February 25th Patch Notes

Below are the notes on the changes made in today's patch, as listed on the official playonline site. --------------- [Event-Related] New quests, including NPC escorts, have been added. Players are now able to repeat artifact quests. A new avatar quest has been implemented. A new feature allows you to replay event scenes that were viewed outside of towns or within burning circles. A limit has been placed on the number of conquest points your nation can receive by trading weapons and armor to outposts. It is now more difficult to take over a region using this method. The beastmen have buried treasure in several areas of the Outlands. Certain conditions must be met in order to find and obtain these prizes. [Battle-Related] Four new areas ("Dynamis" areas) have been opened. View details here.>> Several new notorious monsters (NM) have been added to existing areas. Enemy strength in the level cap battle "Shattering Stars" for the red mage will be adjusted. The following monster names have been changed: The names of the Tonberry Beleaguerers found in the Yuhtunga Jungle have been changed to Tonberry Jinxer. The Qufim Island Giant Rangers that appear during expeditionary force battles are now called Giant High Rangers. The effect of the bard song Goddess's Hymnus has been adjusted to differ from the effects of the spell Reraise, a bottle of reraiser, and a scroll of instant reraise. The icons for the bard songs Foe Lullaby and Horde Lullaby have been adjusted. TP will now affect the weapon skill True Strike's accuracy. An incorrect message displayed when obtaining certain high-level weapon skills has been fixed. An issue where the "weapons of trials" would regain their lost latent effects when equipped in the left hand slot has been fixed. Now, regardless of the status of the item, when one of these weapons is equipped in the left hand slot its latent effect will not activate. The time interval between appearances of certain notorious monsters in the Sea Serpent Grotto and the Bostaunieux Oubliette has been adjusted. An issue concerning monsters not reappearing at their scheduled times has been fixed. An issue concerning the charm status of monsters after the beastmasters controlling them leave the area has been fixed. Repeated use of the spell Gravity on notorious monsters will result in the monster slowly building up a resistance to the magic's effect. This resistance wears off with time. An issue where monsters with full resistance to Bind would be bound by certain abilities and the additional effects of equipment has been addressed. Monsters that are reeled in while fishing will now gradually increase in level if they are not engaged in battle. The increase in strength will not begin immediately, so a player should have ample time to defeat a monster. If the player engaging a powered-up monster is defeated or escapes from the battle, the monster will return to its original level and eventually disappear. [Item-Related] New pieces of equipment known as "relics" have been introduced. New synthesis recipes have been added. Also, the number and quality of items that are created using certain recipes have been adjusted. New items are now available from the Tenshodo and the vendors in Norg. In addition to extra storage, certain features that can enhance player status have been added to various furnishings. View details here.>> A new avatar battle, as well as new rewards in existing avatar battles, have been implemented. The icon graphic for the katzbalger +1 has been changed to match that of the katzbalger. New items can now be harvested with sickles. When equipping items using the /equip command, an item will no longer be removed if the command consists of the same piece currently equipped. The buying price for certain "rusty" items has dropped. The prices of certain furnishings have been adjusted. A new set of synthesizable equipment for use during wedding ceremonies has been introduced. Currently, the wedding service is only available in Japan. However, we hope to have the service ready for North American players in the near future. Please check this site regularly for further details. The names of the "rasetsu hachimaki" and the "rasetsu hachimaki +1" have been changed to "rasetsu jinpachi" and "rasetsu jinpachi +1" respectively. The help messages of the following items have been changed: Item Old New Indra Katars "Triple Attack"+1 --> "Triple Attack"+1 Additional effect: Lightning damage Noble's Tunic Enhances "Cure" potency --> "Cure" potency +10% Aristocrat's Coat Enhances "Cure" potency --> "Cure" potency +12% Rasetsu Samue Lv73 --> Lv72 Rasetsu Samue +1 Lv73 --> Lv72 [System-Related] The pose taken by Mithra while sitting (/sit) has been slightly altered. Players are now able to alphabetically sort items on auction (excluding weapons and armor). In addition, the method of sorting will be memorized for future usage (excluding sorts by job or race). The lot system has been updated. If a player who wins a lot has no room in their inventory or cannot hold two of the item in question, the treasure will no longer be lost; the item will now be given to the player with the next highest lot. When an item cannot be obtained for the reasons listed above, a message informing the player of the lost treasure will only appear in his or her log window. A new "Lot Results" switch has been added to the Chat Filter menu. This will filter all lot-related messages from your log window (excluding your own). New additions to the "Config" menu allow players to adjust mouse and camera settings. Some of these additions include the implementation of a "chase camera" which locks directly behind your character at all times, as well as the option to invert the X and Y axis on the camera controls. The default settings for the shortcut commands "Ranged Attack" (Ctrl+D or Alt+D) and "Call For Help" (Ctrl+G / Alt+G) have been set to "off." It is not necessary for existing characters to readjust their shortcut commands, as this change only pertains to the settings of newly created characters. Names of the "Absorb" spells have been added to the auto-translate function. To prevent the accidental deletion of characters, the character deletion process has been modified. [Windows Version Updates] The type of shadow detail can now be adjusted between "High," "Normal," or "Off." The corresponding text commands for this setting are: /localsettings shadows high/normal/off When using the hardware mouse cursor (adjustable in the Misc. section of Final Fantasy XI Config), the on-screen arrow will now point in the direction of character and camera movement. *The software mouse cursor (default) has not been changed. [Known Issue] -When trading items to the Goblins near the entrances of Castle Oztroja and Beadeaux, erroneous text is displayed. This error does not affect gameplay, and is scheduled to be corrected in the next patch.


