April 18, 2006 Update Notes (FFXI)  

Please note that even after installing the necessary software and registering expanded content, the extra jobs, new areas, and other features contained within the Treasures of Aht Urhgan version update will not be available until April 19.

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In accordance with the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion content, the following additions have been made to the main menu:

  • Missions:
    • Treasures of Aht Urhgan
    • Assault
  • Quests:
    • Aht Urhgan
  • Region Info:
    • Besieged

In accordance with the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion content, the following regions have been added:

  • West Aht Urhgan, Mamool Ja Savagelands, Halvung Territory, Arrapago Islands

  • A new type of defensive battle called "Besieged" has been introduced to the Empire of Aht Urhgan.

  • A new type of battle called "Assault" has been added to the Empire of Aht Urhgan.
  • Adventurers who are level 50 or higher and have become a mercenary can participate in Assault, starting from an early stage in the Aht Urhgan storyline. You will earn Assault points for each area where you clear an Assault mission. Like Conquest points, you can trade your Assault points for various items. In addition, repeat success in Assault will make you eligible for a mercenary rank evaluation. Clear the rank evaluation and your mercenary rank will rise, resulting in a greater variety of available Assault missions and other benefits.
  • You can find out more information by speaking to an NPC at the Commissions Agency in Aht Urhgan.

  • Unlike Dynamis and Limbus, multiple parties can enter separate instances of an Assault area at the same time. However, if there are too many parties using an area for Assault, you may be unable to enter for a time.

  • You will receive a “homing fireflies” temporary item when entering an Assault area. The homing fireflies cannot be discarded during the mission.

  • A new ship route has been added from Mhaura to Al Zahbi. You must fulfill certain requirements before you can board the ship to Al Zahbi.

  • The new storage feature "Mog Locker" has been added. You will be able to lease a Mog Locker after completing one of the first Aht Urhgan missions. Initially, you will be able to store up to 30 items in your Mog Locker, but it can be expanded to hold a maximum of 50.

  • You can use your Mog Locker in an Al Zahbi Rent-a-Room.
  • A fee in Aht Urhgan currency is required to lease a Mog Locker.
  • Once your lease has expired, you will be unable to access your Mog Locker until choosing to extend the lease. Your items will still remain in the locker until you extend your lease, and will not disappear.
  • You can confirm the status of your lease by speaking to the moogle in your Rent-a-Room. You can extend your lease or confirm its status by speaking to the NPC "Fubruhn" in Al Zahbi.

  • A new feature called the "Kokba Hostel" has been added. You can reserve the facility for a certain amount of time to use for private functions. Players are provided with a variety of temporary party items and food upon entering the hostel. Attendants and a special hostel chat channel also come with the reservation.

  • Reservations can be made for one-hour slots (Earth time).
  • During the hostel reception period, you will be asked to set a password. Only players who enter this password will be able to enter the hostel during your reservation time.
  • Each person who enters the hostel will be required to pay a fee.
  • NPC "Attendants" provide additional services in the hostel, such as offering goods for sale and removing meal effects. You can select four attendants during the hostel reception period.
  • You can receive temporary party items even if you do not have any free space in your inventory. *The temporary party items and their effects will disappear when you leave the hostel or when your reservation period ends.

  • You can now lease a Rent-a-Room in the new towns of Al Zahbi and Aht Urhgan Whitegate. In the event that you change jobs and leave the Rent-a-Room in the new areas, please note that there will be no option asking you to set your home point.

  • Several new quests have been added.

The following changes have been made to Ballista:

  • Previously, you could use a Pursuivant's teleportation service to travel to a match site from the beginning of the entry period to the beginning of the match. The availability of this service has been extended to last from the beginning of the entry period until the end of the match.

  • You can now speak to a Herald to receive teleportation service to or from a match site for 100 Ballista points, even if you do not possess a Ballista Instawarp or Instaport.

The following changes have been made to Brenner:

  • You can now speak to a Pursuivant in Bastok, San d'Oria, or Windurst to participate in an official match.
  • Additional ways to earn points have been added.
  • The Flammen-Brenner can now recover from damage.
  • The behavior pattern of Posten has been altered.
  • The prerequisites for achieving Complete status in an official match can no longer be changed.
  • After altering certain rules in an official match, the changes will be announced to everyone in the area.
  • In the event of a called game 10 minutes or less into an official match, the losing team will now earn a reduced amount of experience points.
  • Some of the temporary items earned by "quarry" have been changed.
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  • The advanced jobs "blue mage," "corsair," and "puppetmaster" are now available. You must clear certain quests in order to acquire the new jobs.
Related Information>>Jobs at bottom

  • The final limit break quests for the new jobs are scheduled to be added in the next version update. For the time being, you must clear the "Shattering Stars" quest with another job in order to reach level 71-75.

  • Several new monsters have been added to the Treasures of Aht Urhgan areas, some of which attack in response to certain actions, such as the use of job abilities or weapon skills.

