July 24 - Accounts Banned

We would like to report the termination today of multiple accounts held by players involved in the usage of third-party tools or cheats, or engaged in RMT (Real Money Trading) activities.

Based on the results of our investigation, around 4700 PlayOnline accounts were terminated while around 750 accounts were temporarily suspended.
Additionally, we have increased the number of mass bannings against certain PlayOnline violations in order to prevent illegal acts.

Details of the violations are as follows:

- Usage of tools that allow enhanced character movement.
June 28, Approx. 250 cases
July 5, Approx. 230 cases
July 12, Approx. 150 cases
July 19, Approx. 120 cases

- Usage of tools that circumvent game mechanics with respect to the timing of ability use, etc. in certain areas or at points where Notorious Monsters appear.
June 28, Approx. 10 cases
July 5, Approx. 5 cases
July 19, Approx. 30 cases
July 20, Approx. 5 case

- Using cheats to automatically repeat a particular action.
June 27, Approx. 300 cases
July 5, Approx. 360 cases
July 12, Approx. 550 cases
July 19, Approx. 240 cases

Gil and item exchange for real world money cases:
July 24, Approx. 350 cases

- Instances of areas or monster monopolization.
July 3, Approx. 450 cases
July 10, Approx. 1060 cases
July 12, Approx. 740 cases
July 19, Approx. 600 cases

The termination of these accounts has led to the removal of approximately 2.6 billion gil from circulation.

We would like to remind players that as well as adversely affecting game balance, the use of third-party tools or cheats can also have consequences that are not immediately obvious, such as introducing damaging viruses, and comprising the security of private account details. Usage of third-party tools will not be tolerated within FINAL FANTASY XI, and we will continue to severely penalize any players found to be in violation of the PlayOnline Member Agreement.

As we continue to ensure a fun and balanced environment for FINAL FANTASY XI, we hope that our players enjoy the game as it was intended and take care to avoid involvement in activities that violate the PlayOnline Member Agreement.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and understanding.


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# Jul 24 2007 at 4:07 PM Rating: Default
35 posts
Hey SE ever consider maybe idk....making it easier to obtain Gil so people dont buy from RMT. Like making more items NPc sellable and making items have a higher sale rate to NPC's, Seriously, your all programmers so your supposed to be smart. Eliminate the cause if you want to be rid of the problem. Cause all baning does is put RMT on hold till they get the gil back and the whole process starts all over again.
# Jul 24 2007 at 7:53 PM Rating: Decent
29 posts
Making it easier to get gil will NOT help this games gil problems.

All it WILL do is inflate the current cost of the items in the AH and bazzars simply because having more gil = spending more gil. And we all know that if you can sell an item for more than normal YOU WILL!

So thats where gil sellers come in. your to lazy/busy/insert excuse here to farm gil so the RMT steps up for you and provides you the gil at a cost and then the people who buy it are like "Yay i can afford (item name) now!" and they spend that gil paying what ever price is asked and don't care because they think "oh well i'll just buy more gil" easy come easy go. And then prices start going up because you got the gil and your spending it like water since it is so easy to get!

So making gil easy to get is NOT the solution but adding to the problem in the long run.

If you have every played Diablos 2 you would know what i mean. the money in that game was SO easy to get that people wouldn't accept it for trade. Insted they tradded certain rings or charms as money. and it was a DISASTER!

So before you post condemming SE try to think of there side of it and realize just how hard it truely is to maintain an econemy with out causing inflation.

Well i said my piece and feel free to flame me but it won't change my mind and it won't fix the problem.

Enjoy the game have fun and then get some sleep so you can do it agian later.
Isn't that what this game is really for?
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Just mathematicaly improbable.
# Jul 25 2007 at 2:30 AM Rating: Default
35 posts
You obviously misunderstood what I was saying. Consider for example World of Warcraft. It is quite simple to obtain currency in the game. Why? because its easier to craft items and because you can sell about everything to NPC's, and those items sell for a decent amount. All a person has to do is just kill monsters and sell the drops and do it over and over. By doing that you can make a steady income. How would that affect the economy if SE implemented something to that degree within the game, it wouldnt cause inflation. It makes so people dont have to do RMT simple as that. Heck even in Final Fantasy 8 they had a paycheck system, which would work if planned out carefully. And yes I have played Diablo 2, and it was a single player game unless you play on Battle.net. And as for inflation, its always gonna be there because people sell things for outrageous prices cause they know others will pay that much. But its also SE's fault for making NPC items too expensive and not having a more simple way of making gil. I m not gonna try to chg your mind but consider the two points of the picture as well. Inflation would or would not happen, SE can make it so it happens both ways, no inflation and still better ways to obtain gil. They have (supposedly) programmers i.e. smart people, it wouldnt be difficult to do. At the very least they could increase the amount of gil monsters drop.
# Jul 25 2007 at 9:33 PM Rating: Decent
9 posts
I'm throwing my hat in the ring.

