FINAL FANTASY XI Update (Feb. 23)

Feb. 24, 2005 (JST*) Version Update *Japan Standard Time [Event Related] -The story of the Chains of Promathia continues, opening the way to the new area of Al'Taieu.The new region "Lumoria" has been added. *This region is not included in the Conquest and will not be displayed in Region Info. -New quests centered in the Chains of Promathia areas have been added. -Numerous changes have been made to the Ballista system. ------------------------------------------------------------ [Additions and Changes] The following adjustments have been made to Ballista : -When subjected to multiple castings during a match, players will gradually build a resistance to the black magic spells Gravity and Bind, and the white magic spell Silence. The resistance to the bard song Lullaby has been adjusted to match these changes. Resistance to these spells can be built up from the beginning of the match, or directly after recovering at the camp. -The maximum duration of all sleep effects has been limited to 45 seconds. -As in normal battles, the additional Stun effect of weapons will not activate for a certain period of time against targets that have just recovered from Stun. -The warrior job ability Provoke has been enhanced. -TP will be reset at the following times : At the beginning of a match (at the beginning of each match in the case of Best of Three). After recovering at camp. When changing areas. When logging out. -During a match, monsters will become invisible to participants. Beastmaster pets will remain visible, as normal. -In areas where normal items cannot be used (Pashhow Marshlands), the maximum number of temporary items that can be carried has been increased from 10 to 15. -5 new temporary items have been added : Petra Eater Catholicon Catholicon +1 Lethe Water Lethe Water +1 -The location of the camps in the Pashhow Marshlands and the Meriphataud Mountains has been changed. -After recovering at camp, players will be considered to be "preparing for battle," and will be granted the effects of Invisible and Sneak. -The wait time for reusing the Sprint command has been reduced. -A ¡ÈBallista Point Ranking¡É ranking system has been introduced. However, this system will not be active at the time of the version update. Further details will be announced in a separate news item. ------------------------------------------------------------ -Multi-tickets for barges and manaclippers are now available for purchase. -The following changes have been made to the barge system : It is now possible to board barges from the same landing at which you disembarked. A new route for South Landing via Newtpool leaving from Central Landing has replaced the Central Landing via Newtpool route leaving from South Landing. The number of barges operating per day has increased from four to five. -Mannequins are now on sale. Mannequins can be purchased in Mhaura from the NPC Fyi Chalmwoh. Also, mannequins of a different race can be purchased at a discount price by trading in an old mannequin. Those wishing to purchase a mannequin must first complete the quest "It's Raining Mannequins." -It is now possible to choose the exit area after clearing certain battlefields. The battlefields and their corresponding exit areas are as follows : *The exit area cannot be chosen after clearing a battlefield for the Chains of Promathia story. For Mine Shaft #2716 only, it is necessary to speak with a Moblin NPC in Newton Movalpolos after clearing the battlefield. Battlefield and the corresponding Exit Area: Mine Shaft #2716 >> North Gustaberg, inside the entrance to Mine Shaft #2716 Spire of Holla >> La Theine Plateau, inside the entrance to the Spire of Holla Spire of Dem >> Konschtat Highlands, inside the entrance to the Spire of Dem Spire of Mea >> Tahrongi Canyon, inside the entrance to the Spire of Mea Spire of Vahzl >> Beaucedine Glacier, inside the entrance to the Spire of Vahzl Monarch Linn >> Misareaux Coast, inside the entrance to Monarch Linn -Even after completing the quest "Return to the Depths," it is now possible to take the shortcut to Mine Shaft #2716 by trading an Ahriman tear to the NPC Tarnotik in Oldton Movalpolos. -Forest carp are now accepted for the quests "The Rivalry" and "The Competition." The reward for a single moat carp in the quests "The Rivalry" and "The Competition" has been changed to match the amount received when selling the fish to other NPCs. -The rewards for the quest "Inside the Belly" have been adjusted. [Battle Related] -New battlefield types known as Empty Notorious Monster (ENM) quests have been introduced. ------------------------------------------------------------ [ENM Quests] Empty Notorious Monster quests (ENM quests) are events that pit your skills against ferocious opponents in various battlefields. These battlefields can only be entered with a key item obtained by completing a quest given by a certain NPC. ENM battlefields differ from regular battlefields in the following way : -An orb is not required to enter an