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Realm:San d'Oria
Start Area: Southern San d'Oria
Start NPC:Deraquien (G - 8)
Related Areas:Chateau d'Oraguille
Jugner Forest
La Theine Plateau
Related Mobs:Giollemitte B Feroun
Skeleton Esquire
Min Level:20
Max Level:75
(Average from 34 ratings)
Title Obtained:Obsidian Storm
Items Granted:Medieval Collar
Last Updated: Fri Oct 8 20:10:27 2010

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Help apprehend the criminal suspect that has been sighted on La Theine Plateau.


This quest requires a lot of running around, so if you have a BLM with Warp I, it would be a good idea to make that your sub-job.

To start things off you need to go to G-8 in Southern San d'Oria and talk to Deraquien. This starts a cutscene.

Afterwards head to just outside of Ordelle's Caves and talk to Narvecaint (F-7), another cutscene will occur. Now head back to Southern San d'Oria and talk to Deraquien again. After that cutscene, head to Chateau d'Oraguille and talk to Halver for another cutscene. After this is done, head back to Deraquien to watch another cutscene.

From there go talk to Phillone. She can be found inside one of the houses, (D-7), on your left just past the Tanner's Guild. Now go talk to Deraquien again. From there go through King Ranperre's Tomb to Jugner Forest, where there will be a ???. Examine it at any time between 18:00-4:00 and it will spawn two mobs: Giollemitte B Feroun and Skeleton Esquire. It is strongly recommended that you bring along a few level 50+ people to help with this quest. After you kill the mobs examine the ??? again for another cutscene.

Now go back to Southern San d'Oria and talk to Phillone again for another cutscene. Then go back to Ordelle's Caves caves and talk to Narvecaint again. Now return to Southern San d'Oria and talk to Phillone one last time to finish up the quest. Your reward is a Medieval Collar.

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Easy as pie
# Mar 19 2009 at 5:00 PM Rating: Decent
just did this...
75 whm/smn (Darksteal Maul and holy shield) and my 59 'Stalwart shield' npc with a spear... no buffs other then haste and stoneskin and they never cracked it
# Oct 21 2008 at 4:46 PM Rating: Decent
Just finished quest as RDM61/BLM30. Lots of running and warping and teleporting but was easy. After fight in Jugner forgot to click on the ??? had to run all the way back and ended up fighting them again with little MP. Used convert but after cure took most mp back. Was longer 2nd time with little MP but easy fight to solo.
A Timely Visit
# May 26 2008 at 3:35 AM Rating: Decent
i have just finished this as rdm50/24blm fully buffed,had to use convert . good fight. was close at one point was down to red , but stoneskin and convert got me out of trouble . enough said XD
# Apr 25 2008 at 7:28 PM Rating: Decent
I just soloed the fight as 52PLD and didn't have to use 2hr!

Biker 52PLD/26WAR Shiva Server
The Doomah Answer
# Apr 17 2008 at 7:17 PM Rating: Decent
Yeah gotta fight em again. No big deal just zoned, used my last tactics pearl and called my boy. Buffed up and just mowed through em both. (even threw in a few waterga spells being bored)Romi did all the work and I just kept him alive. I love that boy.
# Apr 17 2008 at 6:12 PM Rating: Decent
OK I just did this solo as 50whm/25blm with my fellow at level 42 set to attacker.Kinda scared at first seein all these high level guys doin it,but I figured why not. Easy fight...my problem is that I forgot to click the ??? as i warped out. Waitin for the 1800 to come again. Hope I don't have to fight them again,would be a waste of a good tactics pearl. Clicking during the day did nothing. I will post again and tewll what happened.

# Apr 17 2008 at 7:13 PM Rating: Decent
Yeah gotta fight em again. No big deal after I zoned, used my last tactics pearl and called my boy. Buffed up and mowed right through em both.(even threw in a few waterga spells while Romi did all the work,just kinda bored.) No 2 hr just hit and heal,no real threat. Good luck to all.
Left me in the red but....
# Mar 25 2008 at 6:23 PM Rating: Good
93 posts
Soloed as level 51 MNK/WAR and with NPC set to healer.
Pop mobs used focus,dodge then 2 hour on PLD mob till he uses invincible then switch target to the skeleton mob,kill him then finish off the PLD.

