December 8th Update

Here is the stuff added and updated today, thanks for sending in the info, enjoy this while you are waiting on that patch to finish up :) Don't forget to keep sending in info. New Items: Scroll: Reraise IIDelkfutts Chest KeyMine GravelDevotee's Mitts +1Devotee's MittsEremite's Wand +1Eremite's WandCrabshellOnz of Mythril SandBrass CanteenDangruf Wadi Treasure KeyJug of Herbal BrothClump of BeaugreensFoe RequiemCarbuncle RubyScroll: Lullaby IHypno StaffFat Greedie

Updated Items: Hare MeatElectrum RingBlack EarringRemi ShellGiddeus Chest KeyEurytos' BowTin OreHoro FlourLuminiclothGlass FiberWild Rabbit's TailBeastcoinGiant Sheep MeatBone ChipGaitersBronze Bolt HeadMist Silk CapeBronze BoxNight CapeSavage GauntletsScroll: Protectra IAmber Earring

New Quests: Beastmaster AF1Bard AF1Community ServiceMaking AmensLet Sleeping Dogs Lie

Updated Quests: The EmissaryDrachenfallDragoon Flag QuestWater Way to GoUndying FlamesThe Eleventh's HourThe Distressed CustomerMaking HeadlinesDistant LoyaltisWay of the CookKazham Airship PassTo the Forsaken MinesMog House QuestA Squire's TestShady BusinessSummoner Flag QuestGlyph HangerBlast From the PastRycharde the ChefFetichismHer Majesty's GardenUnder the SeaRanger Flag QuestTwinstone BondingGobbiebbag No. 2Altana's SorrowBite the DustHat in HandIn a StewTo Cure a Cough

Updated Mobs: Hellish WeaponGigas KettlemasterGigas StonemasonGigas WallwatcherSnipperSnipperOrcish StonelauncherRiver CrabGadflyGoblin SmithyGarnet QuadavBeach PugilGhostBlade BatSteam LizardYagudo PiperMighty RarabGoblin ThugArcophiesWild SheepSpiny SpipiOcean Crab

Updated Recipes: Bronze Bolt HeadGaitersJug of Herbal BrothGlass Fiber

New and Updated Spells: EraseCurega IIIReraise IICursnaCuragaMagic Attack Up IIIResist Petrify IIIMagic Defense Up IIMagic Attack Up IIResist Petrify IIMagic Attack Up ICure IIIDispell


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