FINAL FANTASY XI Update (Jul. 19)

Wow, this thing is huge. [Event-Related] *A new chapter has been added to "Chains of Promathia." *A new quest called "The Fellowship Quest" has been added. Upon completion of this quest, the player will receive an item used to call an NPC. -The NPC may not be called during NPC escort quests, but may be used along with beastmasters' pets, summoners' avatars, and dragoons' wyverns. -The NPC may only be called in certain field areas. -The NPC may fight monsters, gain experience, and level up with the player. -A player fighting with an NPC fellow will receive only 70% of the usual experience points gained for solo battles. -The NPC may be called only when there are less than six members in the player's group. A party may contain a maximum of three NPC fellows, along with the three players who have called them. -If the NPC's level exceeds that of the player, its status will be adjusted to match the player's level. -The NPC's equipment will occasionally change after fighting several battles. -The NPC will leave if the player: -temporarily logs out to PlayOnline -logs out -enters a different area -is KO'd -All NPCs in a party will leave if the party attempts to increase its total number of players and NPCs to seven. *Several new quests have been added, including: -A quest in which the player may acquire headgear that resembles various beastmen -Rematches with mammets and the Mithran sin hunters And more! *An NPC that tells the player's fortune regarding titles and other "elements" has been added in Mhaura. *Character title selection has been changed in the following ways: -It now costs less gil to change a player's title. Also, it now costs no gil at all to check the player's list of available titles. -The NPC bard that changes player titles will now sing out the player's title just before changing it. -After changing the player's title, the NPC bard will sing out the new title. Nearby PCs will also be able to hear the new title. -The player will now have the option to have a random title selected for him or her at no cost once each day (Earth time). -Titles earned by defeating NMs are now available for selection not just at Selbina and Mhaura, but also at Kazham and Rabao. *A chocobo riding game has been added. The player must deliver a chocobo from the chocobo stables where the quest was offered to a designated nation. *Players are now able to talk to an NPC and check the remaining time until they are able to reenter the battlefield for the ENM quests "Pulling the Strings" and "Automaton Assault." *"Return Ring" and "Homing Ring" have been added to the list of items that may be earned by exchanging conquest points. *If a player has completed the quests to get a pair of Mannequin Pumps or a Minstrel's Dagger but disposed of the item he earned, the player may now reacquire the item at the same place he attained it. *Mythril Plate Armor has been added to the list of equipment that may be stored as a key item. *A new NPC that will trade items for treasure earned by defeating Lumorian monsters has been added. [Battle-Related] *Players are now able to earn experience from monsters of a wider level range than previously possible. Experience points earned by defeating "decent challenge" and "easy prey" monsters will also increase in some instances. *Experience chain bonuses in level-restricted areas of Chains of Promathia are now determined by the level of the player while in that area, rather than the player's actual level. *Monster locations have been adjusted, particularly in Chains of Promathia areas. The following areas will be affected: Bibiki Bay, Uleguerand Range, Attohwa Chasm, Newton Movalpolos, Promyvion – Holla, Promyvion – Dem, Promyvion – Mea, Promyvion – Vahzl, Lufaise Meadows, Phomiuna Aqueducts, the Sacrarium, Riverne – Site #A01, Riverne – Site #B01, the Garden of Ru'Hmet, Ro'Maeve, the Boyahda Tree, the Den of Rancor, the Shrine of Ru'Avitau, Kuftal Tunnel *The damage and accuracy of a player's ranged attack are now calculated based on the distance of the player from the monster. This determination varies from weapon to weapon, as does the ideal distance for maximum damage. In addition, the higher the monster's level is with regard to the player, the less damage will be dealt with a ranged attack. *The player's enmity now decreases when a shadow image created by Utsusemi is absorbed by an attack. *Weather will no longer have an effect on the distance a player can be detected for monsters that detect based on the use of magic. *Several new notorious monsters have been added. *Creatures summoned by monsters (excluding elementals) have had their names changed to "(Monster's name)'s Avatar" for consistency. *The strength of monster techniques has been adjusted, particularly in Chains of Promathia areas. *A player who is KO'd, revived, then while still in a weakened state KO'd again will now, after a second reviving, temporarily experience a weakened attack and accuracy loss for magic and ranged attacks. *Before the update, a player who fought a monster without using auto-attack would retain his claim on the monster, even if he was KO'd in battle due to poison, etc. This has been fixed so that when the player dies, the monster becomes unclaimed. *Before the update, a monster that was claimed by a party or alliance would occasionally go unclaimed when magic or a weapon skill was used on the monster as the monster moved out of range before the magic or weapon skill could strike. [Item-Related] *Trading a wijnruit and 99 ninja tools to a certain NPC can now earn the player a toolbag. This item may be gathered in stacks of twelve, essentially increasing the player's ninja tool inventory capacity twelvefold. *New synthesis recipes have been added. *Prices at guilds have been changed to reflect the amount of each item the guild