New Equipment Storage System: Mog Wardrobe

 Tired of needing to make space in your inventory for that one piece of gear that you "might" use? Hate being at capped inventory space because of all the essential weapons you're bringing along with you? Those kind-hearted moogles have been working endlessly on this task, and have come up with the new Mog Wardrobe storage system as a solution! Unlike the conventional inventory systems, the Mog Wardrobe is for equipment only, and you can freely change equipment from this inventory pool.

Excited for this new inventory addition? Let us know all about it over on the ZAM forums!

From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1199] New Equipment Storage System: Mog Wardrobe

  • A new category, "Mog Wardrobe," will be added to the "View House" subsection of the main menu.
    This new storage system can be accessed anytime from anywhere and holds up to 80 pieces of equipment.
    Players may don pieces of equipment stored with their Mog Wardrobes by either using the Equipment menu or the /equip command.
  • The command /wardrobe will be added.
    Executing the command allows players to access their Mog Wardrobes.


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