November 12th Update

Sorry for the speed of the site tonight. Although it opened just a few weeks ago, this site has already swelled to rival even our Everquest site in popularity. Things are mostly fine during normal usage, but when the game servers go down, our servers start maxing out. We are ordering more servers to handle the load, but it may take a few more weeks to get straightened out (Dell is starting to love us). Now for the updates. We added in all the potions. We've also added more recipes and other information. Thanks again to everyone contributing information. Keep sending in what you are finding and we will keep entering it. New Items: YadorigiDariaHi-ReraiserReraiserVile Elixer +1Vile ElixerVitriolDeodorizerSilence OilPrism PotionBlinding PotionSilencing PotionBone ArrowheadParalyze PotionVenom PotionPoison PotionMulsumRemedyHoly WaterEcho DropsEye DropsAntidoteSuper EtherHi-Ether +1Hi-EtherEther +1EtherX-PotionHi-Potion +2Hi-PotionPotion +2Potion +3Hi-Potion +1Potion +1PotionBeetle JawIron ScaleMakibishiCrossbow BoltBronze BedHatchetPickaxeSickleBoiled EggWindurst TeaClump of Pamtam Kelp

Updated Items: GreataxeGreataxe +1Great Bow +1Gemshorn +1Flute +1Fleuret +1Elm Staff +1Degen +1Dagger +1Bronze Dagger +1Bronze BoltBronze Axe +1Brass Zaghnal +1Brass Xiphos +1Brass Spear +1Brass Rod +1Brass KnucklesBrass Knuckles +1Brass Hammer +1Brass Dagger +1Brass Baghnakhs +1Brass BaghnakhsBrass Axe +1Boomerang +1Bone Pick +1Bone Cudgel +1Bone Axe +1Bone ArrowBlind Knife +1Blind Dagger +1Bilbo +1Bee Spatha +1Battleaxe +1Baselard +1Bamboo Fishing RodBamboo StickBaghnakhs +1Ash Staff +1Ash Pole +1Ash Club +1Cornette +1CornetteCesti +1Claymore +1ClawsClaws +1Cat BaghnakhsCat Baghnakhs +1Butterfly Axe +1Bronze Zaghnal +1Bronze Sword +1Bronze Spear +1Bronze Rod +1Bronze Mace +1Bronze Knife +1Bronze Hammer +1Bronze Knuckles +1Bronze KnucklesBronze SheetMythril DaggerKunaiBattleaxeBaghnakhsShurikenMetal KnucklesCotton ClothScale GreavesScale CuissesScale Finger GauntletsGiant Bird Feathersprig of Papaka grassLumidiclothTourmalineDamselfly WormMagicked Skull

New Quests: Royal TeacupThe Poisoned Watergate

Updated Quests: Brygid, The StylistCastle Floor PlansHelp and Save the ChildrenLost for WordsFood for ThoughtMaking HeadlinesA Feather In Ones's CapChocobiliousPaying Lip ServiceThe Amazin' ScorpioLegendary Plan BTwinstone BondingMom, the Adventurer?Chocobo LicenceElder MemoriesGourmet

Updated Areas: Gusgen MinesKonschtat HighlandsDelkfutt's Tower MiddleDangruf WadiGustaberg NorthHorutoto Ruins InnerPashhow MarshlandsPalborough MinesDelkfutt's Tower LowerSarutabaruta EastDavoiHorutoto Ruins Outer

New and Updated Recipes: Blind Knife +1Brass Baghnakhs +1Bone ArrowheadBaghnakhsElm Staff +1Brass Hammer +1Cat Baghnakhs +1Scale GreavesDagger +1Bronze BoltBaghnakhs +1Ash Club +1Bronze Knife +1Ash Pole +1CornetteBone ArrowBrass BaghnakhsGreataxe +1Bronze Knuckles +1Brass Spear +1Bronze Dagger +1Brass KnucklesBone Cudgel +1Brass Xiphos +1Bilbo +1Mythril DaggerBronze Zaghnal +1SickleClawsShurikenAsh Staff +1Scale CuissesBone Axe +1Bee Spatha +1Bronze BedBrass Knuckles +1Bronze Spear +1Great Bow +1Bronze Hammer +1BattleaxeCesti +1Cat BaghnakhsGemshorn +1Claws +1Butterfly Axe +1Claymore +1Degen +1Brass Dagger +1Brass Axe +1Boomerang +1Bronze Mace +1Flute +1Metal KnucklesBrass Rod +1Bronze SheetBamboo Fishing RodBattleaxe +1GreataxeBaselard +1Iron ScaleTourmalinePickaxeScale Finger GauntletsBone Pick +1Bronze Sword +1Brass Zaghnal +1KunaiFleuret +1HatchetCrossbow BoltBronze Rod +1Bronze KnucklesCornette +1Blind Dagger +1Bronze Axe +1Makibishi

New and Updated Spells: Reraise


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