December 17th Update

Here are today's updates: New Items: Pumpkin PiePie DoughCourage RingScroll: Instant ReraiseDeath ScythePeregrineHoly LanceEremite's RingDarksteel IngotCerment ChunkVelvet ClothTiger LeatherPainiteWater ClusterFruit SeedsGrain Seeds

Updated Items: Black Silk NeckerchiefSliced SardineSilence DaggerEcho DropsSleep MushroomGoblin MailLightning CrystalGoblin MaskFire CrystalAsh ClogsPapaka GrassCrossbow BoltWonder BraccaeRock SaltWater CrystalLand Crab MeatCrab ApronBomb SteelDangruf Wadi Treasure KeyStone ArrowSacred SprigBronze IngotJug of Carrot Broth

New Quests: NorthwardLike a Shining LeggingLike a Shining SubligarThe Sahagin VaultGobbiebag No. 3Gobbiebag No. 4Written In The Stars

Updated Quests: Journey AbroadOut Of One's ShellThe Heart of the MatterAn Explorers FootstepsActing In Good FaithKazham Airship PassGive a Moggle a BreakDark Knight Flag QuestGobbiebag No. 2Forge Your DestinyThe Antique CollectorPaladin Flag QuestThick ShellsThe Dismayed CustomerSorcery of the North

New and Updated Mobs: Grass FunguarForest FunguarGoblin TinkererGoblin ButcherGoblin AmbusherGoblin WeaverGoblin FisherGoblin ThugRiver CrabWater ElementalThree of CoinsStinging SophieStalking SaplingSnipperSnipperForgerHariga-Origa

Updated Areas: Valkurm Dunes

New and Updated Recipes: Jug of Carrot BrothCrossbow BoltPie DoughBronze IngotSliced SardineEcho DropsSilence DaggerPumpkin Pie

New and Updated Spells: DodgeResist GravityMeditateThird EyeRegen I


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Santa Hat where is it???
# Dec 18 2003 at 4:49 AM Rating: Default
Yea ive been hearing about a Santa Hat you can get for doing a quest or get it from the moogle in the main citys or something well if anyone knows anything wright back and if its a quest who do you get it from and where is the NPC at? ^^
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