currently has in stock. The cost may rise to a maximum of five times the original price. *Some of the treasure items earned from notorious monsters in the Boyahda Tree have been changed. *The way that the following items are acquired has been changed: Archer Ring, Leaping Boots, Emperor Hairpin, Peacock Charm In addition, players may receive an EX/Rare or EX item with the same attributes from the monsters who previously dropped each of the above items. *The effects of the following items have been altered: Poison Potion, Venom Potion, Paralyze Potion, Sleeping Potion, Silencing Potion, Blinding Potion, Vitriol, Instant Warp, Bastok Mines gate glyph, Bastok Markets gate glyph, Port Bastok gate glyph, Eastern San d'Oria gate glyph, Western San d'Oria gate glyph, Northern San d'Oria gate glyph, Windurst Waters gate glyph, Port Windurst gate glyph, Windurst Woods gate glyph, New Year's gift, Cantarella, Black Drop, Muting Potion, Invitriol, Warp Cudgel, Trick Staff II, Treat Staff II, Teleport ring: Holla, Teleport ring: Dem, Teleport ring: Mea, Teleport ring: Vahzl, Teleport ring: Yhoat, Teleport ring: Altep, Memento Muffler, Gargoyle Boots, Zoolater Hat, Root Sabots, Aries Mantle, Anubis's Knife, Oscar Scarf, Kinkobo, Carpenter's Belt, Blacksmith's Belt, Goldsmith's Belt, Weaver's Belt, Tanner's Belt, Boneworker's Belt, Alchemist's Belt, Culinarian's Belt, Fisherman's Belt, Counter Earring, Tactical Ring, Wing Gorget, Healing Feather, Spirit Lantern, Astral Pot, Homing Ring, Return Ring, Absorbing Shield, Tavnazian Ring, Ducal Guard's Ring, Maat's Cap, Kingdom Stables Collar, Republic Stables Medal, Federation Stables Scarf, Cursed Beverage, Cursed Soup *The item "Timepiece" has been added to the list of special items a player may receive 100 days after participating in the Vana'diel Adventurer Recruitment Program. *The following item names have been changed in the English version: Panzer Mask -> Panther Mask Panzer Mask +1 -> Panther Mask +1 Amemit Mantle -> Amemet Mantle Amemit Mantle +1 -> Amemet Mantle +1 *The item name "Comet" has been changed to "Little Comet." *An attribute of the following item has been changed: Darksteel Pick +1 Delay:312 -> Delay:303 [System-Related] *Region Info may now be viewed from all areas. *Messages may no longer be sent using /tell to a player on the user's blacklist. *Along with the introduction of the Fellowship Quest, players may now combine text commands with to target their NPC fellows and execute their desired actions. Only the player who called the NPC may target it using . [Other Content] *The following changes have been made to Ballista. -If one side of an official match is low on members, entry into that force is now possible even if a match is already underway. In this case, experience may still be gained if certain conditions are met, just as if the player had entered the match from the start. Also, if a player enters during a match, both forces will receive a message notifying them of the new entry. The player must have the following in order to enter a match already underway: -A Ballista License -Enough gil to enter the match -The minimum level required for the match being played -A player who has just entered an official match or a match in Diorama Abdhaljs-Ghelsba that was already underway will temporarily be placed under "Preparing for Battle" status. -Players may now borrow the key items "Ballista Earring" and "Ballista Band" free of charge from the Pursuivant in Ru'Lude Gardens. Ballista Earring: When in possession of this item, the player will receive information about the next Ballista match and the entry registration time when entering San d'Oria, Bastok, Windurst, or Jeuno from one day prior to the match (Vana'diel time) until the end of the entry period. Ballista Band: When in possession of this item, the player will be given the choice of whether to keep or throw away the first Petra he quarries. Ownership of a Ballista License is not required to borrow the above items. The player may return the items simply by speaking to a Pursuivant. -Players are no longer able to adjust Petra selection settings in Diorama Abdhaljs-Ghelsba. The player will be given the option of what to do with the first Petra quarried only when in possession of the new key item "Ballista Band." -The following rules have been changed from special rules to standard rules. -Camp locations will change when the number of participants in a match is 40 or less. -The number of Rooks will be reduced to two when there is a significant difference in the number of players on each side. -Players will now receive experience points for participating in an official match. -The system of "Open Entry" for official matches, in which all adventurers were allowed to join the force with the smallest number of participants, has been done away with and replaced by a system called "Temporary Entry," in which players may join a force regardless of allegiance. However, the player's entry is temporary, and similar to Diorama Abdhaljs-Ghelsba's "Auto-Balance" feature, the players may be redistributed for balance when the match begins. -In Ru'Lude Gardens, the player will be able to view Diorama Abdhaljs-Ghelsba's reservation status. Reservations for the next two days (Earth time) will be shown. -The NPC Tillecoe will now inform the player of the match's level restriction when a match at Diorama Abdhaljs-Ghelsba is set to allow general participation. -Temporary items will now be distributed at the start of official matches held at the Pashhow Marshlands. -A section of the Ballista rulebook that is read out by the Pursuivant has been changed. -The rate of success for Foe Lullaby and Horde Lullaby has been lowered for players with bard as a support job. -A limit has been imposed on the amount of HP that can be absorbed by Bloody Bolts' HP Drain effect during Ballista.