  • The amount of TP accumulated when attacking a monster has changed for both the player and the monster.

Shields have been altered in the following ways:

  • The chance of blocking with a shield in battle has been increased.
Shields now block more damage.

  • The white mage 2-hour ability “Benediction” now cures status ailments.

The following features have been added to the paladin job:

  • Shield Mastery: Grants bonus TP when blocking an attack with a shield.
  • Auto Refresh: Gradually restores MP.

  • Ranged accuracy will no longer be determined by the distance from the target when using the ranger ability“Sharpshot.”

Monster behavior has been altered in the following ways to counter MPK issues:

  • The conditions for claiming monsters has been changed in the following ways. Accordingly, players will no longer be attacked by monsters that they themselves are unable to attack.
  • Monsters' area attacks have been altered to affect the players who have incurred the notorious monster's enmity and their party or alliance members, rather than all players in the area of effect. Certain monsters will be exempt from this change.

The conditions under which the following notorious monsters appear have been altered:

  • Castle Oztroja: Mee Deggi the Punisher, Quu Domi the Gallant
  • Sea Serpent Grotto: Pahh the Gullcaller, Worr the Clawfisted, Novv the Whitehearted, Zuug the Shoreleaper

  • In accordance with the addition of blue magic, several monster techniques have been altered.

  • The techniques used by Rocs to increase evasion have been unified under the name “Feather Barrier.”

  • Appraiser NPCs and a new type of mysterious item have been added.

Mysterious Items

  • There are several varieties of mysterious items, such as "??? swords," "??? gloves," and "??? rings." These items cannot be used or equipped until they have been appraised.


  • Appraisers may be found in towns such as Al Zahbi. Trade a mysterious item to an appraiser to learn its true name and features. After your find has been appraised, you will be able to equip or use it as a regular item. When you are in a party, the appraised item will be placed into your treasure pool. When you are solo, the item will be placed directly into your inventory.
  • Please note that you may be unable to receive an appraised item if it is Rare and you already possess one in your inventory.

  • Equipment sets are now available.
  • The wearer can receive a special effect only if the pieces of the set are equipped together.

  • For example, you can equip the following pieces of armor together to receive a "Refresh" effect:
  • Head: Yigit Turban
  • Body: Yigit Gomlek
  • Hands: Yigit Gages
  • Legs: Yigit Seraweels
  • Feet: Yigit Crackows

  • The status effects of each individual piece of armor will still function when worn separately.

The following key items are now available in exchange for certain goods during a quest:

  • Goldsmithing: Clockmaking
  • Alchemy: Iatrochemistry

  • New synthesis recipes have been added.

The following items can now be bundled into a quiver or pouch:

  • iron bullets/kabura arrows/silver bullets/acid bolts/sleep bolts/blind bolts/bloody bolts/venom bolts/holy bolts/scorpion arrows/sleep arrows/demon arrows/spartan bullets

  • The temporary item “Qiqirn mine” has been added for use in Assault missions. You must be engaged in battle mode against the target you wish to use the Qiqirn mine on. If you are not engaged in battle at the time the mine would normally explode, it will be ineffective.

The following items' stack number has been changed from 12 to 99:

  • Hume mochi/Elvaan mochi/Tarutaru mochi/Galka mochi/Hume rice cake/Elvaan rice cake/Tarutaru rice cake/Mithran rice cake

  • The item "miniature airship" has been added as a special item available 365 days after participating in the "Adventurer Recruitment Program"

  • The option "View Safe" on the main menu has been changed to "View House." Now you can check the contents of your Mog Safe, Storage, and Mog Locker using this feature.
  • The category "Dice" is now available under "Scrolls" at the auction house.
  • The search function can now be used to locate blue mages, corsairs, and puppetmasters.

The following adjustments and additions have been made to fishing:

  • There are new places to fish in the Treasures of Aht Urhgan areas.
  • The effect of fatigue that occasionally occurs after fishing with the Ebisu fishing rod has been slightly reduced.
  • Players who cancel fishing after hooking a fish will now accumulate fatigue.
  • Players will now occasionally accumulate fatigue after fishing up an item rather than a fish.

  • Fatigue will be most noticeable after fishing up the following:
    • coral fragment/rusty cap/rusty pick/devil manta

  • An issue regarding devil mantas on Cape Teriggan has been fixed.

  • The "PlayOnline" option used for pausing the game or reading the Vana'diel Tribune has been removed, but the following features have been added in its place:
  • The "PlayOnline" option on the main menu has changed to "Shutdown," which has the same effect as the /shutdown text command.
  • The Start button on the DUALSHOCK®2 analog controller and the Pause/Break key on the keyboard no longer pause the game, but can now be used to log out of FINAL FANTASY XI.

The following text commands have been removed and deleted from the auto-translate function:

  • /pol
  • /tribune

The following text commands have been added:

  • /locker - View the contents of your Mog Locker.
  • /besiegemap - Accesses the "Besieged" map. Can also be viewed using the "Region Info" option on the main menu.

