November 20th Update.

If you are still filling out your Christmas list, or shopping for a friend who loves games, we've combined with EBgames.com to bring you some really nice deals. In addition to the 10% discount on MMORPG's they offer exclusively to our premium members, and the free 30 day trial we offer exclusively to them, all visitors to this site can get 25% off of game guides, 20% off preowned DVD's and video games, and if you order before December 1st, free 3 day shipping on selected games. Check out the Holiday List on this page for more details. Today's update concentrates on updating the recipe database: New Items: Steel SheetSilver BandSilk Cloth

Updated Items: Mythril BoltMythril PickMaulPadded ArmorIron SubligarMythril RodMythril KnucklesMythril KukriMythril AxeHeavy AxeFalchionMythril SheetMythril OreMythril ChainIron MittensIron Finger GauntletsScytheMythril KnifeWarhammerIron CuissesKatarsChainmailIron Scale MailWar PickPadded CapMythril MaceMythril SwordMythril IngotRoast TroutWindurst SaladMelon JuiceDhalmel SteakTomato JuiceGrape JuiceYagudo DrinkRaptor JerkinMocassinsChain HoseLizard LedelsensRaptor LedelsensRaptor HelmRaptor GlovesRaptor MantleRaptor TrousersHimantesLeather ShieldRaptor HideRam MantleRam SkinWaistbeltBarbarian's BeltVial of Monster BloodVial of Beastman BloodCuir BouilliCuir HighbootsCuir TrousersCuir GlovesMagic BeltRam LeatherShoesWolf MantleWolf HideSandalsDhalmel MantleWarrior's BeltDhalmel LeatherHoseSocksLizard CestiLizard HelmLizard MantleLizard SkinKunaiSoleaLeather TrousersRabbit MantleRed CapeVelvet RobeBlack MittsVelvet HatVelvet SlopsVelvet CuffsBlack CapeSpool of Silk ThreadWool HoseWool SocksWool GambisonWool CapFlax HeadbandSoil GiWool ClothSoil KyahanCloakLinen SlacksLinen MittsGambisonHeko ObiBracersBronze BedCotton Kyahan

Updated Quests: The GobbiebagLizard SkinInspector's Gadget!

New and Updated Recipes: Windurst SaladMythril SwordCuir GlovesIron Finger GauntletsBlack CapeLeather TrousersLinen SlacksIron MittensGambisonMythril BoltVelvet SlopsRam MantleRed CapeDhalmel LeatherYagudo DrinkSandalsHeavy AxeMythril AxeWool GambisonHoseHeko ObiCuir HighbootsPadded ArmorWool CapRaptor TrousersIron Scale MailRaptor LedelsensRabbit MantleGrape JuiceChain HoseMythril RodIron SubligarCotton KyahanPadded CapIron CuissesWool HoseMythril KnifeBronze BedVelvet RobeLizard MantleMaulMocassinsMelon JuiceRaptor JerkinMythril PickShoesLinen MittsBracersScytheLeather ShieldBlack MittsKatarsWool SocksTomato JuiceBarbarian's BeltMythril KnucklesSteel SheetSilver BandWarhammerMythril KukriMythril MaceDhalmel SteakRaptor GlovesCuir BouilliFlax HeadbandWolf MantleChainmailFalchionHimantesCuir TrousersWar PickRoast TroutSilk ClothSocksCloakVelvet CuffsDhalmel MantleKunaiSoil KyahanSoil GiLizard LedelsensRaptor MantleRaptor HelmLizard HelmMagic BeltSoleaVelvet HatWaistbeltWarrior's BeltLizard Cesti


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