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# Mar 01 2004 at 7:59 PM Rating: Decent
Sorry...this is a lame update....SquareEnix is "giving" us this information, but not really telling us JACK $h*+..Its almost like they did the update in Japanese then decided that they should try to translate it to English..and they left lots of stuff out....Did anyone see Lost in Translation, where the director goes ON AND ON and on and on and on etc? then the translator said four words and was done with it. Why do I feel that Im unimportant to SE. Im paying just as much for this game as the Japanese. And I'm getting horrible service. The install disks are bad, so I had to download the disk 2 from some ftp in Japan. Each and every update crashes my POL viewer and I have to reinstall it. I just am sick and tired of being the leftovers, the people who "dont really matter."

I dont want it to sound like I dislike Japanese people or their culture etc etc...And I understand that this is thier first MMORPG, But what is this BS about doing marriage only in Japan, about the Japanese version having a choice to type both in English and in Kanji. Are they saying that us Americans (and everyone else that plays) are stupid, that we dont know their language. Sure I will admit that most English speakers dont know Japanese, buy why must they REMOVE that feature from our games and not even allow an update to enable it. They had to consiously remove that, its not something they "just left out." I just get the feeling that SE doesnt understand who is really makeing the money for them.

I dont know if any of you took a look at the registered numbers of characters when this game came out in North America. I recall it being somewhere around 300,000 Players. That means that in almost a year and a half of release in Japan, just over a quarter of a million characters existed. Less than 5 months after the North American PC release that number hit 1,000,000. We arent even talking about the PS2 or the "official" European release yet. I dont know where the numbers are now...but I do know that in the past month I have created 2 new characters (mules) and I have had 4 friends join up. I dont know about you, but I feel "disrespected" and "ignored."

I really wish that someone from Square in the US would check around with some of the feelings of some of the players, I would have a hard time believing that I am the only one. I just have a hard time believing that we (people here) who are asking what is this summon, what does this MH do, how do I get this MH, what about these artifact missions? I have a hard time believing that the Japanese players didnt get any of that information like we didnt.