Several new phrases have been added to the auto-translate function:

  • Category Term
  • Greetings Welcome back.
  • Greetings You're welcome.
  • Game Terms Front line job
  • Game Terms Support role job
  • Game Terms Back line job
  • Game Terms Detects by sound
  • Game Terms Detects by sight
  • Game Terms Detects by smell
  • Game Terms Detects spellcasting
  • Game Terms Detects low HP
  • Game Terms Please follow.
  • Game Terms Brenner
  • Game Terms Besieged
  • Game Terms Assault
  • Game Terms Rank Evaluation
  • Game Terms Mercenary Assessment
  • Game Terms Mercenary Rank
  • Game Terms Assault Points
  • Game Terms Imperial Standing
  • Game Terms Runic Seal
  • Game Terms Runic Portal
  • Game Terms Astral Candescence
  • Game Terms Mamool Ja Savages
  • Game Terms Troll Mercenaries
  • Game Terms Undead Swarm
  • Game Terms Immortals
  • Game Terms Gordeus
  • Text Commands /locker
  • Text Commands /besiegemap
  • Jobs Blue Mage
  • Jobs Corsair
  • Jobs Puppetmaster
  • Time Second
  • Time Minute
  • Time Hour
  • Time Time remaining
  • Trade Reward:
  • Organize Please assist.
  • Place Names Open sea route to Al Zahbi
  • Place Names Open sea route to Mhaura
  • Place Names Al Zahbi
  • Place Names Aht Urhgan Whitegate
  • Place Names Wajaom Woodlands
  • Place Names Bhaflau Thickets
  • Place Names Nashmau
  • Place Names Arrapago Reef
  • Place Names Ilrusi Atoll
  • Place Names Periqia
  • Place Names Talacca Cove
  • Place Names Silver Sea route to Nashmau
  • Place Names Silver Sea route to Al Zahbi
  • Place Names The Ashu Talif
  • Place Names Mount Zhayolm
  • Place Names Halvung
  • Place Names Lebros Cavern
  • Place Names Navukgo Execution Chamber
  • Place Names Mamook
  • Place Names Mamool Ja Training Grounds
  • Place Names Jade Sepulcher
  • Place Names Aydeewa Subterrane
  • Place Names Leujaoam Sanctum
  • Place Names Caedarva Mire
  • Place Names Mamool Ja staging point
  • Place Names Halvung staging point
  • Place Names Azouph Isle staging point
  • Place Names Dvucca Isle staging point
  • Place Names Ilrusi Atoll staging point
  • Place Names Chamber of Passage
  • Place Names Commissions Agency
  • Place Names Hall of Binding
  • Place Names Walahra Temple
  • Place Names Hazhalm Testing Grounds
  • Place Names Aht Urhgan
  • Place Names Azure Lore
  • Job Abilities Chain Affinity
  • Job Abilities Burst Affinity
  • Job Abilities Wild Card
  • Job Abilities Phantom Roll
  • Job Abilities Double-Up
  • Job Abilities Quick Draw
  • Job Abilities Random Deal
  • Job Abilities Fighter's Roll
  • Job Abilities Monk's Roll
  • Job Abilities Healer's Roll
  • Job Abilities Wizard's Roll
  • Job Abilities Warlock's Roll
  • Job Abilities Rogue's Roll
  • Job Abilities Gallant's Roll
  • Job Abilities Chaos Roll
  • Job Abilities Beast Roll
  • Job Abilities Choral Roll
  • Job Abilities Hunter's Roll
  • Job Abilities Samurai Roll
  • Job Abilities Ninja Roll
  • Job Abilities Drachen Roll
  • Job Abilities Evoker's Roll
  • Job Abilities Magus's Roll
  • Job Abilities Corsair's Roll
  • Job Abilities Puppet Roll
  • Job Abilities Fire Shot
  • Job Abilities Ice Shot
  • Job Abilities Wind Shot
  • Job Abilities Earth Shot
  • Job Abilities Thunder Shot
  • Job Abilities Water Shot
  • Job Abilities Light Shot
  • Job Abilities Dark Shot
  • Job Abilities Overdrive
  • Job Abilities Activate
  • Job Abilities Repair
  • Job Abilities Fire Maneuver
  • Job Abilities Ice Maneuver
  • Job Abilities Wind Maneuver
  • Job Abilities Earth Maneuver
  • Job Abilities Thunder Maneuver
  • Job Abilities Water Maneuver
  • Job Abilities Light Maneuver
  • Job Abilities Dark Maneuver
  • Job Traits Shield Mastery

Windows Version Only

  • The "PlayOnline" setting on the FINAL FANTASY XI GAMEPAD Config menu has been changed to "Log Out."

Current Known Issue

  • Since the implementation of the latest version update on Apr. 17, 2006, the following issue has been discovered.
    • Players who form an alliance will remain in the state of being in an alliance even after it has broken up.
  • This issue can be resolved by replacing the party leader, breaking up the party, having all party members move to another zone or log out.