ENM quest battlefield. -No experience will be lost when KO'd within these battlefields. -Characters succeeding in an ENM battle will be rewarded with large amounts of experience, as well as unique items. In an ENM quest, experience points (or Merit Points) and items are obtained when the armoury crate is opened. These rewards will be forfeit in the below situations : -A character is currently KO¡Çd. -A character is too far away from the armoury crate. -A character is currently not in the party/alliance of the person who opened the armoury crate. The amount of experience gained is not affected by the number of party members, so nothing is lost by waiting for the recovery of KO¡Çd characters before opening the armoury crate. Also, it is only possible to gain one level per battle, with any excess experience points being cut just before the amount needed to gain a second level. Undertaking an ENM Quest To participate in an ENM quest, it is necessary to first speak with the relevant NPC. If a character meets certain requirements, the NPC will offer the ENM quest. * Some NPCs offer several ENM quests. Restrictions After undertaking a particular ENM quest and entering the battlefield, regardless of the success or failure of the battle, five Earth days must pass before the same battlefield can be reentered. Check the amount of time remaining before you can re-enter each battlefield by talking to the following NPCs : Ophelia (Southern San d¡ÇOria) Gregory (Bastok Mines) Istvan (Windurst Woods) Moritz (Upper Jeuno) Please note that some ENM quests use the same battlefield and cannot be undertaken while this restriction is in effect. ENM quests that are connected to other battlefields can still be attempted. * Battlefield reentry time begins counting down the moment a battlefield is entered. * Battlefield reentry time can only be checked for ENM quests that you are currently eligible to undertake. * Battlefields that exist in areas that become accessible by progressing in the Chains of Promathia story will become available as soon as those areas can be reached. Key Items Special key items are obtained after undertaking an ENM quest and fulfilling the conditions set by the relevant NPC. Each ENM quest battlefield requires a specific key item for entry. Even if all six members of a party have undertaken the quest, each member must hold the relevant key item in order to enter the battlefield. * These key items will be lost upon entering the battlefield. The NPCs offering the ENM quests for each battlefield are as follows : -Promyvion (Holla, Dem, Mea, Vahz) Venessa (Ru¡ÇLude Gardens) -Monarch Linn Morangeart (Tavnazian Safehold) -The Shrouded Maw Ghebi Damomohe (Lower Jeuno) -Mine Shaft #2716 Twinkbrix (Oldton Movalpolos) -Bearclaw Pinnacle Zebada (Uleguerand Range) -Boneyard Gully Jakaka (Attohwa Chasm) Battlefields for ENM Quests Battlefields, battle names, and the corresponding limits are as follows : Spire of Holla / Simulant Level 30/ 30 minutes/ 6 members Spire of Dem / You Are What You Eat Level 30/ 30 minutes/ 6 members Spire of Mea / Playing Host Level 30/ 30 minutes/ 6 members Spire of Vahz / Pulling the Plug Level 50/ 30 minutes/ 6 members Monarch Linn / Bad Seed Level 40/ 30 minutes/ 6 members The Shrouded Maw / Test Your Mite Level 40/ 30 minutes/ 6 members Mine Shaft #2716 / Bionic Bug Level 75/ 30 minutes/ 6 members Bearclaw Pinnacle / Follow the White Rabbit Level 75/ 30 minutes/ 6 members Bearclaw Pinnacle / When Hell Freezes Over Level 75/ 15 minutes/ 6 members Bearclaw Pinnacle / Brothers Level 75/ 30 minutes/ 6 members Bearclaw Pinnacle / Holy Cow Level 75/ 30 minutes/ 6 members Boneyard Gully / Sheep in Antlion's Clothing Level 75/ 15 minutes/ 6 members ------------------------------------------------------------ Several new features have been added to the battlefield system. - Best Time Record Holder - When entering a battlefield, the record for the best time will now be accompanied by the record holder¡Çs name. -When cleared by a party, the message will read, "That record is held by (number of) adventurers, including (name of first member to enter the battlefield)!" -When cleared solo, the message will read, "That record is held by (name of record holder)! - Event Scene Skip - It is now possible to skip the event scene for battlefields you have already cleared. -New notorious monsters have been added to the Chains of Promathia areas. -A section of the monsters in the Chains of Promathia areas has been adjusted. -The behavior of certain monsters has been corrected. -The behavior of the Morion Worm has been adjusted. A certain amount of time after it has been engaged in battle, the Morion Worm will retreat under the ground, ending the fight. -The location where monsters reappear after using the ability Mijin Gakure has been adjusted. -The limit for adjusting existing abilities using Merit Points has been raised. -The abilities available for Merit Point usage have been expanded. These abilities have been divided by job type, as listed