Then again....This is just my opinon....I could be wrong.
RE: lame
# May 14 2004 at 4:42 AM Rating: Default
yeh, i have noticed that there is a alot of discrimination against americans (or US Version of FFXI).
This includes:
1. JPN versions get Marrage service.
2. Can type English/Japanese.
3. GMs tend to ban NA for inapproriate actions which break POL agreement rules, for example. Fish botting, i heard from alot of people, GMs dont tend to ban jpn people for botting, the just turn a blind eye.
4. I dont blame the JPN people, but to go as far as putting JPN ONLY PT, is annoying.
I understand that JPN ONLY PT from lvl40 below is ok, since they dont want to waste time with noob party. but lvl40+ most people are good enough to do good with their jobs.
I know there is other issues involved such as language and they dont understand us.
But overall they just dont want to party with NA people because they think we are all noobs. (Which this reputation is contributed by many stupid people in vanadiel).
Repeating AF
# Feb 29 2004 at 2:26 AM Rating: Default
Does anyone know how to repeat the AF quests? I can't figure it out
goblin footprints...
# Feb 26 2004 at 10:04 PM Rating: Default
i saw goblin footprints in Zeruhn Mines, i examined them and it said "you see nothing out of the ordinary"
goblin footprints...
# Feb 26 2004 at 10:04 PM Rating: Default
i saw goblin footprints in Zeruhn Mines, i examined them and it said "you see nothing out of the ordinary"
# Feb 26 2004 at 3:45 PM Rating: Good
Relic Armour is AF2.....it looks pretty much the same as AF1 but color id diff......and the stats are a lot better....can only get by drops in Dynamis...lvl65+ area and the af2 Armour is lvl 70-75 armour i think

This is off topic but does anyone play on the Caitsith server i tould really like to see the new summon
Goblin Footprints
# Feb 26 2004 at 2:51 PM Rating: Excellent
78 posts
A new feature allows you to replay event scenes that were viewed outside of towns or within burning circles.

I found a set of "Goblin Footprints" in La Theine. When I clicked on it, it said "You hear a voice singing, "Items, items, la la la la la la"

I traded it a fire crystal and a Gob called Ramblix showed up. It showed me my summoner cut scene again. I'm assuming that's what this new feature is.
# Feb 26 2004 at 11:07 AM Rating: Decent
How do you check to see what MH you currently have??
RE: moghancements
# Feb 26 2004 at 1:41 PM Rating: Decent
209 posts
How do you check to see what MH you currently have??
Look under your Key Items and it should appear there. When you change furniture in your Mog House you should recieve the message 'Obtained Key Item: Moghancement Whatever' also from what I've read (Havn't tried swapping furniture around yet to see the results~).
RE: moghancements
# Feb 26 2004 at 5:56 PM Rating: Default
Yes, this is correct: You will receive a "Moghancement" message when leaving the layout menu in your mog house which will announce what MH the current layout grants you. However, at all times your current MH will be available for viewing through your Key Items.

Furthermore, your Moogle will report, when you talk to it, the elemental trait of your current configuration.
New Summon: Fenrir
# Feb 26 2004 at 8:59 AM Rating: Excellent
209 posts
The new summon is Fenrir. He is obtained from the Windurst Waters Quest : Guidance of the Moon. The NPC giver is Leepe-Hoppe at the South Rhinostery
Roof. Here is a description from Mysterytour:

The various breath which can be got by each trial (Wind,Earth,Water,Fire,Ice,Lightning) when a summons beast is defeated is acquired. It is event generating when Leepe-Hoppe is spoken to in the state. Important thing "Moon-Calls Ball(?)" got. It battles against Fenrir by Full Moon Fountain. "Moon-Calls Ball (?)" is those with the necessity that all the members are maintaining.

Summoning Magic "Fenrir"
Fenrir's Torque: Daytime:MP+30/Night:Enmity-3
Fenrir's Earring: Daytime:Attack+10/Night:Ranged Attack+10
Fenrir's Cape: Daytime:D+10/Night:Enmity+3
Fenrir's Stone (ammo): Daytime : HP+30 Night : Dodge+10
Ancients' Key

Edit: Updated Info, Added Item Info (from Mysterytour)

Edited, Fri Feb 27 15:31:23 2004
size != magnitude
# Feb 26 2004 at 12:15 AM Rating: Default
Workbench takes up 21 squares (7x3) and was balanced by exactly 6 buckets. Bronze bed takes up 24 squares (6x4) and was balanced by exactly 6 buckets. As well, they balance each other. Wastebasket takes up 4 squares (2x2) and is balanced by exactly 2 buckets.

