icon Fragrant Antica Broth  

Stacks to: 12
Auction House: Weapons - Ammo & Misc - Pet Items
Used to spawn:
Chopsuey Chucky

Fragrant Antica Broth
[Ammo] All Races
Lv.63 BST
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Guild Level: Adept

Made from Antica Broth Recipes:

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Great job, SE!
# Jul 09 2006 at 10:33 PM Rating: Decent
654 posts
10 hours to farm enough ingredients for 8 synths, 7 NQs, one HQ (2 broths).

Dear Square-Enix, please increase the drop rate of Antican robes and Antican Acids if you want Beastmasters to keep paying their subscriptions. Thank you.

Great job, SE!
# May 25 2007 at 10:09 AM Rating: Decent
haha is if BST is the base provider for SE subscription fees. or is it that every BST aspires to level so that they can conjure up this very mob for their amusement?
# Dec 12 2005 at 8:08 PM Rating: Decent
I made 3 attempts at this with 95 Cooking
I didn't use any of my Gear just kept my WHM artifact on with Pluto staff.

I made 1 of 3 HQ on Darkdays
facing NW
didn't check moon
and no HQ support

they go for 50k each on Leviathan

My bst is only 60 atm so I have not been able to use it yet but the NQ seem extremely weak to psyhical atk and it uses a Bind spell alot with Sic.
# Nov 17 2005 at 4:40 PM Rating: Decent
I HQ it twice (got 4 in total) at 92 cooking without support or hat or apron. it was 60% moon . So far no one sells it in Valefor yet.
NQs sells for 80k/stack. Wondering how much should i sell in AH each..
# Oct 16 2005 at 6:35 AM Rating: Decent
i used it with LS to kill sea horror. I submitted a picture, hoping it get;s put up :D
# Oct 15 2005 at 1:11 AM Rating: Decent
53 posts
tough to hq. i tried the other night, made 5 synths of nq...
96.5 cooking + water staff + chefs hat + adv guild support
on fullmoon darksday
faced west on some, faced SW on some
actually i failed one when i faced SW.
also casted barthundra... dunno if it does anything.
RE: hq
# Oct 15 2005 at 6:57 PM Rating: Decent
1,755 posts
I think you need to be lvl 98+ to get that first %10 HQ rate.

Has anyone used this yet?
RE: hq
# Oct 27 2005 at 8:13 PM Rating: Decent
1,318 posts
he would have been there with the +1 hat and +2 or +3 from the HIGH level support, he would have been 98.5 or 99.5. BUT still would need to do about 10-15 to expect to get that first HQ as you are right, he needs to be above 98 to be in the 10% hq teir
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