Attack Bonus  

  • Increases the power of physical attacks.
  • When subbing a job with the Attack Bonus trait, you will not receive the same rank of this trait twice if it already occurs on your main job. For example, a level 30 WAR/DRK will not gain two rank I Attack Bonus traits.

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Job Trait

Attack Bonus I
Dark Knight 10
Dragoon 10
Warrior 30
Increases attack by 10 points.

Attack Bonus II
Dark Knight 30
Increases attack by 22 points.

Attack Bonus III
Dark Knight 50
Increases attack by 35 points.

Attack Bonus IV
Dark Knight 70
Increases attack by 48 points.

Weapons That Enhance Attack Bonus

Hold cursor over item name for picture.

Weapon Level Type Jobs
Ryumon 70 Katana NIN

Blue Magic Spells Affecting Attack Bonus

Equipping any 2 of the following spells will grant the Attack Bonus job trait.

Level Spell Point cost
60 Dimentional Death 5
63 Frenetic Rip 3
72 Disseverment 5

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