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Mirror Mirror
# Jul 24 2005 at 12:29 PM Rating: Decent
Doh! After all that moaning! I found out that I did not have to talk to the NPC in Cargo room B Once I had Mirror Mirror Quest I could go and kill the darn thing... Funny thing was, I was doing Holy Dragoon quest... low and behold it's at the same place for the NPC quest Hence I never waited in line :) Got my little pal though :) I should read more :)
NM Hunting =)
# Jul 24 2005 at 7:57 AM Rating: Decent
371 posts
I got my first 3 of the new nm's yesterday^^

First off I decided to camp the Carnero, in S.Gusta, but after 4hrs it never spawned, and I gave up ; ;
So I headed to Dangruf and popped the Chocoboleech...it is maybe around a lvl30 or so mob, as to lvl55 it took a bit of a beating, but didnt do me any damage. Around 1200hp I think?
Drops a pretty decent lvl15 nin katana.
Next off I went for the Swamfisk in East ronfaure.
VERY easy at 55 lol - I'm guessing its around lvl12 or so.
But it drops a decent staff for lvl 10+ which gives hp recovered while healing +4. Handy for a non mage class.

I decided to give up on the nm hunting, and see if I could get my fellowship quest done, but while I was wandering about in Ghelsba trying to find the damn hut (I really should've read up on it first =) I came across an Orcish Panzer which was impossible to gauge...after buffing up, not knowing its level etc, i started firing in^^ Killed in about 6 or 7 hits...so again very low level, and it never dropped anything. Damn I thought...no drop...but it spawned another NM - Chariotbuster Byakzak - a little tougher, and did link to about 5 other orcs, but never did any damage. It dropped a lvl19 sword for DRK/PLD/RDM/WAR with acc+2. Not amazing stats, but would save on buying one at this lvl =P

I'm tryin to work my way round the ones I can kill - il have them all yet =D
NM Rampage
# Jul 23 2005 at 3:25 AM Rating: Decent
515 posts
Well, after these new NMs came out, a friend and I set forth to hunt them!