below. There are two conditions for using Merit Points on these abilities: the job to which the ability p ertains must be set as the main job, and the main job level must be 75. Warrior -Berserk Recast -Defender Recast -Warcry Recast -Aggressor Recast -Double Attack Rate Monk -Focus Recast -Dodge Recast -Chakra Recast -Counter Rate -Kick Attack Rate White Mage -Divine Seal Recast -Cure Cast Time -Bar Spell Effect -Banish Effect -Regen Effect Black Mage -Elemental Seal Recast -Fire Magic Potency -Ice Magic Potency -Wind Magic Potency -Earth Magic Potency -Lightning Magic Potency -Water Magic Potency Red Mage -Convert Recast -Fire Magic Accuracy -Ice Magic Accuracy -Wind Magic Accuracy -Earth Magic Accuracy -Lightning Magic Accuracy -Water Magic Accuracy Thief -Flee Recast -Hide Recast -Sneak Attack Recast -Trick Attack Recast -Triple Attack Rate Paladin -Shield Bash Recast -Holy Circle Recast -Sentinel Recast -Cover Effect Length -Rampart Recast Dark Knight -Souleater Recast -Arcane Circle Recast -Last Resort Recast -Last Resort Effect -Weapon Bash Recast Beastmaster -Killer Effects -Reward Recast -Call Beast Recast -Sic Recast -Tame Recast Bard -Lullaby Recast -Finale Recast -Minne Effect -Minuet Effect -Madrigal Effect Ranger -Scavenge Recast -Camouflage Recast -Sharpshot Recast -Unlimited Shot Recast -Rapid Shot Rate Samurai -Third Eye Recast -Warding Circle Recast -Store TP Effect -Meditate Recast -Zanshin Attack Rate Ninja -Subtle Blow Effect -Katon Effect -Hyoton Effect -Huton Effect -Doton Effect -Raiton Effect -Suiton Effect Dragoon -Ancient Circle Recast -Jump Recast -High Jump Recast -Super Jump Recast -Spirit Link Recast Summoner -Avatar Physical Accuracy -Avatar Physical Attack -Avatar Magical Accuracy -Avatar Magical Attack -Elemental MP Cost -If the target of a ranged attack moves out of weapon range, the ranged attack will now automatically miss. -The shield system has been altered. Shields will now reduce the amount of damage taken instead of negating all damage. The frequency with which a shield is used, as well as the amount of damage reduced, will depend on the type of shield equipped. To coincide with these changes, shield usage will now be determined after any evasion effects are considered. -The blindness effect caused by the white magic spell Flash and the black magic spell Blind will now be considered as different status effects. Accordingly, Flash will no longer cancel the effect of Blind. -The white magic spell Banish will now cause more damage against undead monsters. -The white magic spell Banish III has become available. -Banish III WHM Lv.65 The damage for Banish III cast by monsters has been adjusted, and paladin-type monsters will no longer have access to this spell. -The white mage job trait Divine Veil has been added. -The job trait Divine Veil enhances the effect of the job ability Divine Seal. When cast after using Divine Seal, the effect area for spells that remove status ailments will increase from a single target to a small radius. -New methods of obtaining the white magic spell Raise III have been added. -The samurai job trait Zanshin has been added. After gaining this job trait, samurais may attack again immediately after missing a target. -The effect of the samurai job ability Third Eye has been adjusted. Magic, songs, and breath attacks will no longer cancel the effect of Third Eye. Also, the effect will extend to anticipating multiple-attack techniques that target a single opponent. -The Super Jump ability of the dragoon¡Çs wyvern will now be called Super Climb. [Item Related] -A new feature regarding the storage of artifact armor has been added. Artifact armor for each job consists of five parts: Head, Body, Hands, Legs, and Feet. If you trade all five parts to one of the NPCs listed below, you will receive a key item called a "claim slip" in exchange for your artifact armor. You can retrieve your armor at any time by talking to the NPC and paying 1000 gil. -Taulenne (Northern San d¡ÇOria) -Sinon (Bastok Markets) -Tesch Garanjy (Windurst Woods) -Caruvinda (Lower Jeuno) -Ratonne (Tavnazian Safehold) -Several shops have new goods for sale. -The available amount of curry powder, holy basil, and ground wasabi has been increased. -Logging is now possible in the Misareaux Coast. -Logging results in the Lufaise Meadows have been adjusted. -With some exceptions, fish obtainable through fishing will now be bought at half the previous price by NPCs. Conversely, the number of guild points gained per fish for Fishermen¡Çs Guild contracts will be multiplied by 1.5, and the new point limit will be recalculated based on this new value. -Changes and additions have been made to the items required to fulfill guild contracts. -A new key item called "Alchemic Ensorcellment" has become available for purchase with alchemy guild points. -The number of alchemy guild points required to purchase the key item Anima Synthesis has been reduced from 3000 to 2000. -Various new items have been added. -New synthesis/desynthesis recipes