This was tried in various positions throughout my room with consistent results.

Thus the number of squares an item takes up does not directly correlate to the magnitude of the effect (though it may give some indication: bigger items "tend" to have higher magnitude).
Konschtat ???
# Feb 25 2004 at 11:29 PM Rating: Default
Found a ??? in Konschtat Highlands.. in (I-6). He wants us to give him things. I can't find anything under quest areas so I am thinking this is new. Please confirm. There was voice from underground and it was saying
"Give me everything in your bag" - We gave it honey and it wouldn't take anything else. Then a few minutes later it dissapeard.
# Feb 25 2004 at 11:19 PM Rating: Decent
I think the way that the "energy" works in the house is that each square in your house starts out as a neutral element. When you put an item in your layout, EACH SPACE THAT IS TAKEN UP BY THE ITEM gets converted to that element. A bed with 1 Ice energy still takes up a ton of squares, and thus will give you a decent amount of energy.
Fenrir is sexy!
# Feb 25 2004 at 11:03 PM Rating: Decent
It IS Fenrir.
I've seem it ingame already.
Some Moghancement Details
# Feb 25 2004 at 10:56 PM Rating: Default
I happen to have varied furniture laying around. So, I emptied out my storage and started playing around with layout. Here's what I found.

First off, with 1-8 Rusty Buckets (Water), my MogHancement [MH] was Fishing.

With 1 Bronze Bed (Ice), my MH was Experience.

With 1 Workbench (Earth), my MH was Gardening.

With 1 Workbench and 1-5 Rusty Buckets, my MH was Gardening. At 6 buckets, my MH was *nothing*, and at 7-8 buckets my MH was Fishing. From this, I deduced that somehow, my Water trait at 6 buckets balanced out my Earth trait.

With 1 Bronze Bed and 1-5 Rusty Buckets, my MH was Experience. At 6 buckets, my MH was *nothing*, and at 7-8 buckets my MH was Fishing.

With 1 Bronze Bed and 1 Workbench, my MH was nothing. Same with 1-6 buckets. At 7 buckets, my MH was Fishing.

With 1 Wastebasket and 0-1 Rusty Buckets, my MH was Desynthesis. At 2 buckets, by MH was nothing. At 3+, my MH was Fishing again.

With 1 Wastebasket and 0-5 Rusty Buckets and 1 Workbench, my MH was Gardening. At 6 Rusty Buckets, my MH was nothing; above 6 my MH was Fishing.

This lead me to the following hypothesis: the items in your house add up traits, and the DOMINANT trait is used to determine what your MH is. If 2 traits are balanced, neither is dominant and thus you get no MH. Traits which are less than the dominant trait have no impact.

This also implies that the magnitude of the trait on the items also is important. From my testing, I have determined:

6 Buckets = 1 Workbench
6 Buckets = 1 Bronze Bed
2 Buckets = 1 Wastebasket

I have fallen back on using Rusty Buckets as the "golden standard" for rating the magnitude of the trait on an item. Thus, the Workbench is more accurately "7x3, Storage 1, Trait: 6xEarth"

Now comes the confusing part that doesn't fit my hypothesis. I ran out and bought a brass flowerpot, which is listed with trait Earth. With 6 buckets and 1 Workbench and 1 Brass Flowerpot, my MH was indeed Gardening. With 7 buckets, 1 bench, and 1 flowerpot, my MH was nothing. With 8, my MH was Fishing. This lead me to conclude that the the brass flowerpot's trait is 1xEarth.

However, I cleared out my storage, and put down ONLY the flowerpot, and my MH was Fishing, not Gardening! I don't know how to explain this yet.

I have heard reports directly from friends that Dark trait gives Desynthesis; however, this is determined based on the posession of a single Painting; this may also be a case of a lone item being an exception to the Hypothesis; thus, I cannot say for sure whether Dark's trait really is Desynthesis.