Here's a nice list of the NMs we've killed together...
Also check : http://ffxi.cannotlinkto/news/157#New_NM

Yesterday we killed:

Maighdean Uaine- Sapling NM in North Gustaberg. Spawned from killing the other saplings around J-5. Optical earring dropped, GREAT earring. lvl 10, def:1 acc+1, atk-2. Rare/ex

Then we killed Chocoboleech in Dangruf to get our lvl 15 rare/ex Gassan's. This is a nice katana, adds +1 agi.. I bet you could use it til 26 or so.

After, we hunted down Fraelissa (sp?) in Jugner. Dropped an Xbow, only rare. Lvl 20 with rattk +4.

Went to Carpenter's Landing after. We hunted down Mycophile. Have to trade a sleep, dance, and woozyshroom to the mushroom ??? to spawn it. Nice gloves. lvl 25, enmity-2, int+1 mnd+2. rare/ex

After, we set out to kill the Hercules Beetle. You need to bring honey for this, and plaster it on the trees at around 22:00 and wait for 4:00 to check to see if anything has shown up. Haven't gotten a drop yet, we're 0/4, but I think it drops drk lvl29 gear. str+1 and enmity+1 or something. rare/ex

Today we killed Frae again, it also drops Ebony, rosewood, and mahogany logs. We then went to Bibiki, to that Purn?? island and camped another new one. Serra, a pugil monster. We think it's a lotto with the Jag pugils there. Dropped Volan's Greaves, lvl 38 DRG feetwear, Jummp: acc+4. Only rare.

Tomorrow I believe we are going to camp the windurst regions....
Darksteel Pick +1
# Jul 22 2005 at 12:58 PM Rating: Decent
523 posts
*An attribute of the following item has been changed:
Darksteel Pick +1 Delay:312 -> Delay:303

It hasn't changed, checked last night as I was looking at furture weapons for my warrior. Delay is still 312 according to the pic.

Just thought some people would like to know.

Edited, Fri Jul 22 14:03:58 2005
Rendezvous Points
# Jul 22 2005 at 12:40 AM Rating: Decent
I didn't get the ideal Hume F i was looking for but what i got is fine, the only woman i'll ever be able to control... Anyway i'm wondering about these Rendezvous points? how do i find out where mine is? my NPC is Nanako
# Jul 21 2005 at 10:49 PM Rating: Decent
does anyone know how to extend the time period the NPC is out? i was told to talk to him in the city he stays at, which i did. but does it really extend his time out? i mean 20hrs come on, give me a break. i can understand maybe an hr or 2, but 20hrs to recall him out. wtf is POL thinking. im fixing to call them for answers on this BS update. i know someone over there has to know some answers. how do they think we can figure some of this **** out. we talk to him and then he leaves and you cant call him again until tomorrow, basicly. somethings they do seem good but always have a really bad sneaky thing behind it.

my NPC mentioned, that little girl and the dragon. im not sure if im suppose to talk to the little girl or what. but i dont have enough info on the quest because POL doesnt give you give you enough info on it
The dam NPC
# Jul 21 2005 at 6:44 PM Rating: Decent
I did this quest. What a waste of my time this quest was. 45mins for the first NM battle then another 6 hours waiting for the second 40NM. Then summoning your Npc and talking to the npc and seeing it leave ... PRICELESS.

Why cannot SE put some directions oh how to use the NPC. Instead of me summoning it and letting it ask you for something. Then being mislead saying that you can talk to it!

Queue Jumpers
# Jul 21 2005 at 3:07 PM Rating: Default
677 posts
Those of you doing NPC quests might have noticed the long lines for the NM's and the gits that keep jumping these Queues. The question is do you agree that Queue jumping is acceptable in the game or should these people be taught a lesson? Apparently GM's can't do a thing about it.

On the Ifrit Server I had to wait longer to do the NM thanks to the following people:


Needless to say there's a few people who wont be partying with people like this ho have no respect for other players.

Yeah probably get rated down and flamed for this but at end of the day whats the point in jumping the queue? We have to wait, what makes you lot so special that you don't?

