November 19th Update

We want to thank Asmiroth for putting together a printable zone connection map. We posted it here. In addition, here is what was added today :) Keep sending the information in. New Items: Windhurstian KnifeVenom ClawsStun ClawsSleep DaggerRepublic KnucklesLust DaggerKingdom CestiFederation KnifeDarksteel KukriDarksteel KnucklesDarksteel ClawsDarksteel BaselardChicken KnifeCermet KnifeCermet ClawCoerul CestiBeetle KnifeBastokan KnucklesEnchancing SwordCotton Fiber

Updated Items: Strike BaghnakhsSonic KnucklesSilence Dagger +1Silence DaggerSilence Baghnakhs +1Silence BaghnakhsRusty DaggerRoyal Squire's daggerRoyal Archer's CestiPoison DaggerPoison Claws +1Poison ClawsPoison CestiPoison BaselardPoison BaghnakhsPatasParrying KnifeOnion KnifeOnion DaggerMythril KnifeMythril DaggerMythril ClawsMythril BaselardMetal Knuckles +1Metal KnucklesMercenary's KnifeMercenary Captain's KukriLynx BaghnakhsLizard CestiLegionnaire's KnucklesKukriKnife +1KnifeKatarsImpact KnucklesHimantesFruit PunchesFreesword's BaghnakhsFine BaselardDecurion's Daggeran odd offeringDagger +1DaggerCross-CountersCougar BaghnakhsCorrosive BaselardCombat Caster's DaggerClaws +1ClawsCesti +1Ceremonial DaggerCat Baghnakhs +1Cat BaghnakhsBurning CestiBronze Knuckles +1Bronze KnucklesBronze Knife +1Bronze KnifeBronze Dagger +1Bronze DaggerBrass Knuckles +1Brass KnucklesBrass Dagger +1Brass DaggerBrass Baghnakhs +1Brass BaghnakhsBone KnifeBlind Knife +1Blind KnifeBlind Dagger +1Blind DaggerBeestingerBaselardBaghnakhsArcher's KnifeAcid KukriAcid DaggerAcid ClawsAcid BaselardBall of Insect PasteLittle WormFetich TorsoBronze IngotRed CapCotton HeadbandCotton GaitersCotton HeadgearKyahanMittsGaitersGlass Fiber Fishing RodGigas BraceletsEnkelados's BraceletsHuge Moth AxeMaple Shield +1Ogygos's Bracelets

New Quests: A Squire's Test IIA Squire's TestMog House QuestExo-Warrior

Updated Quests: Proper GreetingEarly Bird Catches The BookwormCurses, Foiled...Again!?A Pose by Any Other NameGourmetRock RacketeerThe Three KingdomsThe Gustaberg Tour

Updated Recipes: Glass Fiber Fishing RodGaitersBall of Insect PasteCotton HeadbandBronze IngotCat BaghnakhsCotton HeadgearMittsRed CapCat Baghnakhs +1Cotton GaitersKyahan

New and Updated Spells: SilenaSilenceFast CastResist Petrify


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