Accuracy (ffxi)  

Accuracy is the chance your character has to connect with their next melee attack.
It is directly opposed by and compared against the targets Evasion.

The main factors involved in calculating accuracy, your "chance to hit", are your character's skill with the weapon type they are currently wielding, and their DEX statistic.

The equation is as follows: Accuracy = floor({Combat Skill} + {amount calculated from DEX} + Equipment + Traits + Abilities)

"Floor" means to round a value down to the nearest whole number.

There are some sub-calculations to consider before simply plugging numbers into this equation.

Combat Skill, is only applied directly, if it is less than or equal to 200. If Combat Skill is over 200, the remainder over 200 is reduced by 10% before being applied to the equation. Example: A Paladin with Sword skill of 245, would only plug in (245-200) * 0.9 = 40.5 extra, for a grand total of 240.*

Dexterity is calculated in one of two ways, depending on if the weapon is one-handed (including Hand-to-Hand), or two-handed.
For one-handed calculations: 2 DEX = 1 Accuracy (0.5 Accuracy/Dexterity)
For two-handed calculations: 4 DEX = 3 Accuracy (0.75 Accuracy/Dexterity)

Accuracy modifications due to food (example, Sole Sushi) are applied after all other modifiers.
Add the accuracy value from the food to your total.
With foods that raise accuracy by percentages (example, Crab Sushi), multiply your total base accuracy by 1.x, where x is the percentage raised.

Certain jobs have traits that improve Accuracy, such as DRG, RNG and DNC.
BLU can achieve an Accuracy Bonus trait with certain spell combinations.

Other jobs have Job Abilities that can temporarily raise Accuracy, such as a Samurai's Hasso ability.

  • Note: Most formulae within FFXI are rounded down, not up as would be considered usual.

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