# Sep 13 2007 at 4:23 AM Rating: Decent
can any1 help me out i followed the walkthrough right up to where you pop the ??? and no matter what time i hit it nothing happens. is there a step missed in the walkthrough or somethin
not too hard
# Jun 25 2007 at 2:53 PM Rating: Decent
I soloed this quest with my 45drk/22war, the only help I got was from my npc and I dont remember her lvl, but must be around 30-33. An easy enough fight. I got almost killed before zoning the first time, the 2 mobs where after me. I healed and get back to fight. The 2 where back to their original location, so I was able to take only one. I pulled the skeleton with bio 2 and killed him. got some cure3 from my npc and protect2 and shell2. No potion, no 2hour.
# May 24 2007 at 10:54 AM Rating: Decent
147 posts
Good god this quest takes forever! Every NPC has a cutscene and each one is long. Not to mention all the back and forth running. God I hate quests like this.
# Mar 25 2007 at 12:49 PM Rating: Decent
i did this fight completely unprepared (didn't even have sneak) so i had to come up with my own game plan. i wanted to be able to warp around so i used my blm as my sub. so i was out there as 55pld/17blm. i popped the ??? at 18:01 and ran back into krt. i waited 5 seconds after zoning and then went back into jugner. aggro pulled the skele when it was far enough away from giollemete and took it back towards krt zone. bio, poison, flash, banish 2 and melee it the rest of the way down, occasionally flashing and casting bio as it wore off. took it down and repeated the same process on giollemete until beat it. cast cure 3 only twice and when all was said and done, had most of my mp and 900 hp. very easy fight even for the unprepared :)
strategy for me
# Mar 01 2007 at 11:23 AM Rating: Decent
i did this: used protect 2, shell, blink, thern rest for mp, then regen and sneak. then rest again for mp. after that a check the ??? and run away from there, then pull the giollemitte b feroun with my bow. i start the fight and wait to for tp to get full, after that i used warr cry, that made him to use invincible, i did not used the tp and wait for invincible to wear of, after that i used mighty strikes and sturmwind. eventualy he died nice and quiet, i seek the for the skeleton but disapeared. so i check again the ??? and voila hope you find it usefull. dd(",)

job war55 whm 27
hip hip hurray
# Feb 28 2007 at 9:29 PM Rating: Decent
wohoooo he ths gatta be a record i soloed it as a war/ whm level 55 this item will be usefull to my pld =)
can i win?
# Jan 05 2007 at 4:18 PM Rating: Decent
Im a Drk/warrior level 31, and i gonna bring my freind(75 beastmaster) to do this quest...i doubt it will be a hard fight but maybe someone could give me some tips? :-)
two man win
# Nov 15 2006 at 6:38 AM Rating: Decent
did this with 2 man pt 44/22 drk/mnk and a 39/19 whm/blk took a little time and would suggest having the healer bring drinks of some kind (yagudo and the like). sleep the skeleton to make it easier then pound away at the pld. DOT and D-buf help lot as well.
best quest so far
# Sep 13 2006 at 12:25 AM Rating: Decent
great story, only reason i continued with it was to see what the hell was up with that guy and if he really was who he said he was. reward blows, but just having done the quest and seeing the story is a good break from farming gil and gaining exp... kinda like a soloable mission.

as for the NM fight, went as 60RDM/NIN.... need i say more (didnt lose a single hit point and only used about 200mp, but was pre-buffed)... and did i mention all my AF was being held by the guy in jeuno and i didnt feel like going back for it, so other than wiz antelace and RG fleuret... i was naked!
# Jun 10 2006 at 9:22 AM Rating: Decent
830 posts
I was doing A Blighted Gloom (Fellowship quest) and some BLM mid-50s asked me to help her out on this. She said she died to it, but I took it easy RDM75/BLM37. Neither of us could sleep the skeleton, she even used Elemental Seal, so yeah, doesn't work.
# May 05 2006 at 2:56 PM Rating: Decent
20 posts
solo'd this quest 70drk/32whm.
sneak pop.
killed the pld.
and the the bones.
I did this one but...
# May 05 2006 at 2:06 PM Rating: Decent
51 posts
I went out to do this and killed the skeleton esquire, but didnt get to kill Giollemitte B Feroun cuz he despawned, not a challenge at all and I finished the quest. But I'll do this with a friend sometime to fight the pld so anyway best quest ever, crappy reward but the story is the best, this should unlock a job instead of what it gives. Later.
Great Quest
# Apr 07 2006 at 5:53 AM Rating: Decent
74 posts
Just finished out this quest as a 61RNG/30NIN, and man was that fight tough solo >.<
I popped them both under cover of sneak, and then ran over towards the lake. I pulled the Shadow type over after puting up Utsusemi and started hitting him with holy bolts. Everything was going fine till he finally started to hit shadows... Had a little bit of difficulty getting shadows back up since he seemed to hit everytime now that they were down ; ; Finally started to time it though, and it wasn't too much trouble fighting him after that. Got tp enough, and switched to acid bolts, waiting for him to do Dimensional Death. After that it was shadowbind for him so I could run back a distance for good slugshot damage. My slugshot of 1068 took off about 3/8 to 1/2 his health, so it was just clean up from there getting enough tp for another WS. He kind of gave me a scare half way through battle though, got me down to 254/790 health so I was a little worried.

