Delve Additions

 Has your Mweya Plasm been burning a hole in your pocket? Have you been looking for new challenges to test yourself with? The upcoming March version update of Final Fantasy XI has you covered, for the second installment of the Delve battle system is slated to arrive. Taking place in the Yorcia Weald [U] area, these new areas will see counterparts to the Naakuals Hurkan, Yumcax, and Kumhau as final enemies, with various lesser Notorious Monsters and fodder creatures along the way. Prepare yourself for new battles when Delve returns this March!

Excited for new Delve equipment and challenges? Let us know all about it over on the ZAM forums!

From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1186] Delve Additions

Delve has been expanded to include veils in the following areas.

Marjami Ravine

Kamihr Drifts

Yorcia Weald

Read on for the details on Delve.

  • Pulling back the veil
    While veils will exist in the above areas, the battles themselves will take place in Yorcia Weald [U].
    * Enemies will differ depending on the area from which adventurers enter.



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