Edited, Thu Jul 21 16:47:14 2005
npc quest
# Jul 21 2005 at 1:27 PM Rating: Decent
i got slept and my npc died i still killed the skely and so i waited in line again but couldnt respawn the skely nm. i talked to the mithra lady in upper jueno and she said, "it must be hard to have a child go missing. i dont have time for family drama. but to have treasure go missing is a different story." can i redo this quest and if i can is there a wait time for it to reset?
RE: npc quest
# Jul 22 2005 at 2:08 PM Rating: Decent
zone, and then fight the skelly NM again... after u kill it, talk to ur npc
this Quest s crap
# Jul 21 2005 at 11:49 AM Rating: Decent
you wait in those lines for hours and when you go to lvl with it,it stays for 30 mintues then leaves and you have to wait 20hours. i think it is was a total wast of time.
Mirror Mirror
# Jul 21 2005 at 8:30 AM Rating: Decent
Help I am so stuck on this easy quest 0-0! I did all up to the point when i have to go to sandy Cargo room and talk to Portaire, every time I talk to him he keeps giveing me Tenshodo quest. I have done this three times now.. third time I was caought smugling and no AS for ages so I rode to sandy thinking mybe He will give me the CS so I can go to Gelsba... but still no luck. I checked with Luto just to make sure I did not miss anything and she tells me That mirror should hold powers similar to the glass of all seeing... Help what am I doing wrong here ??

Edited, Fri Jul 22 04:48:15 2005
RE: Mirror Mirror
# Jul 22 2005 at 2:09 PM Rating: Decent
try talking to Luto again, hopefully u can get the third part...
RE: Mirror Mirror
# Jul 23 2005 at 4:34 AM Rating: Decent
Thanks for trying to help... I did go back and talk to Luto ( again ) all she says " That mirror should hold the powers similar to the glass of all- seeing" " sends shivers down my spine " so once more I go back to sandy to the Cargo room B talk to the NPC and again he gives me Tenshodo quest ( forgive spelling )I am geting a bit naffed off now... My fame lev is 7 in Sandy so it has nothing to do with that... when i started the quest I was with ls member we both did the same only he gets the CS in cargo room and I dont ???
Rendezvous Points?
# Jul 21 2005 at 6:59 AM Rating: Decent
Anyone know where the rendezvous points are to talk to your NPC in the towns are? After you have completed the quest of course.
RE: Rendezvous Points?
# Jul 24 2005 at 12:36 PM Rating: Decent
Once I got my NPC he said I could talk to him/her what ever ur NPC is..In Ru lu gardens ... North Sandy,,, Port Bastok... Wind waters..
BCNM 10n1 or not?
# Jul 21 2005 at 1:23 AM Rating: Decent
417 posts

You'll get a BCNM fight called "Mirror, Mirror"
The fight is 1 on 1 capped at level 40 against a Carrion Dragon, and isn't too hard even if you stroll in without appropriate gear.


Then go to Ghelsba Outpost and go to the BCNM hut and you might wanna form a 3 person party. You will fight the Carrion Dragon. VERY EASY! The battle is capped at 40, and I had 3 people on my server Godzilla, and Fivestar. We rocked.

So is it really 1 on 1 or you can enter with a party?

EDIT: OK just learned they now allow 3 people to enter... sorry for the question

Edited, Thu Jul 21 02:27:40 2005
Conversing with your new toy
# Jul 21 2005 at 1:07 AM Rating: Decent
after i did this quest i was told you could chat with your NPC...
i even know the locations...
but where are they?
you you hafta summon them in town or sumthin?
NPC Warning!!
# Jul 21 2005 at 12:32 AM Rating: Decent
27 posts
Dont talk to the NPC after it's called, otherwise it goes away. Thats no fun with a 20hour cast time (real life hours by the way)
RE: NPC Warning!!
# Jul 21 2005 at 1:08 AM Rating: Decent
if ya accedently clicked on your npc quickly click them again and they will stay (bought had a heart attack so i kept clicking my lovely Pimy XD (npc)

Edited, Fri Jul 22 10:23:29 2005
Murphey's Law
# Jul 20 2005 at 9:57 PM Rating: Decent
God no virus warning (somehow it shut itself off while I was installing overnight).