  • The recipe change for "Tavnazian Tacos" that was postponed in the February 21st version update has been cancelled after a thorough consideration of possible effects on the in-game economy.


  • “Besieged” is a defensive battle fought on the Aradjiah continent, the setting of the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion disc. Adventurers join the conflict between the Aht Urhgan Empire and the beastmen over a treasure called the “Astral Candescence.” The goal of Besieged is to defend the *Imperial capital when the beastmen breach its defenses in search of the Astral Candescence, and to recover the treasure from one of the beastman strongholds in the event it is taken.

The Astral Candescence

  • The Astral Candescence is the name of the treasure over which the beastmen and the Aht Urhgan Empire are fighting. The mysterious object emanates an unperceivable melody from its place atop an “astral plinth.” This melody has the power to affect both the players and the beastmen.

When the Astral Candescence is in the Empire of Aht Urhgan:

  • The Astral Candescence is located on the astral plinth in the Hall of Binding.
  • Players will receive an experience bonus while under the effect of Sanction.

The following bonuses can be earned in exchange for Imperial Standing credits:

  • Latent effect: Regen, Latent effect: Refresh, increased meal duration

  • These bonuses become more powerful with the number of times Al Zahbi is successfully defended. *However, they will revert to their original strength if the Astral Candescence is taken by the beastmen. You can confirm the current number of successive victories by speaking to an Imperial guard in town.

When the Astral Candescence is in a beastman stronghold:

  • The Astral Candescence is located on an astral plinth.
  • The beastmen will become more powerful by an amount determined by the number of “archaic mirrors” in the stronghold.
  • When fighting in a beastman stronghold where the Astral Candescence is located, you will receive an increased number of Imperial Standing credits.


  • You can speak to an Imperial guard to receive Sanction after becoming a mercenary. Defeating monsters with Sanction cast on you will allow you to receive crystals and may increase your
Imperial Standing.
  • You may only receive Sanction in the Treasures of Aht Urhgan areas, but only Signet is available in all previously released areas, so please take care when traveling between regions.

  • Your Imperial Standing is a measure of how much you have individually contributed to the Empire of Aht Urhgan. Imperial Standing credits can be used in a number of beneficial ways, such as exchanging them for items, or using them to earn transport to staging points.

  • You can increase your Imperial Standing by defeating monsters that you can gain experience points from.

Defending Al Zahbi

  • When the beastmen invade Al Zahbi, the adventurers in town must help protect the Astral Candescence.
  • When the invasion begins, five NPCs called the “Serpent Generals” seal the entrance to the Hall of Binding where the Astral Candescence is located. In the event that all five generals fall in battle, the seal will be broken, and the beastmen will be able to enter the hall. If the beastmen manage to reach the astral plinth inside, the Astral Candescence will be taken and the battle to defend Al Zahbi will be lost.


  • Experience points and Imperial Standing credits are awarded for participation in Besieged depending on the player’s contribution to the defensive effort. However, these rewards will be reduced by half if the Astral Candescence was taken by the beastmen in the battle.

  • Please note that the records of your contribution will be reset in the event that you change areas or use the Tractor or Warp spells during Besieged.

Order of Events in Besieged

  • 1. The enemy forces at a beastman stronghold reach level 1 and a contingent sets out for Al Zahbi.
  • 2. The beastman forces march toward the Imperial capital.
  • 3. The beastmen breach Al Zahbi's defenses and besiege the town.
  • 4. The Empire sounds a warning and a call to arms.
  • 5. The Empire is victorious if the adventurers and the Imperial Army manage to keep the Astral Candescence safe and drive the beastmen out of town.

  • You can intercept the beastman forces while they are marching toward Al Zahbi.
  • The “enemy forces” value determines the level, and thus the strength and type, of beastmen who set out for the Empire.
  • In the event that the Empire is successful in defending the capital, the enemy forces of the defeated beastmen’s stronghold will decrease.
  • If you are engaging in synthesis, using the “trade” feature, or buying an item when Besieged begins, your actions will be cancelled. A warning message will appear before the beastmen enter the city, so take care when performing the actions described above.

Tips for Success in Besieged

  • Deplete the enemy forces
    • By defeating beastmen in their strongholds, you can deplete their forces. This can also be accomplished by destroying the archaic mirrors located around their bases. Even if the beastmen are already heading toward Al Zahbi, you can intercept their forces and decrease the number of enemies that reach the capital.

  • Keep an eye on the Imperial defense
    • The Imperial defense is an important statistic relating to the defensive facilities and the deployment of mercenaries in Besieged. If the Imperial defense decreases by too great an amount, the Empire may be unable to deploy mercenaries or set up defenses against beastman invasions, making the city much more difficult to protect.
    • When you notice the Imperial defense start to decrease, you can raise it by giving donations to the Al Zahbi NPC “Gajaad.”
    • For more information about Imperial defense, speak to an Imperial guard.