have been added. -It is now possible to trade cluster cores and snow lilies. -New graphics for fishing rods have been added. -It is now possible to add a maker¡Çs signature to the food item brain stew. -The icon for the item urushi has changed. [System Related] -Major improvements have been made to the fishing system. A new NPC has appeared near the Fishermen¡Çs Guild to explain the changes. ------------------------------------------------------------ [Changes to the Fishing System] New Rules When something catches the hook while fishing, the rod will now be pulled sharply to the left or right. While keeping an eye on the target window that displays the stamina of the "fish," move the left analog stick (or press the 4 and 6 keys on the numeric keypad) in the opposite direction of the fishing rod¡Çs movement. Performing this action correctly will deplete the stamina of the fish. It is possible to reel in a fish using the method of the previous system. However, the more stamina a fish has remaining, the easier it will be to lose your catch. It is best to reel in your quarry after its stamina has been sufficiently exhausted. You can cancel the act of fishing at any time. When faced with a challenge beyond your ability, or a fish that you don¡Çt wish to catch, you might find it preferable to simply cancel and try again. (Please refer to "Fishing Instinct" below.) Fishing Action >From the character¡Çs point of view, the fishing rod will be pulled in one of three directions: [ Forward ] Moving the analog stick (or pressing the 4 or 6 keys on the numeric keypad) at this time will allow the fish to regain stamina. Wait for the fishing rod to be pulled to the right or left before attempting to counter the movement. [ Left ] Pushing the analog stick to the right (or pressing the 6 key on the numeric keypad) at this time will deplete the stamina of the fish. Pushing to the left (or pressing the 4 key on the numeric keypad) will allow the fish to regain stamina. [ Right ] Pushing the analog stick to the left (or pressing the 4 key on the numeric keypad) at this time will deplete the stamina of the fish. Pushing to the right (or pressing the 6 key on the numeric keypad) will allow the fish to regain stamina. Reeling in Your Catch Pressing the confirmation button (or pressing the Enter key) will reel in your catch. The chances of successfully reeling in a catch will depend on the amount of stamina the fish has remaining. Even if a fish is not completely exhausted, it is still possible for someone with a high fishing skill to reel in a lower-level catch. In general, however, the more stamina a fish has, the more likely you are to lose your catch. There are also certain cases where your line will break. With a fishing rod of sufficient quality, it is possible to reel in a fish at zero stamina with a high degree of success. Also, the higher the fishing skill, the less exhausted the fish has to be before it can be hauled up. Canceling Pressing the cancel button (or the Esc key) will halt the act of fishing. Bait will still be lost in this case, but fishing rods will not break, and lures and rigs will likewise be unaffected. Effects of Fishing Skill - Depletion/recovery of fish stamina - If there is a substantial difference between a character¡Çs fishing skill and a fish¡Çs rank, the fish¡Çs stamina will gradually change in the following way: Fishing skill > Fish rank: Fish¡Çs stamina will gradually decrease. Fishing skill < Fish rank: Fish¡Çs stamina will gradually increase. - Bonus when reeling in a fish - When a character¡Çs fishing skill is higher than a fish¡Çs rank, it is less likely for a rod to break or for a catch to be lost. * This bonus increases in proportion to the difference in rank. * When wearing equipment that raises fishing skill, the improved skill value is used to calculate the bonus. Properties of Fishing Rods Fishing rods are divided into wooden and synthetic types, both with distinct properties. Wooden fishing rod : Lacks the durability of synthetic rods, but quickly depletes a fish¡Çs stamina with its whip-like flexibility Synthetic fishing rod : Sturdy enough to keep a fish on the line for longer periods of time, but lacks the stamina-reducing bonus of wooden rods. [ Wooden rods ] Willow Fishing Rod / Yew Fishing Rod / Bamboo Rod / Fastwater Fishing Rod / Tarutaru Fishing Rod / Clothespole / Mithran Fishing Rod [ Synthetic rods ] Glass Fiber Fishing Rod / Carbon Fishing Rod / Single Hook Fishing Rod / Composite Fishing Rod [ Other ] Lu Shang's Fishing Rod: A fishing rod with both flexibility and durability. Performs as an average rod, except when trying to catch¡Ä * The durability of wooden fishing rods designed for catching small fish has been substantially increased. Fishing Instinct "Fishing instinct" refers to the messages that are displayed when something catches the hook. These messages can be used to predict the basic difficulty for catching a certain fish. - Examples of fishing instinct - "You have a good feeling about this