Rebooted my system this morning and now I can't get it to boot the HDD.

# Jul 20 2005 at 9:54 PM Rating: Decent

Edited, Wed Jul 20 23:03:50 2005
Fellowship Quest Walkthrough I guess
# Jul 20 2005 at 9:07 PM Rating: Decent
For the Fellowship Quest, you go to Upper Jeuno near the chapel a Mithra standing there and will ask you about a list and you choose what kinda of NPC you want Galka, Elvaan, etc. (no you cannot choose their job) You have to talk to her, then go down to Port Jeuno and talk to Red Ghost, a galka. After you talk to him, go to the gate guard in Upper Jeuno Bheem. Talk to him and you will make your NPC character. Pretty neat! Then you talk to Lute that mithra again. Go zone. Then talk to her again. Talk to Bheem again, then go to Batallia Downs at G-8 enter Eldime Necropolis, you'll probably have to stand in a line and fight right now, the Notorious Monster is VERY EASY, look for a ??? on the ground and click on it, I was a 43RDM and killed it very easily. Talk to your NPC buddy you got. Go back to Jeuno and talk to the Mithra. Then you gotta go to Port Sandoria, go to Cargo Room B and talk to the Elvaan at the bottom of the stairs, I cant remember his name right now. Then go to Ghelsba Outpost and go to the BCNM hut and you might wanna form a 3 person party. You will fight the Carrion Dragon. VERY EASY! The battle is capped at 40, and I had 3 people on my server Godzilla, and Fivestar. We rocked. That battle is very simple. Then go back to Jeuno and talk to the Mithra and you should get the Signal Earring or whatever... then you got your NPC... Congrats!
RE: Fellowship Quest Walkthrough I guess
# Jul 26 2005 at 4:32 PM Rating: Decent
I posted early on... I did all... but when I went to Cargo room B I never got it... Tenshodo quest << ( Spelling ) Once I got the Mirror mirror quest I could go and do the Carrion Dragon ! I dont know if this has anything to do with Norg fame ? But the NPC name is Portaire.. or close to it :) and Hmm I would not have done it without help ! A galka with no equip( Armour ) and BLM Low intel :) ( Thanks Magar and Crim ) * winks *
POL -> FFXI Crashes
# Jul 20 2005 at 8:09 PM Rating: Decent
75 posts
This patch seems awesome and bad all together but its no point if you cant experience it. To all those PC users out there who are having the same trouble I am...help? lol.....I log on to POL fine, I can get into the Char selection screen fine but oncei load a character...literally 2 seconds of running around and POL crashed and a Windows message comes up asking if i want to send a report to Microsoft... O_O' well that made my day.
I've sent so far about 20 reports to Microsoft LOL and they havent done nuffin about it (like they would) but I can hope. I hope that SE finds a solution or if there is one i'm malinformed because i want to get back to my game... ='(
RE: POL -> FFXI Crashes
# Jul 25 2005 at 11:24 PM Rating: Decent
330 posts
I had the exact same thing... I waiting for ages to talk to a GM and nothing they said really helped. I ended up uninstalling FFXI and re-patched, same problem

Eventually I tried uninstalling my graphics drivers, and it works, i think im relying on windows' defaults for my card or something... but i dont care, its almost as good and at least i can play. I'm now in the process of trying to find a more up-to-date version of my nvidia drivers... try upgrading yours, it might help

P.S. My first post

Edit: Formating

Edited, Tue Jul 26 00:29:14 2005
this update REALLY sux
# Jul 20 2005 at 5:59 PM Rating: Decent
i9 finished the update last night about 3:30 AM and when i try to log in the server is still so messed up i cant get past the version check!