Recovering the Astral Candescence

  • In the event that the effort to defend Al Zahbi fails and the beastmen take the Astral Candescence, adventurers will be unable to earn bonus effects from Sanction. In such an event, the Empire of Aht Urhgan will order its subjects to concentrate on recovering the priceless item. The adventurers must then venture into the enemy base and seize the Astral Candescence from its place atop an astral plinth.

Order of Events for Recovery

  • 1. After being taken from Al Zahbi, the Astral Candescence is placed on an astral plinth in the enemy base, and the beastmen and monsters there will receive certain effects.
  • 2. The area where the astral plinth is located will become a battlefield, requiring two key items for entry. These key items will be lost in the event that you log out or leave the area and must be reacquired before entering the battlefield.
  • 3. The battlefield will have no level restriction, but only six people may enter at a time.
  • 4. You can recover the Astral Candescence by defeating all the enemies in the battlefield during the specified amount of time (30 minutes) and checking the item located on the astral plinth.
  • 5. After recovering the Astral Candescence, you will be unable to reenter the astral plinth battlefield.

  • Falling in battle during the fight to recover the Astral Candescence will result in the loss of experience points. However, even should you fall in battle, the monster(s) in the battlefield will not fully recover, and the accumulated damage will carry over to the next battle.

Besieged Prisoners

  • After Besieged is over, some NPCs in Al Zahbi are taken to the enemy base as prisoners. These NPCs are chosen randomly, and will disappear from town when they are captured. Depending on the NPCs captured, you may lose the ability to purchase goods at certain shops or use the auction house. You can free a captive by acquiring and using the key to their prison.

Finding Useful Information on Besieged

  • You can check the status of Besieged by selecting “Besieged” under “Region Info” on the main menu. Please understand that the most recent data may take a short while to be reflected on the map.

Region icons

  • You can see the current location of the Astral Candescence by viewing region icons. A flashing blue mark in the center of an icon means that the Astral Candescence is located in that region.

Besieged status

  • Lining up the cursor with a region that does not contain an enemy base will display the following information:

  • 1. Orders: Displays the current orders from the Imperial Army.
  • 2. Battle status: Displays the strength and level of the enemy forces.

The following changes have been made to Brenner:

  • You can now speak to a Pursuivant in Bastok, San d'Oria, or Windurst to participate in an official match. However, you must have heard the Brenner explanation from the NPC Afdeen in Upper Jeuno at least once.

You can now earn points in the following ways:

  • Your team lights a Flammen-Brenner: 1 point
  • You seize a Flamme from the opposing team: 2 points
  • Your team successfully defends its Flamme for a set duration after achieving Complete status: 1 point

The Flammen-Brenner will now recover from damage under the following conditions:

  • The Flammen-Brenner will gradually recover after not receiving damage for a certain amount of time.
  • By activating the new option "Repair by Petra," any Flammen-Brenner near a Petra-holding player who is not on the opposing side will absorb that player's Petra and use it to recover damage. *However, there is a limit to the number of times this ability can be used.

Posten behavior has been altered in the following ways:

  • Posten will no longer attack targets that are under the effect of “Sleep” or “Bind.”
  • Some of the spells used by Posten have been changed.
  • Now you can alter the KO penalty under "current settings." The penalty before this update was equivalent to what is now the "level 1" setting, although the conditions under which the penalty is incurred have been slightly altered.
  • The prerequisites for achieving Complete status in an official match can no longer be changed.
  • After altering certain rules in an official match, the changes will be announced to everyone in the area.
  • In the event of a called game 10 minutes or less into an official match, the losing team will now earn a reduced number of experience points.
  • Some of the temporary items earned by "quarry" have been changed.

Basic Rules

  • Brenner is a competition played by two teams of 1 to 72 players each. The goal of Brenner is to light all of your side's Flammen-Brenner (flame burners) and then protect the Flamme (flames) for a set amount of time.
  • At the start of a match, only half of each side's Flammen-Brenner will be lit. You must seize the Flamme from the opposing side to light all of your team's Flammen-Brenner. However, each Flammen-Brenner has an HP value, and will only expose its Flamme after taking a certain amount of damage. Your goal is to protect your side's Flammen-Brenner while attempting to seize your opponent's Flamme.
  • You can speak to the NPC "Afdeen" in Upper Jeuno for an explanation of Brenner at any time.

How to Participate

  • Brenner is played in the area "Abdhaljs Isle-Purgonorgo." You can apply for an official match, reserve the Isle, or travel to the Isle by speaking to the NPC "Afdeen" in Upper Jeuno. You can speak to a Herald at the Isle to manage entries or set match rules.
  • You do not need a license to participate in Brenner or to make a reservation, and there are no rank or nationality requirements.

  • Players who have not installed the Chains of Promathia expansion disc, or who have not registered the expansion content, will be unable to enter Abdhaljs Isle-Purgonorgo.