one!" : You don't think that anything bad will happen when reeling in your catch. "You have a bad feeling about this one." : You think that something unfortunate may happen when reeling in your catch. "You have a terrible feeling about this one..." : You think that reeling in this catch will be an extremely bad idea. * Messages that express your level of confidence in reeling in a catch will also be displayed. * These messages only represent your "fishing instinct" and the actual outcome of a fishing attempt may differ, especially when a character¡Çs fishing skill is low. After struggling with a fish for a certain amount of time, the following message will be displayed : "You don't know how much longer you can keep this one on the line..." Several seconds after this message is shown, your catch will be lost, unless you make an attempt to reel in the fish. * The timing of this message is not affected by fishing skill.Other Adjustments The following adjustments have been made to the fishing system. - Fishing skill will now rise at twice the previous rate. There is still a chance for fishing skill to rise when losing a catch, except in cases where the fish has a large percentage of stamina remaining. - When the sabiki rig hooks several fish rather than just one, it will be slightly more difficult to reel in your catch. - - The amount of time that a character must wait between fishing attempts will no longer change depending on fishing skill. The previous waiting time will now be spent struggling with your catch. - Fish will take the bait more often. - The message "You didn't catch anything" will be seen less frequently. - The influence of moon phases on the abundance of fish has been increased. - Characters will become fatigued when fishing. - Constant displays of the message "You didn't catch anything" hint that your character has become fatigued. This fatigue is built up through catching large quantities of fish. At this time it is best to change areas, or take a break from fishing for a while. - During the act of fishing, the surrounding characters will become semi-transparent. ------------------------------------------------------------ -Search comment categories have been divided. The previous four categories have been divided into seven: EXP party, Mission, Quest, Battlefield, Item, Synthesis, and Others. Newly added subcategories such as Seek Party and Find Member allow for more specific comments and searches. -New text commands for setting search comments have been added. There are two steps to setting a search comment using text commands. First, compose a comment of up to 3 lines using /seacom. Second, set a category and subcategory with /seacomup to register the comment. 1. Composing a Search Comment /seacom (/sc) [line no.] "[mes.]" Search comments can be up to 3 lines long. Enter the line number of the search comment window, and then type your message. If you wish to enter spaces before the message, the entire message must be enclosed in quotation marks. Example : /seacom 1 Hello! /seacom 2 Invite me to your party! /sc 3 " Please!" The first, second, and third lines of the search comment window will be entered as "Hello!", "Invite me to your party!", and " Please!", respectively. At this point, your comment has yet to be registered and will not be displayed in searches. This is accomplished by setting the category name and subcategory number with the /seacomup command. * Messages cannot exceed 40 characters for each line. Lines longer than 40 characters will be truncated. 2. Registering a Search Comment /seacomup (/scu) [category name] [subcat. no.] Category names and subcategory numbers are as follows : -Category Names expparty, mission, quest, item, synthesis, battlefield, others -Subcategory Numbers 1 Seek Party, Want to Sell, Need Made 2 Find Member, Want to Buy, Can Make 3 Other Example : /seacomup expparty 1 Your search comment will be registered under Seek Party within Expparty, and will be displayed in searches involving these categories. * If no category is specified, the message will be registered in Others. If no subcategory is specified, the message will be registered in 3 (Other). -Chat filters have been refined to allow separate settings for NPCs you are currently fighting and other NPCs. It is now possible to separate NPCs with red names (those you are currently fighting) from NPCs with yellow or purple names (other NPCs) within the chat filter settings. This means that you can view log messages concerning the NPC you are fighting without interruption from other NPC actions. -The names for several chat filters have been changed. Their respective functions remain the same. -When entering and leaving the Mog House, the camera will now move to a position behind the character. -An issue concerning the screen remaining dark when entering or leaving the Mog House has been addressed. [Known Issues] The log window messages concerning the monster abilities Tortoise Song, Goblin Dice, and Dispelling Wind are occasionally inaccurate.


