Synthesis Additions and Adjustments

 In the upcoming June version update of Final Fantasy XI, several additions and adjustments to the synthesis system will be implemented. Among the planned changes are new crafting kits that house all materials needing for crafting a particular item, reducing excessive inventory clutter. More crafting items will be available for purchase from guild vendors, which will no longer be closed during certain days of the week.

 Several synthesis materials, such as logs and ore, will now be made stackable, high-quality versions of several jug pets will be introduced, adjustments to certain wind crystal-related desynthing will be made, and a new command to automatically repeat the last performed synth will be introduced!

Excited for these streamlined crafting changes? Let us know about it over on the ZAM forums!

From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1215] Synthesis Additions and Adjustments

  • Synthesis kits will be introduced to make the crafting process easier than ever.
  • Purchasing Kits
    Kits may be purchased at their respective guilds. They will never go out of stock and their price will not fluctuate.

Using the Kits
All players need in order to undergo synthesis are these kits and their corresponding crystals.
While unsuccessful attempts will render the kits lost to oblivion, successful attempts will award players with normal-quality versions of the described items. Use of these kits will not change the way in which players' synthesis skills increase.

All pertinent information, such as the required skill level, crystal type, and the item that will be obtained upon successful synthesis, is described in the kits' help text.

* While it is possible to use special crystals such as inferno crystals and torrent crystals with these kits, players will not be able to inscribe their signature upon the items they craft.

  • Synthesis materials will be added to the list of guild vendors' wares.
    The materials will never go out of stock, nor will their prices fluctuate. Furthermore, more of them will become available as players' craft ranks rise.
  • Guilds will no longer close on certain days.
  • A bevy of synthesis materials—such as ore, logs, and hides—will be made stackable.
  • High-quality versions of the following items will be introduced.
    Swirling Broth / Shimmering Broth / Spicy Broth / Salubrious Broth / Fizzy Broth
    * The familiars called forth with these items will be capped at level 119.
  • Employing wind crystals to desynthesize shall shells and istiridye will soon yield the following items.
      Pre-adjustment Post-adjustment
    Normal Quality Pebble Pearl
    High Quality Pearl Black Pearl
    High Quality 2 Black Pearl Black Pearl
    High Quality 3 Black Pearl Black Pearl
  • The following command has been introduced.
    /lastsynth [subcommand]
    Allows you to perform synthesize again
    using the same type of materials expended
    in your last attempt.
    check View the latest recipe you used.
    Performs synthesis if no subcommand is specified.
    • Note
      In order to execute this command, players must have the appropriate items in their inventory.


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A very welcome adjustment.
# Jun 11 2014 at 1:21 AM Rating: Decent
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I really can't wait for this. Have only been playing for 8 months and have started getting in to crafting a few weeks back and found it can be quite long winded. If this adjustment brings more players in crafting it will hopefully bring more goods back to the auction house and lower the prices as well which will allow for a better trading market.
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