Types of Matches

  • There are two types of Brenner matches: official and private.
  • Official matches are held periodically according to schedule, while private matches are held by reservation. Private matches are further divided into regular matches and LS Liga (matches that pit linkshell groups against each other). Reservations for a private match can be made for any free time block up to two days (Earth time) before the match.

Official Matches

  • To participate in an official match, you must first speak to the NPC "Afdeen" in Upper Jeuno and travel to Abdhaljs Isle-Purgonorgo. No item or fee is required. However, you will not be allowed on the Isle if your job level does not meet the minimum requirement (level 75 in the case of "no restriction").

  • To enter, you must speak to a Herald after reaching the Isle and pay the participation fee. A participation fee will be collected for every match, so if you wish to participate in all three matches in an official session, you must pay a total of three fees.

Participation fee per match:

  • Level 30: 300 gil
  • Level 40: 400 gil
  • Level 50: 500 gil
  • Level 60: 600 gil
  • No restriction: 750 gil

  • The participation fee will be refunded if you cancel your entry before the match begins and speak to a Herald.

  • Official matches are held every week (Earth time) according to the following schedule. You can view a more detailed schedule by speaking to the NPC "Afdeen."

Official Match Schedule

  • All times are noted in PST. Please understand that these times will require adjustment during Daylight Saving Time.

Match Proceedings

  • (In this case, the time block is for 1:00-3:00.)

  • 1:00-1:09 Match 1 entry period
  • 1:09-1:10 Match 1 briefing (1 minute)
  • 1:10-1:30 Match 1 (about 20 minutes, depending on the number of matches in the session)

  • 1:35-1:39 Match 2 entry period
  • 1:39-1:40 Match 2 briefing (1 minute)
  • 1:40-2:10 Match 2 (about 30 minutes, depending on the number of matches in the session)

  • 2:15-2:19 Match 3 entry period
  • 2:19-2:20 Match 3 briefing (1 minute)
  • 2:20-2:50 Match 3 (about 30 minutes, depending on the number of matches in the session)

  • Players who have entered the match can change certain rules by speaking to a Herald. Rules can be changed only once per session for a fee of 300 gil.

  • After an official match is over, participants can receive experience points. However, if a player changes areas or contributes very little during the match, he or she may not receive any experience points.

Private Matches

Conventional Match Proceedings

  • Private match reservations can be made for any unreserved block up to two Earth days in advance. *Same-day reservations can also be made, as long as the Isle is not occupied or reserved by another group.
  • All Brenner reservation procedures are managed by the NPC "Afdeen" in Upper Jeuno. If you make a reservation in advance, you will receive a "Brenner Bluebook." If you make a same-day reservation, you will receive a "Brenner Blackbook." The Brenner Bluebook and Brenner Blackbook cost 500 gil each.
  • Using the Brenner Bluebook or Brenner Blackbook as an item will allow you to obtain a "Bluebook page" or a "Blackbook page." In turn, using a page will create more pages. Trade the pages to prospective participants so that they can also travel to the Isle.
  • When the reservation comment is set to "Recruiting Members," prospective participants can receive a Bluebook page simply by speaking to Afdeen.
  • Private match participants can travel to the Isle by trading a Brenner Bluebook, Brenner Blackbook, Bluebook page, or Blackbook page to Afdeen.
  • A fee corresponding to the session's level restriction will be incurred at the time of transportation.

Transportation Fees (collected once per session):

  • Level 10: 100 gil
  • Level 20: 200 gil
  • Level 30: 300 gil
  • Level 40: 400 gil
  • Level 50: 500 gil
  • Level 60: 600 gil
  • No restriction: 750 gil

  • After reaching the Isle, players can enter the match by trading a rulebook or page to the Herald. *A participation fee is not required when entering a private match. Also, the player who trades a *Brenner Bluebook or Brenner Blackbook to the Herald will become the MC (Master of Ceremonies) and can change match rules.

LS Liga

  • LS Liga is a type of Brenner competition played among linkshell members. Players can apply for participation in an LS Liga match by speaking to the Marshal standing next to Afdeen in Upper Jeuno. A fee of 3,000 gil will be collected from each participating linkshell's leader upon application.

  • You can find more detailed information about LS Liga by speaking to the Marshal in Upper Jeuno.

New Jobs

Blue Mage

Blue Mage Job Abilities

  • 2-hour ability: Azure Lore (Level 1)
    • Enhances the effect of blue magic spells.
  • Chain Affinity (Level 40)
    • Makes it possible for your next "physical" blue magic spell to be used in a skillchain. Effect varies with TP.
  • Burst Affinity (Level 40)
    • Makes it possible for your next "magical" blue magic spell to be used in a Magic Burst.