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samurai update
# Feb 25 2005 at 12:21 PM Rating: Decent
Zanshin activates maybe 15% of the swings you miss and Third Eye is what it shouldve been all along.

Oh and sam tank? No Thanks.

My def with /war and defender is no higher than 300 with protect 4, I'm guessing maybe half that of a full buffed pld.
samurai update
# Feb 25 2005 at 12:15 PM Rating: Decent
# Feb 25 2005 at 12:11 AM Rating: Decent
43 posts
dbl post

Edited, Fri Feb 25 00:11:47 2005
# Feb 25 2005 at 12:11 AM Rating: Decent
43 posts
I was secretly hoping we would be able the Raisega with Divine Veil..

Death is a kind of statut Raise cures.

But no Raisega /cry.

Beside that i'm a a happy Whm.. I just did 404dmg on a random Ghoul in Beaucedine Glacier with Banishga II (without my light staff equiped) and 250+ with Banish II.. and my divine magic skill isnt capped.. Poor bones i cant wait to use Banish III.. AND TO BURST WITH IT!

I would bet on 500~600dmg against bones with a MB Banish III... still useless in most xp Party but fun.
Divine Viel
# Feb 24 2005 at 8:39 PM Rating: Decent
810 posts
After messing around with this trait durring an exp party i must say that I love its usefullness...Divine seal+erase <st> = Erasga
Only thing is i kinda wish it was a Job Ability to be used every 5 min instead of it being a trait cause oftentimes the moment after I cast "erasga" crabs would do their STR attack moments later. All in all im pretty happy with it
super climb???
# Feb 24 2005 at 4:14 PM Rating: Decent
Ok it says the dragoon's wyvern ability Super jump is now super climb? uhmm r wyvern can super jump? please explain this 2 me
super climb???
# Feb 24 2005 at 4:13 PM Rating: Decent
# Feb 24 2005 at 4:01 PM Rating: Decent
ya i have regualr cable ad it took 40 minutes.. however 30 minutes in i feel asleep so i couldnt play that day anyway lol but ya w/e. I usualy have disconection probs but not this time luckly.
New Abilities
# Feb 24 2005 at 11:22 AM Rating: Decent
So somebody help me out, what lvls are the new abilities they never really say (or im just blind or have no time to look....(ahhh working for a living really sucks doesn't it lol no time for anything). My wife is a WHM and im looking forward to being a SAM so it would really be helpful to know. <(^.^)>

By the way, good job SE this update looks to be a great improvement on FF11!

Edited, Thu Feb 24 11:23:52 2005
RE: New Abilities
# Feb 24 2005 at 1:50 PM Rating: Decent
78 posts
Divine Veil is 50

Zanshin is 60
# Feb 24 2005 at 3:09 AM Rating: Decent
Crazy to get the update ... it took me 3H.

Fish : Sounds great i will probably fish again i've stopped it with last updated i am 42 and couldnt get any skill up for hours and couldnt catch anything too.

ENM : Probably where we could find Raise III but if we dont loose exp seems to me like it will be really tough fight.

Mannequin : I've started the quest long time ago and i will try to gather parts with friends someday but it is cool to know that now we can get more than 1.

Search : I've seen it yesterday night and there is lot more comments, have to check that tonight or later.

This is the only things i've really seen in that update, but seems like SE has done a nice job, i just have to check that now .... especially for fishing before the last update i could get some skill and decent money, hope i could make some money and get some fun too now again.

Take care all ... Have fun.
# Feb 24 2005 at 2:21 AM Rating: Decent
21 posts
It would of been nice to add an enhanced new trait ability to our Af.

