November 14th Update

We have a huge update today. We added in the rest of the armor and weapons up to level 50. As far as I can tell, we should now have all armor and weapons available in the game through level 50 in our database. We'll work on getting in the drop and recipe info for them as well. And, don't forget to add your avatar to your forum posts. Look inside for the complete update list. New Items: Quake GrenadeLong BoomerangTathlumHyoRiot GrenadeCombat Caster's BoomerangJunior Musketeer's ChakramYagudo FreezerManji ShurikenAstragalosStrider SwordHunting SwordWar SwordMythril DegenMythril Degen +1TulwarTulwar +1Mythril SwordMythril Sword +1Holy SwordHoly Sword +1Divine SwordDivine Sword +1Junior Musketeer's TuckFlame DegenFlame Degen +1Combat Caster's ScimitarFencing DegenHonor SwordDuel RapierFalchionFalchion +1Holy DegenHoly Degen +1Ancient SwordKnight's SwordKnight's Sword +1Flame BladeFlame Blade +1Crimson BladeTemple Knight Army SwordTactician Magician's EspadonMusketeer's SwordOak StaffOak Staff +1Oak PoleOak Pole +1QuarterstaffFootman's StaffWalrus StaffMusketeer's PoleHarvesterMythril ScytheMythril Scythe +1Mythril ZaghnalMythril Zaghnal +1Raven ScytheFalcastraBarbarian's ScytheLizard PiercerLanceLance +1HalberdHalberd +1Orc PiercerTridentHeavy HalberdMythril LanceMythril Lance +1Wind SpearRoyal Knight Army LanceSerpentine GunMythril BoltSilver BulletArbalestArbalest +1Musketeer GunKodachiKodachi +1BokutoBokuto +1SakurafubukiSakurafubuki +1YotoYoto +1HienImpact KnucklesPoison BaghnakhsKatarsKatars +1Poison ClawsPoison Claws +1Mythril KnucklesMythril knuckles +1Poison KatarsPoison Katars +1HimantesHimantes +1Mythril ClawsMythril Claws +1Acid ClawsCorrosive ClawsBeat CestiPatasPatas +1Tactician Magician's HooksCross-CountersDemonic SwordMythril ClaymoreFine ClaymoreIce BrandRoyal Swordsman's BladeGreatswordGreatsword +1HomuraHomura +1AshuraAshura +1HosodachiHosodachi +1MikazukiMikazuki +1Heavy AxeHeavy Axe +1Huge Moth AxeHeavy Moth AxeGigant AxeMythril KnifeMythril Knife +1Acid KnifeCorrosive KnifeMythril KukriMythril Kukri +1Acid KukriCorrosive KukriMythril BaselardFine BaselardAcid BaselardCorrosive BaselardCombat Caster's DaggerMarauder's KnifePaper KnifeBone KnifeBone Knife +1Corsair's KnifeMaulMaul +1Chestnut WandSolid WandMythril RodMythril Rod +1Mythril MaceMythril Mace +1Oak CudgelOak Cudgel +1Holy MaulHoly Maul +1Great ClubGreat Club +1Blessed HammerHoly MaceHoly Mace +1Bone RodBone Rod +1Time HammerShellbusterRose WandRose Wand +1Tactician Magician's WandLilith's RodWar PickWar Pick +1Warrior's AxeMythril AxeMythril Axe +1Emeth PickBarbaroi AxeCombat Caster's AxeStorm AxeTabarTabar +1Viking AxeMythril PickMythril Pick +1Composite BowComposite Bow +1Speed BowBattle BowBattle Bow +1Sniping BowFire ArrowIce ArrowLightning ArrowKamanKaman +1War BowWar Bow +1Peacock CharmDodge CapeMarine HatValkyrie's MaskOracle's BeltShield PendantViking ShieldBrass MittensOgygos's BraceletsEnkelados's BraceletsIron Cuisses +1Steel Cuisses +1Haidate +1Mythril Cuisses +1Iron Greaves +1Steel Greaves +1Mythril Leggings +1Shinobi Kyahan +1Iron Finger Gauntlets +1Steel Finger Gauntlets +1Kote +1Turtle Bangles +1Turtle BanglesSilver Bangles +1Silver BanglesMythril Gauntlets +1Iron Visor +1Steel Visor +1Gold Hairpin +1Mythril Sallet +1Shinobi Hachigane +1Dino HelmMage's HatBanded Helm +1Sallet +1Carapace Mask +1Iron Scale Mail +1Steel Scale Mail +1Hara-Ate +1Mythril Breastplate +1Earth DoubletJujitsu GiDino JerkinMage's RobeBreastplate +1Carapace LeggingsCarapace Harness +1Carapace MittensCarapace HarnessCarapace MaskBrigandine Armor +1Cuir Bouilli +1Brigandine ArmorWool Gambisons +1Green Cape +1White Cape +1Dino MantleRed Cape +1Black Cape +1Green CapeRaptor MantleTundra MantleRed CapeWhite CapeBlack CapeRam Mantle +1Sentinel's MantleRam MantlePurple RibbonGold Ring +1Carapace Ring +1Horn Ring +1Pearl RingBlack RingSphene RingTurquoise RingAmetrine RingGoshenite RingGarnet RingPeridot RingCarapace RingHorn RingBlitz RingElectrum RingGold RingGold Earring +1Tortoise Earring +1Drone EarringMoon EarringNight EarringYellow EarringAqua EarringPurple EarringZircon EarringSun EarringGreen EarringSphene EarringTurquoise EarringAmetrine EarringGoshenite EarringBlood EarringAvenger's EarringTortoise