Steel Resolve I [W]  

Submitted by:Usagi
Realm:Crystal War
Start Area: Windurst Waters (S)
Start NPC:Emhi Tchaoryo (H - 9)
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
Reward:80 XP / 460 AN
Items Required:Brass Ribbon of Service
This Quest is Repeatable
This Quest requires Wings of the Goddess
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Allied strongholds must be fortified to withstand assault by Beastman siege turrets. Travel to one of our nation's areas and oversee the construction effort.

Unit Requirement: 1


This Campaign Operation is found under "Security" when you talk to Emhi Tchaoryo.
To start this quest, your current campaign rank must be Brass Ribbon of Service or higher.

Talk to the Campaign Arbiter in any zone controlled by Windurst. He will tell you to help fortify the stronghold by handing out crystals to workers. You will not have to provide your own crystals. There are eight different workers who each have a corresponding element (see chart below). Wait until the worker has come to a full stop before selecting a crystal to hand out. The order you hand them out is irrelevant, as long as the worker who needs the crystal you select is on the screen and waiting. If you wait too long, the worker will leave.

Fire Crystal
Ice Crystal
Wind Crystal
Earth Crystal
Lightning Crystal
Water Crystal
Light Crystal
Dark Crystal

Success in this mission will cause the fortification's max HP to raise by 2, with a maximum of 300 HP. Once finished, report back to Emhi Tchaoryo.

Final Fantasy XI

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Quest Info
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"This operation requires that you take part in the fortification of one of your nation's strongholds."

Allied strongholds must be fortified to withstand assault by Beastman seige turrets. Travel to one of our nation's areas and oversee the construction effort.

Unit Requirements: 1 member.

Since none of these quests have any info as of yet here on Alla, I thought I'd try it out and post any info I could. I went to Meriph. Mts, as Windy is in control currently.

I went to the main fort there and spoke to Dhen Kwerri, M.C.
She asked to assist with the fortifications with the options:
Show them how it's done!
Refuse to help.
Ask for an Explanation. <--- chose this one first.

She said she'd like me to be in charge of managing the crafters there as they go about fortifying the defensive barriers. Once you get to each craftsman's position, tell them what type of crystal to use.
The young Elvaan was a blacksmith -- Fire crystals
the Taru with the blonde braids was laying plaster -- Ice crystals
The Hume lady is a stonemason -- Wind crystals
The old Elvaan with the huge axe is a carpenter -- Earth crystals
The Mithra with a black kerchief is an architect -- Lightning crystals
The Blue taru with the blue getup is a pulmber -- Water crystals
The Hume is all white does the scaffolding -- Light crystals
The Lady elvaan is a painter -- Dark crystals

She also said if I was late getting to them, they were liable to leave, so be quick.

It's best to write all the info that the NPC gives you. You don't actually need to have the crystals on you, it's a sort of mini game once you accept the quest. Once started, 4 NPC's run up and you are given a list of the crystals.
You need to select the proper crystal for the npc that reaches the wall first. Some npcs will not show up at all, some will show up twice. You have to be very fast picking the crystal.

After completing the quest, I got 105 Exp and 422 Allied Notes.

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