Overall though, I liked this quest alot. The story was great, and the mobs gave me a thrill ^^
Solo'd as a 66 blm/whm
# Mar 30 2006 at 3:35 PM Rating: Decent
47 posts
One of the best quest storylines.

Soloed this as a 66 blm/whm

I didn't nuke at all except for one Fire III on the skelly after I'd beaten Giollemite B. Just whittled away at him until I took him down. I hit him for about 60-80 per hit with my scythe. Only slice did any real damage. Giollemite definitely doesn't sleep. Obviously drain and aspir don't work on either of them.

I just saved MP for stoneskin recasts, enfeebs and the odd Cure III here and there. Who knows, it probably would've been much easier had I just nuked, but I was up for a challenge. I was out of MP by the time I was halfway through the 2nd guy (skeleton). I didn't NEED to manafont and cure myself at the end, but I did anyway since it would've been too close for comfort otherwise.

They missed frequently with blind on 'em. I made sure slow and para were on as well.

Lots of travel time and waiting, but well worth it for the story.

Solo'd as a 66 blm/whm
# Feb 07 2007 at 10:03 PM Rating: Decent
368 posts
I'm sorry to hurt your blm pride but I went as 75MNK/20BLM and ES Sleep stuck on Giollemite until I was done with the skelly.
Solo'd as a 66 blm/whm
# Jun 23 2013 at 8:37 AM Rating: Decent
47 posts
I suppose there is no way that could have been updated in the year between my post and yours...?

ES + Sleep is the first thing I would have tried. Also, hello from the future!
Did it the lazy way
# Mar 12 2006 at 11:16 AM Rating: Good
99 posts
knowing that im a 75BST/37RDM i just saw this coming far away that i would do this easliy hands down. I sneaked popped the nms and pull the Shadow PLD with Kineared Steffi. I just stood there and watch. Bunny doin 250+ dmg just amused me. Reminded me of the holy grail bunny. Ah what a site. Short stroy short killed both NM with the bunny did not touch em at all ^^ (wow what a lazy bum I am)
my story ^^
# Feb 23 2006 at 10:44 AM Rating: Decent
256 posts
Ok i decided to finish this quest today.
Went to Jugner via Ranperre's Tomb popped the NMs
Took on the Skeleton first to build TP (got nearly 300% TP) Skeleton has a fair bit of HP but with Phalanx up hits for 0-3 dmg a hit (RDM58/BLM29). Kept Stone skin up most of the time aswell.

Skeleton died no problem.

Stone skin lasts a good while in these fights as the PLD hits me for about 15 dmg when it's worn off.

PLD fight ^^ i had fun with this...
Icespikes up (paralyzed PLD) PLD proceeds with a bunched of paralyzed messages and the odd miss. about 3 hits into fight i get 300% TP and i do Spirits Within for 421 dmg ^^ PLD does invincible so my melee does 0 dmg ... orz? nah magic spam ^^ Magic will go through Invincible. Invincible wore off (yay ^^) it does Dimensional Death... ... ... MISSED! HA! take that! 127% TP ish i do another Spirits Within to end the fight in style...
moral of the story is don't mess with a RDM you'll get owned XD
Still Havnt Finished it
# Feb 17 2006 at 1:34 AM Rating: Default
I spent about an hur on this quest b 4 i finall gave up at the part where u have to fight those NMs. Imm Finish this tommorrow if only for that Wicked Title You aquire....ObsidionStorm hells yeah!

Too bad ur Reward is oly that Collar thig, only like 3k at the Ah T~T and thats on Midgardsormr

Wish meh LLuk DRG 41/WAR20
Storyline FTW
# Feb 16 2006 at 11:26 PM Rating: Decent
139 posts
I just wanted to comment that although this quest may be slightly annoying in it's many travels, this quest has an absolutely phenomenal story. I would rate this quest far above all that I've done and hope that I find more like this.
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