EarringBull EarringWing EarringBlack EarringPeridot EarringPearl EarringGold EarringNemesis EarringGold Obi +1Swordbelt +1Silver Belt +1Waistbelt +1Druid's RopeAdept's RopeBrocade ObiGold ObiBrown BeltWaistbeltSwordbeltRoyal Knight's BeltSilver BeltSpirit TorqueNodowa +1NodowaClay AmuletRoyal Knight Army CollarTemple Knight Army CollarElemental CharmPromise BadgeCarapace GorgetMoon AmuletMythril GorgetGorgetNoble's GorgetGorget +1Blue GorgetMocassins +1Dino LedersensSollerets +1Plate Leggings +1Carapace Leggings +1Cuir Highboots +1Shoes +1Wool Socks +1Socks +1Silver Greaves +1Leggings +1Ebony Sabots +1Combat Caster's ShoesMocassinsShoesTactician Magician's PigachesEbony SabotsWool SocksSocksSune-AteShinobi KyahanMonsoon KyahanLeggingsRaptor LedelsensCuir HighbootsIron GreavesSteel GreavesRoyal Knight's SolleretsSolleretsSilver GreavesIron Musketeer's SabatonsMythril LeggingsPlate LeggingsWhite Slacks +1Dino TrousersMage's SlopsCuisses +1Carapace Subligar +1Cuir Trousers +1Wool Hose +1Linen Slacks +1Hose +1Breeches +1Silver Hose +1Iron Subligar +1Elder's BraguetteSavage LoinclothWonder BraccaeMagna F ChaussesMagna M ChaussesCustom PantsCustom SlacksCombat Caster's SlacksWhite SlacksLinen SlacksTactician Magician's SlopsVelvet SlopsWool HoseHoseShinobi HakamaJujitsu SitabakiCarapace SubligarIron SubligarRaptor TrousersCuir TrousersIron CuissesSteel CuissesRoyal Squire's BreechesBreechesSilver HoseIron Musketeer's CuissesMythril CuissesCuissesDino GlovesMage's MittsMage's CuffsMufflers +1Gauntlets +1Carapace Mittens +1Cuir Gloves +1Wool Bracers +1Linen Mitts +1Bracers +1Silver Mittens +1New Moon ArmletsCombat Caster's MittsBlack MittsLinen MittsTactician Magician's CuffsVelvet CuffsEngineer's GlovesWool BracersBracersIron Mittens +1Shinobi TekkoOchiudo's KoteKoteMonsoon TekkoIron MittensRaptor GlovesCuir GlovesIron Finger GauntletsSteel Finger GauntletsRoyal Knight's MufflersMufflersSilver MittensIron Musketeer's GauntletsMythril GauntletsGauntletsCloak +1Wool Doublet +1Banded Mail +1Silver Mail +1Strong HarnessElder's SurcoatSavage SeparatesWonder KaftanMagna BodiceMagna JerkinCustom VestCustom TunicWhite Cloak +1Gambison +1Combat Caster's CloakWhite CloakRoyal Knight's CloakCloakTactician Magician's CoatVelvet RobeRoyal Squire's RobeFrost RobePyro RobeIron Musketeer's GambisonWool GambisonGambisonWool DoubletLinen DoubletLinen Doublet +1Shinobi GiHara-AtePadded ArmorRaptor JerkinCuir BouilliIron Scale MailSteel Scale MailRoyal Squire's ChainmailBanded MailSilver MailIron Musketeer's CuirassMythril BreastplateBreastplateWool Cap +1Alluring HeadbandRed Cap +1Silver Mask +1Strong CapBlue RibbonFlax HeadbandElectrum HairpinGold HairpinCuir Bandana +1Tactician Magician's HatVelvet HatWool CapRed CapShinobi HachiganePadded CapRaptor HelmCuir BandanaIron VisorSteel VisorBanded HelmSilver MaskIron Musketeer's ArmetMythril SalletSalletTarge +1Oak Shield +1Leather Shield +1Heater Shield +1Buckler +1Temple Knight Army ShieldRoyal Knight Army ShieldHeater ShieldBalance BucklerBucklerTargeRoyal Squire's ShieldLeather ShieldOak ShieldStrike ShieldSilver ArrowheadSabiki RigBrass Flowerpot New Quests: Beauty and the GalkaEarly Bird Catches The Bookworm

Updated Quests: Beauty and the GalkaMihgo's AmigoTo Bee or not to Bee?Curses, Foiled...Again!?No RecollectionBlast From the PastElder MemoriesBreaking StonesRemembranceA Pose by Any Other NameFlyers for RegineFetching Water

Updated Recipes: Dhalmel's Tanned LeatherSabiki RigSilver ArrowheadGrass ThreadBrass MittensBrass FlowerpotBrass Ring


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Update, Hurray
# Oct 25 2004 at 3:30 PM Rating: Good
383 posts
I wonder if...
# Nov 17 2003 at 11:05 AM Rating: Default
I wonder if Allakhazam knows that not ALL items are listed in the auction house. only the ones that aren't no drop.
RE: I wonder if...
# Nov 17 2003 at 11:07 AM Rating: Default
Oops, I should have checked first.

Nope, Allakhazam doesnt seem to have some no drops items I've found, such as a no drop shield off a named in Giddeus.

I'll see about submitting it when I get back to my ffxi machine.
# Nov 16 2003 at 7:37 PM Rating: Decent
949 posts
# Nov 16 2003 at 3:46 AM Rating: Default
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