Job Adjustments

 In the upcoming February version update of Final Fantasy XI, a number of new job adjustments for Beastmaster, Puppetmaster, and Blue Mage are scheduled to be added! Among the myriad of new changes includes the addition of new familiars for Beastmaster, an increase in accuracy of additional effects for Blue Magic, an increase in potency for various Automaton weapon skills, and much more!

For a full list of the planned additions, be sure to check below the break! Which of these job adjustments appeals to you the most? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!

From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

[dev1254] Job Adjustments

  • The following jobs will undergo adjustments.
    • Beastmaster
      • New familiars summonable with Call Beast and Bestial Loyalty will be added.
      • The recast time for Sic will be reduced from 120 seconds to ninety seconds.
      • The amount of time for one charge of Ready to be generated will be reduced from sixty seconds to thirty seconds.
      • In accordance with the above change, the Sic Recast merit point category will undergo the following adjustments.
        • The degree of recast time reduction for Sic will decrease from four seconds to two seconds per point.
        • The degree of recast time reduction for Ready will decrease from two seconds to one second per point.
      • The special abilities of familiars summoned with Call Beast and Bestial loyalty will undergo the following adjustments.
      • The strength of all special abilities will be increased.
      • All special abilities will gain TP adjustments, which will be reflected in the ability help text.
      • Skillchain elements will be added to the following special abilities.
        Foot Kick / Whirl Claws / Head Butt / Wild Oats / Leaf Dagger / Razor Fang / Claw Cyclone / Tail Blow / Blockhead / Brain Crush / Lamb Chop / Sheep Charge / Big Scissor / Needleshot / ??? Needles / Frog Kick / Power Attack / Rhino Attack / Mandibular Bite / Nimble Snap / Cyclotail / Double Claw / Grapple / Spinning Top / Suction / Sudden Lunge / Spiral Spin / Scythe Tail / Ripper Fang / Chomp Rush / Back Heel / Turtle Stomp / Wing Slap / Beak Lunge / Recoil Dive / Sensilla Blades / Tegmina Buffet / Swooping Frenzy / Sweeping Gouge / Pentapeck / Tickling Tendrils / Somersault
      • Magic Burst will be possible through the following special abilities.
        Dust Cloud / Fireball / Bubble Shower / Bubble Curtain / Spore / Venom / Sandblast / Sandpit / Venom Spray / Soporific / Gloeosuccus / Palsy Pollen / Toxic Spit / Filamented Hold / Snow Cloud / Acid Mist / Charged Whisker / Purulent Ooze / Corrosive Oooze / Molting Plumage / Stink Bomb / Nectarous Deluge / Nepenthic Plunge
    • Blue Mage
      • The accuracy of the additional effect of blue magic spells will now vary based on blue magic skill.
    • Puppetmaster
      • New attachments will be added.
        Strobe II / Tension Spring III / Loudspeaker III / Tranquilizer II / Accelerator III / Scope II / Shock Absorber III / Armor Plate III / Stabilizer III / Coiler II / Mana Jammer III / Stealth Screen II / Auto-Repair Kit III / Mana Tank III
      • The strength of the following weapon skills used by automatons will be increased.
        Chimera Ripper / String Clipper / Arcuballista / Slapstick / Cannibal Blade / Daze / Knockout / Bone Crusher / Armor Piercer / Magic Mortar / String Shredder / Armor Shatterer


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