Bravura (Relic Bhuj)  

Start Area: Castle Zvahl Baileys
Start NPC:Switchstix (J - 8)
Related Areas:Castle Zvahl Baileys
Dynamis - Beaucedine
Dynamis - San d'Oria
Dynamis - Xarcabard
Ru'Lude Gardens
Related Mobs:Animated Great Axe
Min Level:70
Max Level:75
Weapon Skill:Metatron Torment
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Items Required:Abaddon Killer
Agonal Bhuj
Ancient Lumber
Attestation of Force
Butterfly Axe
Damascus Ingot
Dynamis Bhuj
Heavy Darksteel Axe
Lungo-Nango Jadeshell
Montiont Silverpiece
One Hundred Byne Bill
Relic Bhuj
Seraphic Fragment
Ten Thousand Byne Bill
Wootz Ingot
Items Granted:Bravura
This Quest requires Zilart
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Switchstix in Castle Zvahl Baileys can upgrade degraded weapons if you bring him the things he wants.

The first upgrade will require:

Fee: One Hundred Byne Bill x3

The Relic Bhuj is a drop from Dynamis - San d'Oria. The Wootz Ingot is either crafted (unknown Smithing skill) or bought with 25 100 Byne Bills from a Goblin NPC in Beadeaux. Trade all four items and payment in Byne Bills to Switchstix and he will upgrade it to a Agonal Bhuj. You will need to wait one game day.

The second upgrade will require:

Fee: Lungo-Nango Jadeshell x16

Trade all four items to Switchstix and he will upgrade the Agonal Bhuj to the Dynamis Bhuj. This will take about 1 week Earth time.

The third upgrade will require:

Fee: Montiont Silverpiece x60

The Attestation drops in Dynamis - Beaucedine. Trade these two items to Switchstix and he will make upgrade it to the Abaddon Killer. The Abaddon Killer will allow you to use the special weapon skill Metatron Torment, but only in Dynamis areas.

The fourth upgrade will require:

Fee: Ten Thousand Byne Bill x1

The Seraphic Fragment is dropped by the Animated Great Axe in Dynamis - Xarcabard.

Trade your Abaddon Killer, your Fragment, your Necropsyche, and your currency to the Ru'Lude Gardens Fountain to receive a cutscene, your Bravura and 30 100 Byne Bills.

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# May 07 2006 at 1:48 PM Rating: Decent
I did the 1st upgrade.

Isn't the 1 (one) game day at all, is around 12 hours REAL LIFE hours.
# May 20 2006 at 2:18 PM Rating: Decent
399 posts
Real life day is basically until midnight JST then you can get the next part of quest.
# Dec 28 2005 at 7:23 PM Rating: Decent
what is the Animated Axe? is it a NM or statue type? lil' confuzzed on this one

Edited, Wed Dec 28 18:27:30 2005
# Oct 12 2005 at 11:34 PM Rating: Good
47 posts
For the 3rd upgrade (Dynamis Bhuj -> Abaddon Killer) you need 61 M. Silver pieces as well as the Atst. of Force. For the final upgrade (Abaddon Killer -> Bravura) you need a 10,000 Byne Bill, 1 vial of Necropsyche and the Seraphic Fragment.

Muteki (on Seraph) has the Yoichinoyumi (final relic bow) already and now Lhexh, from Muteki's LS, will have the Bravura shortly.

And no they are not gilbuyers. They get their currency from a personally funded Dynamis LS (DynamisOfDeath) where they pay the 1,000,000gil fee to enter dynamis for the currency, and everyone else joins for the AF2 armor and occasional misc. items (i.e. Infinity Core).

Lhexh will be the 2nd person on Seraph to own a final relic weapon. I can't wait to see what SC Namas Arrow -> Metatron Torment makes.
Rich gamers...
# Oct 11 2005 at 7:37 PM Rating: Default
The guy on there named Muteki is on th Seraph server. I'm pretty sure he has 3 crafts to 100+3 (2 on mules) also. He is probably the richest person on Seraph and one of the most well known.

My guess is that all of those people have atleast 2 100+3 crafts. Either that or they are Bill Gate's relatives or camp cannotlinkto heh...

btw, thx for everyone who rated me up on my post below.
Check this out
# Aug 04 2005 at 5:30 PM Rating: Good
Everyone wants to see pics of the final Relic Weapons, well I got a hold of a website that has pics of people (very filthy rich ones) that already have the final product.

