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A long time ago a great red mage named Sharron was doing well as the towns medicant. Happy nad living the life she loves she had belived nothing could go wrong, but until one day... She decided that there were a lot of sick children so she made a poison to help kill them painlessly. It worked, but was never approved by the government of his ancient town. A few warriors got to this and died then the town was under attack. While in way the red mage was banished from living and sent to death. She swore she'd come back. A few centuries later the town was destoyed and another red mage by the name of Aaron who was the medicant of Windurst. He did well, but the same thing happened except he had a child who was named Pables. Raised by the townsfolk he never knew his mom or dad. Many said his mom got killed in Tahrongi Canyon while making a trading trip to Selbina. Now a teenager he decided to adventure. This is his life story of his adventures.