You just got something and you want something else? -_-
Maybe this is way SE doesn't listen that often?
mannequins ><
# Feb 24 2005 at 12:31 AM Rating: Decent
23 posts
WHY??? i still have to complete this stupid quest just to buy a mannequin... >< they could had at least allowed ppl to put the parts on the AH >< i'll never finish this stupid quest cause ppl are too busy with BCNM40 "worms turn" aka gilseller's paradise.
ZM4 title
# Feb 24 2005 at 12:11 AM Rating: Decent
87 posts
Before the update i did ZM4 and got the title "Bearer of the Wiseman's hope". i log on today after the update and my title is suddenly "Bearer of the Wisewoman's hope". does this have anything to do with the update? im am very confused atm lol

I'll try it again
# Feb 24 2005 at 12:01 AM Rating: Decent
I quit fishing because of the fact that it was SO BORING. *snore* and it took me 3 hours to get .1 skill up. But this new Fishing process sounds like a lot of fun. It reminds me of the way you fish in Dark Cloud 2. I would fish for fun in that game because catching the fish actually took some skill and practice. Much more entertaining. True though about what someone said... no more watching TV and spamming that /fish macro. XD I think I will try fishing again now.
. . .
# Feb 23 2005 at 11:28 PM Rating: Decent
22 posts
It said it didn't install properly, so I have to reinstall FFXI now. Thank you SE!! <3
RE: . . .
# Feb 24 2005 at 9:27 AM Rating: Decent
Yes, me too ;_; i have to reinstall the game again because ive downloaded this update with errors...
# Feb 23 2005 at 10:40 PM Rating: Decent
27 posts
Im on my 5th time trying and it wont get past the first file without freezing up. Its crazy! :(
just wondering.....
# Feb 23 2005 at 10:27 PM Rating: Decent
ok i noticed how it said

-The location where monsters reappear after using the ability Mijin Gakure has been adjusted.

so does that mean that there is a better chance that after Quu Domi the Gallant uses his ability Mijin Gakure he will spawn back in your possesion?
I'm with ya
# Feb 23 2005 at 10:17 PM Rating: Decent
I think I double posted earlier. I think I have like an anonymous filter set or something. If I did I apoligize for the double post.


Fishing is ok, caught more fish this way than the old simple way. I LOVE the new comments. So much easier... Maybe this will deter all the SHOUTS in the towns (or as I like to call them "Metro Areas").

Edited, Wed Feb 23 23:34:09 2005
ARG! Stupid Error Message
# Feb 23 2005 at 10:05 PM Rating: Decent
Does anyone else keep getting disconnected everytime they try to update, this happens everytime, I get to the downloading of files and it says "Err 1160" so I have to reconnect, so I can't just set it to download and walk away
I was hoping maybe someone would know a solution to this, and if so, please let me know
ARG! Stupid Error Message
# Feb 23 2005 at 10:05 PM Rating: Decent
Does anyone else keep getting disconnected everytime they try to update, this happens everytime, I get to the downloading of files and it says "Err 1160" so I have to reconnect, so I can't just set it to download and walk away
I was hoping maybe someone would know a solution to this, and if so, please let me know
Super climb
# Feb 23 2005 at 9:35 PM Rating: Decent
can some tell me what is the difference between Super Jump and Super Climb cause I didn't understand that
RE: Super climb
# Feb 23 2005 at 10:07 PM Rating: Decent
44 posts
I think it's just a name change, but the same ability.
alchemic ensorcellement?
# Feb 23 2005 at 9:15 PM Rating: Decent
What Does Alchemic ensorcellement really do, and how do i use it?
RE: alchemic ensorcellement?
# Feb 24 2005 at 1:55 PM Rating: Decent
78 posts
It is to a Key Item to make certain NEW alchemy Synthesis.

It will take a few days/weeks to find out what needs it since you can goto the NPCs and scroll through the lists till your eyes bleed to find one.

Alchemy 87.2
{Hktk. Eye Cluster}.. {Do you need it?}
New Traits
# Feb 23 2005 at 9:04 PM Rating: Default
I fell bad, no traits for BLMs. I'm only a 17 WHM and i'm not a SAM yet, and i won't be for a while. =/ BLMs still pwn WHM damage-wise, i don't care if Banish III has great potential. Maybe next update

*EDIT* minor fixes

Edited, Wed Feb 23 21:05:00 2005
# Feb 23 2005 at 8:34 PM Rating: Decent
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WHy is banish III level 65 >< its been encoded in the game as level 55 when i searched thru the games dat files...that makes me kind of mad that I gotta wait another 7 levels but oh well.
As for the Divine Viel...too bad it doesn't work with adding regular status... imagine casting divine seal and then casting sneak and all of a sudden everyone has sneak...
# Feb 23 2005 at 8:33 PM Rating: Decent
I started the update at 6:11 im 88% done and now its 6:33
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