I have no other first- or second-hand information at the moment, and I am out of cash for experimentation.
RE: Some Moghancement Details
# Mar 01 2004 at 8:00 PM Rating: Decent
wish people wouldnt post anon, it would be nice to tell them thank you for all your work checking this out
# Feb 25 2004 at 10:40 PM Rating: Decent
SWEET! i wanna see 2 galka get married! that would be so off-base and weird! hahahah...

also, i would really like to know if any of the moghancements are "useful", id love to see something that enhances str or dex, id go after it quick!
# Feb 25 2004 at 10:29 PM Rating: Default
I think the new Avatar is Fenirr it was in the holloween even in ***[i think last year]but alot of people have been saying its bahmut if so show me prof...
Change the site
# Feb 25 2004 at 9:34 PM Rating: Default
I think them not telling is wise, but tommorow i think this side should start adding an avatar section
# Feb 25 2004 at 9:22 PM Rating: Decent
129 posts
im not even gonna speculate on which one it is, when there is REAL proof of it and i see it, then ill believe
RE: avatar
# Feb 28 2004 at 5:43 PM Rating: Decent
Fragzor ..what up homes
# Feb 25 2004 at 9:17 PM Rating: Default
to all you who say its bahamut, show me some proof.
# Feb 25 2004 at 8:24 PM Rating: Default
Here's what i found out so far about the different combos for moghancement......

Faint Earth Energy - Plants don't wither that quick

Faint Water Energy - Better chance of getting items while fishing

Faint Dark or Light Energy - Desynthesis support(what's that??)

Faint Ice Energy - Exp lost down when you die and respawn at home point

Faint Lightning Energy - Synthesis support for when u use lightning crystals

If someone can find out fire and wind, be sure to post it up too. I'm not sure if there's lightning/ice or w/e or strong fire energy yet.
RE: Moghancement
# Feb 26 2004 at 3:03 AM Rating: Decent
452 posts
Desynthesis is probably breaking down items into material. Leather equipment can be made into sheep leather with a lightning crystal.
Shadows options
# Feb 25 2004 at 7:26 PM Rating: Decent
Thief's Knife
15,054 posts
IF anyone is wondering what the changes to the shadow option are, they are as follows.

High: All objects have a stencil buffer shadow (a "realistic" shadow)

Normal: Your character has a stencil shadow, all other objects have simplified "disc" shadows (this is what we used to get with shadows turned on)

Off: All shadows off

Stencil buffers have been a hardware feature in PC graphics cards for years, even a Geforce2 should be able to handle the high detail shadow mode with no problems.

Edited, Wed Feb 25 19:30:34 2004
Final Fantasy XI 12-14-11 Update wrote:
Adjust the resolution of menus.
The main screen resolution for "FINAL FANTASY XI" is dependent on the "Overlay Graphics Resolution" setting.
If the Overlay Graphics Resolution is set higher than the Menu Resolution, menus will be automatically resized.

I thought of it first:

A Moghancement
# Feb 25 2004 at 7:09 PM Rating: Default
I'm sure the moghancements get better than that one I have, or at least I hope they do. I placed a workbench in the very upper right corner of my moghouse and got a gardening moghancement... now my plants won't whither as quickly. Huzzah!
# Feb 25 2004 at 7:04 PM Rating: Default
Rusty items are used in Norg for ninja scroll quests I believe. That's awesome that it is Bahamut. Can't wait to see him!!! Gonna be so awesome!

Ragunax 43 Mnk/26 Sam/18 War/ 3 Thf
Ragnarok server
Bastok owns your ***!
who what where?
# Feb 25 2004 at 7:04 PM Rating: Default
whoever the person is that activated the new avatar quest, PLEASE post who you got it from!!!!

much appreciated.
updates are happy
# Feb 25 2004 at 6:41 PM Rating: Decent
64 posts
bahamut avatar! yay!! storage for mog house furnishings! yay!! ...... yay!!
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