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Skairin De`Saveaux Server: Siren Playtime: --- LS: Celestus, DarknessEternal, Aequitas, illuminati, ImperialArcadia, The way of the world is decided by its inhabitants. Miserly and hateful behavior spreads and taints all it touches, while kindness is forgotten and time passes to soften the memory of wrongful deeds. The way of Vana'diel is decided by us. If 'it is just a game', then it would cost everyone very little to be courteous and helpful. If 'it is just a game' then one should feel like an imbecile for strutting on its pixelated stage as a grade-A {Bastard Sword}, treat one's own pride like a treasured gem, polishing it until the tarnish on one's own character shows. We make our own friends, we make our own enemies. Those that give to others will receive more unto themselves.