A New Avatar, Cait Sith, Will Be Added

 Summoners rejoice, for new details on the upcoming Cait Sith avatar for Final Fantasy XI has arrived! This pint-sized feline will offer a wide range of offensive Bloodpacts, including physical and light-based magic damage, as well as various ailments to cripple the opposition. For more defensive purposes, Cait Sith will be able to offer party saving Raise and Reraise spells to bring back those who met a gruesome end in battle!

Excited to add Cait Sith to your arsenal of avatars? Tell us all about it over on the ZAM forums!

From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1185] A New Avatar, Cait Sith, Will Be Added

A new avatar, Cait Sith, will be made available to summoners.

New blood pacts will be made available to summoners.

  • Blood Pact: Rage

    Name Required Level Effect
    Regal Scratch SMN Lv. 1 Delivers a threefold attack
    Mewing Lullaby SMN Lv. 25 Puts all enemies within area of effect to sleep and lowers their TP.
    Eerie Eye SMN Lv. 55 Silences and inflicts amnesia upon the target.
    Level ? Holy SMN Lv. 75 Deals light damage to enemies within area of effect.
  • Blood Pact: Ward

    Name Required Level Effect
    Raise II SMN Lv. 15 Revives target from KO.
    Reraise II SMN Lv. 30 Grants you the effect of Raise II when you are KO'd.
    Altana's Favor SMN Lv. 1 Minimum Requisite MP: Level x2. Grants the effects of Arise and Reraise III to party members within the area of effect.

A new quest will be added in which Cait Sith may be acquired. Players must have completed the Wings of the Goddess mission "A Token of Troth" in order to undertake this quest.


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