click here

Rate up if you can, people rated me down cause i said i got a NM drop. if you dont believe me, check a NM page where someone didnt get rated down for it >.>
RE: Check this out
# Aug 05 2005 at 8:05 PM Rating: Default
829 posts
Ostrea is in that album too. She is the one who got Ragnarok AND the relic horn. She is the absolute richest person on gilgamesh, and probibly one of the top 10 if not #1 in all of FFXI. I know she has Leather, Smithing, Goldsmithg, Clothcraft, Leathercraft, and Bonecraft(i think, not sure on this one) all to level 100.
RE: Check this out
# Aug 19 2005 at 4:43 AM Rating: Default
817 posts
No she doesn't. I'm sure she would have that but you can only get 40 skill lvls above 60 in total, which means only 1 craft at 100 and everything else below 60
RE: Check this out
# Sep 01 2005 at 7:51 PM Rating: Good
actually, she does have all of those at 100+3. she has multiple mules that she uses to craft.
#REDACTED, Posted: Aug 02 2005 at 3:29 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) So we got a person who is bring Gilsellers into Dynamis on Cait sith named Ryudo. They are trying to sell currency for 50k per single unit and 5mil per 100 unit. Well I guess Relic weapons will become harder to get if you plan on buying currency from these FOOLS.
complete on gilga
# Jun 19 2005 at 12:50 AM Rating: Decent
829 posts
Sorry for **** quailty but i was on ps2 and he was in a hurry. I just took them 3 minuites ago
# Jun 11 2005 at 6:36 AM Rating: Decent
what i dont get is, why do they put a min lvl requirement of only 1? why dont they up it to something reasonable, like 65 or 70 or something higher than 1. and to me, this doesnt sound like a regular type of quest. they should have something like "Endgame Weapon Quest" or something that at least gives it the proper status it deserves through time and difficulty.

minimum lvl is technically lvl 65.
RE: heh
# Jun 20 2005 at 6:11 PM Rating: Decent
829 posts
ya basicly level minimum is 65 because you can't get in dynamis below that.
# Jun 10 2005 at 6:19 AM Rating: Decent
To summarise:

First upgrade:
Relic Bhuj --> Agonal Bhuj

Relic Bhuj x1
Wootz Ingot x1
Damascus Ingot x1
Ancient Lumber x1
3x100 Byne Bill Commision
(3x100 Byne Bills = 300 Byne Bills)
You will need to wait one game day

Second upgrade:
Agonal Bhuj --> Dynamis Bhuj

Agonal Bhuj x1
Butterfly Axe x1
Great Axe x1
Heavy Darksteel Axe x1
16xL.Whiteshells Commision (16 L.Whiteshells = 1600 T.Whiteshells)
This will take about 1 week Earth time

Third upgrade:
Dynamis Bhuj --> Abaddon Killer

Dynamis Bhuj x1
Attestation of Force x1
(The Abaddon Killer will allow you to use the special weapon skill "Metatron Torment", but only in Dynamis areas).
61xM.Silverpieces Commision
(61 M.Silverpieces = 6100 O.Silverpieces)

Final upgrade:
Abaddon Killer --> Bravura

Abaddon Killer x1
Seraphic Fragment x1
(Not much to say about this;)


As you can see this is a very hard course, but one day someone will get it.
Congratulations, you are the god among Warriors.
You can use Metatron Torment like a normal WS anywhere, so make sure you will post a video here :P

Edited, Fri Jun 10 07:26:30 2005
Stage 2
# May 06 2005 at 12:46 AM Rating: Good
The Items required for stage 2 are:
Butterfly Axe
Heavy Darksteel Axe

the Fee is 16 M silverpieces
# Mar 14 2005 at 10:28 PM Rating: Default
436 posts
Agonal Bhuj x1

Fee: ???

Fee is 1600 T.Whiteshell (16x Jadeshell). No other items are needed aside from Agonal Bhuj and currency.

The third upgrade will require:

Dynamis Bhuj x1
Attestation of Force x1

Smithing fee for 3rd ยป 4th stage is 6100 bronzepieces, or 61 M.Silverpiece. You will also need an attestation of force, which drops from dynamis beaucedine.
# Jan 25 2005 at 7:21 PM Rating: Decent
whats a bhuj?
RE: Bhuj?
# Jan 28 2005 at 8:04 AM Rating: Decent
526 posts
When I tried looking up 'bhuj' a while back, I remember seeing a lot of references to Indian weaponry, particularly a term 'elephant knife'. Basically, it seemed to be a long, curved blade on the end of a short stick.

One pic I found.

I think S-E took a little liberty with the idea. :D
lv requirement...
# Jan 13 2005 at 10:53 AM Rating: Decent
what i dont get is, why do they put a min lvl requirement of only 1? why dont they up it to something reasonable, like 65 or 70 or something higher than 1. and to me, this doesnt sound like a regular type of quest. they should have something like "Endgame Weapon Quest" or something that at least gives it the proper status it deserves through time and difficulty.

lol sorry for the little rant, but i hate things like that (lv 1 min lv, YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!) anyway, it looks cool and sounds, of course, uber. enough of my redundancies ><;

Edited, Thu Jan 13 10:53:38 2005
# Dec 20 2004 at 5:04 PM Rating: Decent
54 posts
words dont discribe how hard this is (well actually they can). My friend did it yesterday and he said after collecting all of those bills he would ahve had 100 mil!!!!

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