Does anyone have this problem?
RE: this update REALLY sux
# Jul 20 2005 at 9:45 PM Rating: Decent
18 posts
I'm getting the same problem too, i reinstalled POL, actually got thru, then i turned off my comp to go to work all happy that i finally updated FFXI, and now i come back, and POL gives me the same prob and doesn't go thru the version check. this is utter BS i swear...
Am i strong enough?
# Jul 20 2005 at 4:39 PM Rating: Decent
Im Gonna do the quest now as drg35/nin17, has anyone had a success with a job status like that yet?
Rank 4~!
# Jul 20 2005 at 3:59 PM Rating: Decent
NOTE: You have to be rank 4 for this quest.
Correct me if I am wrong...
RE: Rank 4~!
# Jul 20 2005 at 4:00 PM Rating: Decent
For the Fellowship quest i mean
new chocobo race, reward for 1st place?
# Jul 20 2005 at 3:40 PM Rating: Decent
anyone know what the reward is if you come in first place? i was grabbin a choco today from south sandy to go to la theine, and i guess activated the quest. has to take this choco to bastok mines, and there i would get a reward. man it took forever, it was like not having an airship pass again. i get there, and she tells me that i didnt come in first place, but still she had a reward for me. gyscahl greens!!!!!! i was sooo pissed. lol big waste of time.
Resetting Fellowship Quest...
# Jul 20 2005 at 1:41 PM Rating: Decent
53 posts
I just started the Fellowship Quest after hours of hours of updating... and I chose Galka. After saying "Yes" to all the two questions of Red Ghost and the other guy I saw my NPC. The bald Galka. I don't like that at all (understatement <.< ) and would like to know if anyone knows how to reset that quest... I don't want to think I ruined the quest...
Any help would be greatly appreciated :3
RE: Resetting Fellowship Quest...
# Jul 20 2005 at 5:36 PM Rating: Decent
You can reset your companion by talking to Luto after the quest has been completed and chosing to "quit your current task" or something similar, and then chose "deadly serious". To complete the reset, you must trade your Signal Pearl to Luto AFTER talking to her and making these choices, whereupon she will wipe your memory (and companion). You may then start the quest over. Hope this helps!
RE: Resetting Fellowship Quest...
# Jul 21 2005 at 1:45 AM Rating: Decent
53 posts
Good to hear that there IS a way :3 Now I can go to Eldieme without frustration^^
I think SE should have given us more power customizing our NPCs... Ah well, I'll reset the quest as often as I want :3
Thanks for the help^^
RE: Resetting Fellowship Quest...
# Jul 20 2005 at 1:44 PM Rating: Decent
I would have to say that your haste may have caused you some dissatisfaction. No one I have talked to has been able to change any of the attributes. There may be a way, but I have not seen any way to at this point.
RE: Resetting Fellowship Quest...
# Jul 20 2005 at 1:49 PM Rating: Decent
53 posts
Actually I said "No" the first time I was asked "if the person I'm looking for has a full beard". Maybe it's just me, but I think all Galkas have full beards... Answering "No" didn't let me choose something new though, and after a pointless chat with Lute I talked with Red again and said "Yes". I should've done more research though, as you said I was too hasty. Ah well, I have to get used to my NPC I guess^^;
Thanks for the reply
RE: Resetting Fellowship Quest...
# Jul 20 2005 at 4:10 PM Rating: Decent
I did not mean to seem rude, and appologize if I did. I, too, have a Galka that does not look quite the way I wanted it to. I just also realize that I didn't wait until the full details of the quest had been published to persue this quest, so I am stuck with what I have. Now I have an ugly, overgrown baby that I have to train to grow (level) LOL --- Take care and happy leveling :-)
RE: Resetting Fellowship Quest...
# Jul 21 2005 at 1:39 AM Rating: Decent
53 posts
I didn't take your reply as rude^^
I think it was far from that :3
RE: Resetting Fellowship Quest...
# Jul 21 2005 at 6:51 AM Rating: Decent
It depends on who you talk to, what your NPC looks like.
a proposed fix for future updates
# Jul 20 2005 at 12:53 PM Rating: Decent
maybe someone from SE will read this... (I have a BS in CS and work in an IT related field)

Here's how to solve the conjested update crap:

First, have a server or servers up that are dedicated to handling incoming version checks and update requests. We'll call this the "request server". The "request server" never uploads the update files.

Second, have several servers, preferably located in dozens of physical locations around the world that handle the actual uploading of the update files. Call these the "upload servers".

