flew to Windy and was like "wtf is this My First Magic Kit, i never heard of it before" heh Thought it was an Old Item at first but then learned it was part of the update.
# Sep 16 2004 at 6:03 PM Rating: Decent
43 posts
and he probably wonders why his rating is below 2
...Quest Starters?
# Sep 16 2004 at 2:26 AM Rating: Decent
792 posts
All of these new furnishings are EX and thus limited to people with Airship passes. Since they don't have any cool Moghancements, I expect that these items will trigger quests from our Moogles, much like the Cupboard bought in the San d'Oria furniture store.

And no, like all EX items this can't be sold or traded in any way. Some of the recent entries have been trying to reuse old entries and have incorrect information in them.

#REDACTED, Posted: Sep 16 2004 at 1:22 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) You can sell ex items, you just cannot have more then one. You cannot sell rare items, but can have more then one. Rare/Ex of course cannot be sold, and you can only have one.
RE: ...Quest Starters?
# Sep 16 2004 at 3:23 PM Rating: Default
73 posts
Wow.... It's people like you that confuse the hell out of people that don't know any better... Next time you try to state a fact, make sure it's a fact. In this case, you are dead wrong.
RE: ...Quest Starters?
# Sep 16 2004 at 1:26 PM Rating: Excellent
1,831 posts
Um you're totally bass-ackwards on this...

You can only have one of RARE items.
You cannot sell or trade EXCLUSIVE items.
RE: ...Quest Starters?
# Nov 19 2004 at 2:08 PM Rating: Decent
i have 2 magic sets both same ... so how is it
said that you can only hold one! hmmmm lol
RE: ...Quest Starters?
# Sep 17 2004 at 5:51 PM Rating: Decent
that is true for most things, except that the mandy buds are rare/ex and those can be sold.
RE: ...Quest Starters?
# Sep 20 2004 at 3:10 PM Rating: Decent
Ex) Orcish Axe... you can sell it to NPC for ~150 gil... yet it is Ex.. so you can't sell it to another player.

Most EX items you cannot resell... period. But there are some (meteorite, smooth stone, Orcish Axe just to name a few) that you can sell to NPC's.
# Sep 16 2004 at 2:06 AM Rating: Default
216 posts
The description may be wrong, you can sell Ex. items at the AH? Would this be a woodworking item anyway? I have not even a guess as to what this thing does.
# Sep 16 2004 at 1:54 AM Rating: Decent
That's the coolest item name since w00tz ore ^^
# Oct 14 2004 at 10:27 AM Rating: Decent
20 posts
Actully the Wootz refers to the type of metal used by Smiths to get Damascus steel.
ME: Lightning
# Sep 16 2004 at 12:00 AM Rating: Default
108 posts
gives ME: Lightning. Not sure how 'Powerful' this is but I put one in my moghouse alongside my 40 tarutaru stools and changes my mogenhancement to Lightning....
RE: ME: Lightning
# Dec 05 2004 at 9:45 AM Rating: Decent
It has 2 "points" of Lightning-Elemental Energy.
# Sep 15 2004 at 10:01 PM Rating: Default
514 posts
That... is... hilarious.
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