November 21st Update

We're filling in a lot of blanks in the database to make the information more accurate and useful for you. Thank you for continuing to point out the errors and omissions and for sending in new information as you find it. New Items: Gulemont's DocumentThief ToolJug of Carrion BrothBlock of GelatinTama-HaganeWinjruitGoblin MaskShell BugsSilver BeastcoinOak TableTarutaru DeskOak LumberOak LogBook HolderTarutaru StoolSimple BedWalnut LumberWalnut LogMaple TableWorkbenchYaguda FletchingChocobo Fletching

Updated Items: Crab ApronMagicked SkullDamselfly WormOdd PostcardDamp EnvelopeBone ChipSan d'Orian RingWindurstian RingBastokan ringAstral RingLapis Lazuli EarringTwinstone EarringWakizashiThyme MossFriar's RopeSilver ArrowheadLeather BandanaLeather HighbootsGrass ThreadPet Food Gamma BiscuitPet Food Delta BiscuitPet Food Beta BiscuitPet Food Alpha BiscuitWakizashi +1TachiBlock of Animal GlueAntidoteClaymoreHakenbuechseSheep LeatherWooden ArrowLizard mantle +1Knight's SwordBall of Insect PasteMythril ClawsMythril ScytheChocobo FeatherPinch of Yuhtunga SulphurFire SandSheep WoolMap of Ronperre's TombMap of Gusgen MinesMap of Dangruf WadiLizard TailFang NecklaceBone RodCarapace SubligarCarapace HarnessCarapace GorgetCarapace LeggingsCarapace MittensCarapace MaskBeetle JawClawsClaws +1Beetle SubligarHorn HairpinBone SubligarPebbleCapeCoerul CestiDarksteelDahliaComposite BowSpiked ClubCrossbowBat FangAsh StaffDartHard-Boiled EggChestnut WandBird FeatherChestnut SabotsYew Fishing RodSheep ToothHolly ClogsLongbowCoerl WhiskerRam HornShortbowLight CrossbowAsh ClogsSilver ArrowBone ArrowIron ArrowStone Arrow

New Quests: Intermediate TeamworkIntroduction To TeamworkOut Of His Shell

Updated Quests: Proper GreetingLegendary Plan BOrlando's AntiquesTwinstone BondingA Crisis in the MakingSleepless NightsUndying FlamesCakes for the ChurchGates to ParadiseBeast's BloodEco-WarriorLufet's Lake SaltGrimy SIgnpostsA Purchase of ArmsLizard SkinA Sentry's PerilThe Poisoned WatergateA Squire's Test IIThe Distressed CustomerAdventurer's DiaryThe Brugaire ConsortiumThe SeamstressThick ShellsThe Zeruhn ReportWading BeastsA Lady's HeartThe Eleventh's HourA Geological SurveyThe Crystal LineThe Siren's TearThe Quadav's CurseVengeful WrathThe Wisdom of EldersFallen ComradesEco-WarriorWelcome to BastokThe Bare BonesPast PerfectThe Merchant's BiddingIn a StewA Pose by Any Other NameSay It With FlowersEarly Bird Catches The BookwormMinesweeperChocobiliousThe DarksmithOvernight DeliveryThe All-New C-2000

Updated Areas: Crawler's NestKuftal TunnelAltepa Desert EastAltepa Desert West

New and Updated Recipes: Book HolderFire SandThief ToolMythril ClawsStone ArrowYaguda FletchingBeetle SubligarWakizashiChocobo FletchingChestnut SabotsMythril ScytheKnight's SwordHakenbuechseComposite BowClaymoreCarapace MittensJug of Carrion BrothMaple TableClaws +1Lapis Lazuli EarringOak LumberBlock of GelatinPebbleCarapace LeggingsCarapace HarnessLizard mantle +1Oak TableLight CrossbowShortbowCrossbowSilver ArrowheadGrass ThreadSimple BedHolly ClogsPet Food Alpha BiscuitAsh StaffBone ArrowIron ArrowYew Fishing RodBone SubligarChestnut WandWorkbenchCarapace MaskPet Food Beta BiscuitSpiked ClubCarapace GorgetLongbowTarutaru StoolPet Food Gamma BiscuitAntidoteSheep LeatherWooden ArrowClawsDartHorn HairpinWalnut LumberTarutaru DeskFang NecklaceHard-Boiled EggTachiBone RodCarapace SubligarSilver ArrowCapeAsh Clogs

New and Updated Spells: Elemental SealMagic Font


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