Each upload server notifies the "request server" whether its over its optimal user load or not at regular (say 10 sec) intervals. As users request the update, they are placed in a queue, and a notice as to their position in the queue is displayed on the POL screen. This will prevent users from spamming the "request server", as leaving and re-entering the queue is counterproductive. Repeated requests from the same client (say from a bot program or one of our mentally challenged comrades) could cause that IP to be filtered at a firewall say for 12 hours or so.

When a user reaches the front of the queue AND one of the upload servers has enough bandwidth, that user's IP address is sent to the "upload server", and the file transfer begins. Because the upload server only accepts new clients if it can handle them, noone should ever lose their connection due to server-side congestion.

There are some minor details that would need filled in (what happens if client-side congestion disrupts a transfer?) but that's the general outline. Also, if the "request server" can do some sort of quickie bandwidth check, a STCF (shortest time to completion first) queue policy might be used instead of first come first serve (or maybe some combination of STCF and FCFS).

To me, this seems like a pretty basic plan that SE's engineers should have been able to come up with easily. I doubt it would be all that expensive to implement: just rent the update servers for 48 hours after each major update. As far as I can fathom, our problems must be caused by a non-queueing "request" system that leads to horrible bandwidth problems. Spreading the load out to several physical locations seems like a no-brainer; I wonder whether SE's machines for uploading the update are all on the same network; if so, that seems pretty stupid to me.

-Thalamus (Siren Server, PLD 56)

RE: a proposed fix for future updates
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Hmm, interesting proposal. Though the following line:

Second, have several servers, preferably located in dozens of physical locations around the world that handle the actual uploading of the update files. Call these the "upload servers".

This is actually correct already - there are several servers dotted around the world, there's one in London.

When a user reaches the front of the queue AND one of the upload servers has enough bandwidth, that user's IP address is sent to the "upload server", and the file transfer begins. Because the upload server only accepts new clients if it can handle them, noone should ever lose their connection due to server-side congestion.

I quite agree with this idea and not sure why SE haven't thought of this. Those of you who use Fileplanet will be well aware of an auto-refreshing queue system and I think this would solve a lot of problems. In my opinion the reason we have so many problems is because you have about 600'000+ people trying to download at the same time and to my knowledge there is no system in the world that can handle that.

Of course, doesn't mean every problem is SE fault, there are user-side problems too. All I can say is a little patience goes a long way. I managed to update my PC FFXi within 7 hours of the update going live and have had no problems logging in since.
RE: a proposed fix for future updates
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Rogal is right. The reason it isnt working is cuz everyone (in Japan, NA, and Europe) is trying to download it all at the exact same time. Not too long ago, SE never up to a "If you have POL-1160 or POL-0010 error, please try again later" warning. The reason they are now is because people are getting upset, complaining, and keep trying to Retry and its not getting them anywhere. It took me a long time to get it finally going (actual installation took 4hrs). Pretty much, SE is saying "Sit down, shut up, and wait damnit!!"
And for that reason, i love SE ^^. Not many issues are SE's fault also, as Rogal said. Yes there are alternatives but they must be doing it this way for one reason or another. Thats my input on the issue.
RE: a proposed fix for future updates
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Well said. I think their were other posts requesting similar things earlier, but not quite in as much detail. Also, I think it would be important for them to update their systems offline and then bring the productions systems down and the farm systems up after the updates were complete on the farm systems. This would causet the update down time to be a matter of how fast the machines would come back up and online rather than a 16 hr update. I guess I just don't understand that sometimes. I have worked IT for about 9 yrs and never have I seen a company do a major update on production systems. It was always done on identical "farm" systems, and when everything was verified and running correctly, they just brought the farm servers to production. Just my 2 cents I guess.
RE: a proposed fix for future updates
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If you take a look, they have been implementing changes to help with the problem. In their release, they confirmed it was a DDoS attack on the system that seems to be happening every version update. with your BS in CS you should understand that allowing thousands of connections from absolutely unknown IP's and trying to stop/prevent a DDoS attack of the magnitude they were hit with is nearly impossible.
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