December 5th Update

We're continuing to fill in the gaps in the database. Thanks to all of you who have sent in the additions and corrections. New Items: Scroll: InvisibleScroll: Regen IScroll: SilenceScroll: DeodorizeScroll Protectra IScroll: Blizzardga IIScroll: QuakeScroll: Firega IIScroll: TornadoScroll: Aeroga IIScroll: Waterga IIScroll: Stonega IIScroll: TractorScroll: Ice SpikeQuadav StewMiner's PendantDavoi Storage KeyOrcish Dry FoodAltepa WhetstoneTavnazia PassPetrified LogTurtle ShellScorpion ShellScorpion ClawCrawler CocoonEbony LogMahogany LogEcho RootFungus HatKnight CapeMist SIlk CapeEnhancing SwordGiddues Treasure KeyGhelsba Treasure Key

Updated Items: Scroll: SneakScroll: ParalyzeFlint StonePlatinum OreMythril OreGold OreSilver OreIron OreZinc OreTin OreCopper OrePebbleWhite RockBlack StoneIndigo StonePurple StoneYellow RockGreen StoneTransparent StoneRed StoneGiant FemurChicken BonesBone ChipBat FangLittle WormWinjruitFlax FlowerGysahl GreensBall of Saruta CottonWindurst Tea LeavesMoko GrassMahogany LumberRosewoodLauan LogOak LogWalnut LogAcornElm Raw WoodHolly Raw WoodWillow Raw WoodYew Raw WOodMaple Raw WoodArrowwood LogChestnut Raw WoodAsh Raw WoodCorsair's KnifeMistral SabotsParana ShieldDhalmel MeatRevival Tree RootScale CuissesMagna Gloves

New Quests: Thief AF1Dark Knight AF1Monk AF1Warrior AF1Red Mage AF1Paladin AF1White Mage AF1Advanced Teamwork

New and Updated Mobs: Goblin LeecherBoggart (WAR)Boggart (BLM)Hoo Mjuu the TorrentYagudo AcolyteAmethyst QuadavHauntOrcish HexspinnerOrcish WarlordDread DemonYagudo PrelateSapphire QuadavWight (BLM)PhantomGarnet QuadavSilver QuadavWandering GhostPurpleflash BrukdokMarcheluteTumbling TruffleGolden BatMarquis AllocenSpiny SpipiBuneYagudo VotaryYagudo PriestYagudo TheologistOrcish CursemakerWolf Zombie

Updated Recipes: Mahogany LumberScale Cuisses


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# Dec 08 2003 at 4:25 PM Rating: Default
You can buy it at the sundries place in San D'Oria, lady taht is standing in the corner there.
jjju iii i i lo
# Dec 06 2003 at 5:22 PM Rating: Default
# Dec 06 2003 at 5:21 PM Rating: Default
# Dec 06 2003 at 3:22 PM Rating: Decent
Where a can find a linkshell? I know it expensive to buy but me and my team can't find any. Would help alot if anyone know about it. Our base city is San D'Oria.


Nightblades 22 RDM, 11 WHT
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