It sounds nice Franken but file that under Easier said than done.

Sounds like you want to avoid the AH until you need to buy something that you'll
need. <read... time involved to wait on money to sell something>

But again if you make it easier to NPC items for money guess who that makes it easier
for to get their gil to sell? RMT.... No need to help them back on their feet so fast.. >.>

There are 4 ways to earn money using the normal functions of the game AH, Bazaar, Sell to NPC's and Trading. <technically 5 if want to count repeat questing but thats similar to NPC'ing items>

Of those 4 AH , Bazaar, and trading involve some time to wait on something to sell and get money for something farmed or crafted.

We've all heard the tired excuses for not farming ..... wont go there..

But NPC'ing for higher sale value would not make those who don't want to farm stop buying gil.

The question still is "How bout those players who buy it stop.. and try farming their gil legitimately?" They buy gil directly from the people that sell it back to them because of the revolving door purchases on items they <RMT> control"

Yes inflation will always be there. But were you here back at the christmas 2005 into 2006 season?

Inflation was rampant across all servers normal items were sky high <e.g silk stacks sold as high as 90K on Kujata> and that was not just Jeuno but everywhere in Vana'diel. 90k was good money to farmers then but didn't make a dent selling it that high when you had items selling for ridiculous 7 and 8 figure prices. And that was due to RMT running rampant with prices and gilbuyers feeding them their gil right back to them.

In the past 10 months prices are back to 2004 levels on most servers when you could actually buy stuff reasonably to level other jobs.

I'd rather deal with mild inflation than wild inflation.. <hmm that rhymed> :)

I'm glad they are banning the RMT and taking their customers with them. Only RMT have the resolve to come back. A lazy gilbuyer will just give up if they have to start over. I'm sure there
are some exceptions out there but let them tell their story.

But since you brought up WOW.. how bout this ... they revamp the Bazaar system and make it similar to Phantasy Star Universe's .... one where your Moogle can run the Bazaar for you while you are offline or online elsewhere in the game.. and others can search them and buy while they are in their Moghouse only and you can see who made purchases.. limit the number of purchases logged if they want to.. and give it its own inventory space, that could get rid of the need for mules.. and compete against the "Jeuno AH" controlled economy.


Its not that i don't like the AH system part of selling things but Bazaars can be limited to view only in the home nations. And i hate that there are items that are never sold anywhere else but Jeuno.

Yes the programmers can change that.. but they have alot more to consider than just making it easier for the flocks of legitimate players. When there are wolves hiding among the legitimate flock.

Play on.. Franken.. get that gil.
And RMT and gilbuyers... well .. you know what you can do for me.. ;)
SE kill the RMT's let Altana sort them out.

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# Jul 24 2007 at 8:30 AM Rating: Decent
62 posts
Bard 42
Whm 31
Blm 26
Nin 17
Rdm 11
War 19
Mnk 9
On Siren server? /tell Solia
# Jul 24 2007 at 8:29 AM Rating: Decent
62 posts
I know im gunna get flamed for this, But when I am craftin for hours on end and dont move or talk to you its just because I dont like you :P
Bard 42
Whm 31
Blm 26
Nin 17
Rdm 11
War 19
Mnk 9
On Siren server? /tell Solia
# Jul 24 2007 at 8:26 AM Rating: Default
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althou the removal of these accounts is a good thing
the removal of 2.6 billion imn gil is a bad thing
square needs to take that along with the billions apon billions of goils theve taken out of the server an add it back in the game

if nothing but adding a bigger gil drop to all nms or a ks run that gives nothing but gil

all they doing removing the gil from system is making rmt more money

# Jul 24 2007 at 7:30 AM Rating: Decent
409 posts
Great to hear!

Hope they keep it up, and take notice of RTM crafters.

2.6 billion...
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All right!
# Jul 24 2007 at 7:09 AM Rating: Good
2,234 posts
Smiley: inlove

SE, will you marry me?
I am the cancer that is killing =10.

Bud Light /salutes you, Mellowy!
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