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[b]--//Mrcloudz of AscendantSky\\--[/b] [b]Elemental staves:[/b] Fire, Aquilo's (HQ Ice), Auster's (HQ Wind), Earth, Jupiter's (HQ Thunder), Water, Pluto's (HQ Dark), Light. [b]Merits:[/b] Max MP merit points: 2 (+20 MP) Elemental Magic Skill merit points: 8 (+16 skill) Intelligence merit points: 3 (+3 INT, duh :P) Thunder Potency merit points: 5 (+10% potency :D) Ice Potency merit points: 3 (+6% potency) [b]Major HNMs killed:[/b] All four gods and Kirin, Behemoth, Adamantoise, Fafnir, King Behemoth, Aspidochelone, Nidhogg (all three kings killed as of 7/17/05), Tiamat, Jormungand, Vrtra (all three non-BC wyrms killed as of 8/13/05), Ouryu, Proto-Omega, Proto-Ultima, Bahamut #1 Dynamis Lord Cerberus [b]Dynamis progress:[/b] 4/5 BLM AF2 (everything except Sorcerer's Gloves) On August 6th, 2005, Dynamis-Xarcabard was interloped by yours truly. Dynamis Lord {Too weak} :O Dynamis-Buburimu interloped April 5th, 2006 <.<; SO MANY NIGHTMARE DHALMELS!! Hopefully new zone clears soon to come [b]Zilart[/b] mission: 15 [b]Promathia[/b] mission: COMPLETE