Quality of Life Adjustments

 A new bounty of quality of life adjustments for Final Fantasy XI are set to arrive in the August version update, making the playing experience that much more convenient and enjoyable for adventurers! Among the planned additions include NPCs that offer information on quests and tutorial NPCs, TP displays for pets in the HUD, an adjustment to the Warp Cudgel item as well as a new Warp Ring item, and a new option to choose the music that plays at the Title Screen from a list of available tracks.

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From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1228] Quality of Life Adjustments

  • A new feature for players to search for quests and NPCs offering tutorial objectives will be added to the following NPCs.
    • One NPC who will have the new feature added
      Ailevia in Southern San d'Oria (I-9) / Matildie in Northern San d'Oria (J-8) / Teilsa in Port San d'Oria (F-9) / Arva in Bastok Mines (H-7) / Reet in Bastok Markets (G-8) / Dulsie in Port Bastok (J-8) / Jack of Hearts in Windurst Waters (north side, G-9) / Jack of Diamonds in Windurst Walls (C-13) / Jack of Clubs in Port Windurst (E-6) / Jack of Spades in Windurst Woods (H-11)
  • Players will be able to display the TP of wyverns, avatars, automatons, and beastmasters’ familiars.
    TP can be displayed using the text command "/partyinfo showtp on".
  • A new item, the “Warp Ring,” will be added in exchange for Conquest Points.
  • The “Warp Cudgel” item will undergo the following adjustments.
    • The time it takes for the cudgel to become useable after equipping it will be reduced from 30 seconds to 10 seconds.
    • The recast time will be reduced from 1 hour to 1 minute.
  • A ”Title Music” option enabling players to select which music plays will be added to the Config menu of the title screen.


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