Acquiring Blue Magic

  • Blue magic is acquired by “learning” the special abilities of monsters.
    • You can only learn the special abilities of monsters when blue mage is set as your main job.
    • You have a chance to acquire blue magic when defeating a monster that has used a learnable special ability.
  • It is not possible to learn blue magic that is too far above your level.
  • You will not acquire blue magic if you are KO'd when a monster is defeated, or the defeated monster does not yield experience points.

  • Some monster abilities cannot be learned as blue magic.
  • It is not necessary to be the target of a monster's special ability in order to learn blue magic.

Using Blue Magic

  • Unlike other magic spells, it is not possible to use blue magic as soon as it is acquired. First, the spells you wish to use must be “set.”
  • Using the system described below, you can freely assign the spells you wish to use.

  • 1. Point Total/Maximum
    • Each blue magic spell is assigned a point value (blue magic points). The level of the blue mage determines the maximum number of points available for setting spells.
  • 2. Maximum Number of Set Spells
    • The maximum number of blue magic spells that can be set at one time is also determined by the blue mage's level. This maximum number may decrease when the blue mage is under a level restriction and so the set numbers are assigned a color for easy reference.

Blue Magic Points and Max. Number of Set Spells Per Level

Blue magic spells can be set by selecting the “Set Spells” option after choosing “Blue Magic” under “Magic” in the main menu. Please be aware that any time blue magic spells are set, the blue mage will be unable to cast any spells for 1 minute.

Regarding Blue Magic The help text for blue magic contains various types of information.

1. Blue magic spell The name of the blue magic spell. 2. Spell effect The TP information included in "physical" blue magic spells is applicable when using the job ability "Chain Affinity." 3. Blue magic type (Physical/Magical) There are two types of blue magic spells--physical and magical. The accuracy for "physical" blue magic is affected by the accuracy of the equipped main weapon. 4. Monster family This refers to the monster family from which the blue magic spell was learned. The accuracy and damage of blue magic spells are affected by the relation between different monster families. 5. Status bonus This bonus is applied to the caster when the applicable blue magic spell is set. Not all blue magic spells include a status bonus. 6. Usable level The minimum level required to cast the spell. 7. MP cost The amount of MP required to cast the spell. 8. Blue magic points The number of points required to set the spell. The total number of points used to set blue magic spells cannot exceed the maximum point value. [1]

Corsair Job Traits

- Resist Paralyze (Level 5) Gives you a slight resistance against paralysis.

Corsair Job Abilities

- 2-hour ability: Wild Card (Level 1) Has a random effect on all party members within area of effect.

  • The Wild Card ability is not affected by the Wild Card effect.
- Phantom Roll (Level 5) Grants a beneficial effect to party members within area of effect. - Double-Up (Level 5) Enhances an active Phantom Roll effect that is eligible for Double-Up. - Quick Draw (Level 40) Shoot a bullet charged with the magical energy of an elemental card. Special items required.
  • The effects of enfeebling magic that match the element of the card may be enhanced.
  • The corsair must equip a gun and ammunition, and be in possession of the appropriate elemental card in order to use this ability e.g. Fire Shot requires a fire card. One card is consumed with each use of the ability.
- Random Deal (Level 50) Has the possibility of resetting the recast time of a random ability for party members within area of effect.
  • The Random Deal ability is not affected by the Random Deal effect.

Acquiring Phantom Rolls The Phantom Roll ability is learned at level 5. However, in order to use this ability, corsairs must use “dice“ to learn various rolls, in much the same way scrolls are used to learn spells. Acquired rolls will appear in a sub-menu after selecting Phantom Roll.


Using Phantom Roll When the Phantom Roll ability is used, a number (in roman numerals) from “I” to “VI” is generated and party members within range gain the effect of the roll. The number displayed affects the degree of the roll's effect.

- Double-Up For 45 seconds after using a Phantom Roll, the corsair will have the option of using the Double-Up ability. This period of time is represented by the “Double-Up Chance” icon. Using Double-Up will once again generate a number from “I” to “VI,” which is then added to the total of the previous roll.

  • Corsairs can continue to use the Double-Up ability as long as the Double-Up Chance icon remains.

- Phantom Roll totals The effect of a roll will continue to increase as the total rises from “I” to “XI.” However, if the total reaches “XII” or more, the roll will “Bust.” Each Phantom Roll has a lucky and unlucky number. Obtaining a total equal to a roll’s lucky number will produce an effect second only to a total of “XI.” A total equal to the unlucky number will produce an effect weaker than a total of “I.” If the roll becomes a “Bust,” party members will lose the effect of the roll and the corsair will experience an additional penalty.

  • A “Bust” will reduce the number of possible active Phantom Rolls by one, as well as inflict a detrimental effect corresponding to a “Bust” roll.

- Special effects of Phantom Roll The effect of a Phantom Roll will be enhanced depending on the type of roll and the main jobs of party members. For example, when a Fighter’s Roll is used, the effect of the roll will be greater if a warrior is in the party.

