Mog Garden Adjustments


 In the upcoming March version update of Final Fantasy XI, a number of new adjustments are scheduled for the Mog Garden system! Monster rearing will see adjustments to moods, with aura systems that determine overall contentment and mood, as well as preventing mood degradation when reaching high positive levels. In addition, more information of certain garden conditions will be displayed upon etnry, and changes will be made to gathering items from the various gathering points.

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From the official Final Fantasy Xi forums:

[dev1262] Mog Garden Adjustments


  • Monster Rearing will undergo the following adjustments.
    • A monster's mood will no longer degrade from "beaming with pure contentment" after collecting items or interacting with the monster.
    • The collective moods of all creatures will generate auras of light or darkness that affects them all.
      • Light
        When the number of creatures beaming with pure contentment is greater than that succumbing to darkness, all creatures’ contentment and mood are increased.
      • Darkness
        When the number of creatures succumbing to darkness is greater than that beaming with pure contentment, all monsters' contentment and mood are decreased.
  • The following information will be displayed when entering your Mog Garden.
    • The number of days left on assistants’ contracts.
    • The current affinity of the Mog Garden.

Mog garden gathering points will undergo the following adjustments.
It will be possible to scrap any unwanted flotsam directly without receiving it in cases where the player’s inventory is full or he is otherwise unable to recover it.


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