- Things to consider when using Phantom Roll

Characters with corsair set as a main job can have a maximum of two active Phantom Rolls, while those with corsair as a support job are limited to one active Phantom Roll effect.

The Phantom Roll effects of a character with corsair set as a support job are weaker, and do not gain the bonus effect from the presence of the applicable main job in the party.

A Phantom Roll effect cannot be reapplied until after it has worn off or been removed.

  • As of the July version update of 2006, a character using bard songs and the corsair ability Phantom Roll is able to stack up to 3 effects on each party member.
However, a single character is only able to receive up to a total of 12 combined Phantom Roll and bard song effects. [2]

Puppetmaster Job Traits

- Resist Slow (Level 10) Gives you a slight resistance against slow. - Evasion Bonus (Level 20) Improves evasion against physical attacks. - Martial Arts (Level 25) Increases speed of hand-to-hand attacks.

Puppetmaster Job Abilities

- 2-hour ability: Overdrive (Level 1) Augments the fighting ability of your automaton to its maximum level. - Activate (Level 1) Calls forth your automaton. Activate has a 20 minute recast time. Also, your automaton will disappear when you are affected by a level restriction, and must be recalled using the Activate ability. - Repair (Level 15) Gradually restores your automaton's HP. Special items required.

  • The Repair ability requires the puppetmaster to equip an item called “automaton oil” that can be made with the alchemy skill, or purchased at shops.

Puppetmaster Pet Commands

- Deploy (Level 1) Orders your automaton to attack. - Deactivate (Level 1) Deactivates your automaton. - Retrieve (Level 10) Orders your automaton to return to your side. - Fire Maneuver (Level 1) Enhances the effect of fire attachments. - Ice Maneuver (Level 1) Enhances the effect of ice attachments. - Wind Maneuver (Level 1) Enhances the effect of wind attachments. - Earth Maneuver (Level 1) Enhances the effect of earth attachments. - Thunder Maneuver (Level 1) Enhances the effect of thunder attachments. - Water Maneuver (Level 1) Enhances the effect of water attachments. - Light Maneuver (Level 1) Enhances the effect of light attachments. - Dark Maneuver (Level 1) Enhances the effect of dark attachments.

Automatons Automatons are constructed from three types of components--a head, a frame, and various types of attachments. Your automaton will start out with the standard head and frame parts, but there are also parts available specifically for melee, magical, and ranged combat. There are also numerous types of available attachments that allow you to customize your automaton with a range of abilities.

Customizing Your Automaton You can customize your automaton from the “Automaton” sub-menu found under “Equipment” in the main menu.

1. Head The head equipment slot. The type of head you select will affect the automaton's positioning in battle, as well as direct its basic behavior patterns. 2. Frame The frame equipment slot. The type of frame will affect the abilities and magic available to the automaton. 3. Attachments The attachment equipment slots. A maximum of 12 attachments can be equipped on your automaton, regardless of the selected head or frame. 4. Maximum capacity This value represents the automaton's maximum capacity for equipping attachments. The combined values of the head and frame parts set the limit for each elemental capacity. 5. Attachment functions The functions or abilities provided by each individual attachment. 6. Required capacity These values represent the elemental capacity required to equip the attachment. Attachments with requirements that exceed the maximum capacity cannot be equipped. 7. Skill The various skill values of your automaton.

  • An activated automaton cannot be customized. You must first deactivate your automaton in order to change its equipped parts.
  • Any combination of head and frame parts can be equipped; however, not all combinations are equally functional.
  • When a puppetmaster has equipped attachments that can only be used with a certain type of head or frame, it is not possible to equip other head or frame parts that do not support those attachments. You must remove those attachments first before attempting to equip a different head or frame.

Controlling Your Automaton An automaton will act automatically in relation to its equipped attachments. It is possible to give simple commands such as attack and retreat, but you cannot command your automaton to use specific spells or abilities.

Effects of Maneuvers Using a maneuver command will cause the automaton to give priority to actions that correspond to that maneuver's element. Maneuver commands will also activate the abilities of corresponding attachments.

Fire Maneuver: STR/Attack/Increase enmity Ice Maneuver: INT/Elemental magic/Magic attack Wind Maneuver: AGI/Evasion/Ranged accuracy Earth Maneuver: VIT/Defense Thunder Maneuver: DEX/Accuracy Water Maneuver: MND/Magic defense/Curing Light Maneuver: CHR/HP recovery Dark Maneuver: MP/MP recovery

  • In order to use the Maneuver commands, the puppetmaster must equip a special item called an “animator.”
An animator is obtained along with the puppetmaster job. If you throw away the animator by accident, you must pay an expensive sum to obtain another one.


Using a maneuver will increase the burden associated with that maneuver's element. When that burden exceeds a certain amount, the automaton will become overloaded. An overloaded automaton will be temporarily unresponsive to maneuver commands, and will experience a reduction in combat ability.

  • The burden associated with maneuver commands will gradually decrease over time.
  • Activating an automaton will also increase an automaton’s burden.

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