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Following is the transcript for the mission AU28 - Bastion of Knowledge:

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Scene 1: Aydeewa Subterrane

Wawaroon: Ohooohooo.

Immooortals have big clink clink! Weee beee luckeee today!

Vavaroon: Weee beee sooo luckeee tooo listen tooo Wawaroon!

Gogoroon: Gogoroon luckeee! Gogoroon love sound of clink clink!

Wawaroon: Aha! Member Nine! Vavaroon!

Vavaroon: Wh-what of Vavaroon?

Wawaroon: Yooo check Immooortal not trying to foool us. Yes?

Vavaroon: Jooob for Vavaroon? V-Vavaroon check! Rooroon!

Vavaroon: Hooo! Haaa! Hooo!

Vavaroon: This Immooortal not foooling, rooroon.

Wawaroon: Ahaha! Oookay!

Wawaroon: Member Seven! Gogoroon.

Gogoroon: Wh-what?

Wawaroon: Search Imooortal for clink clink!

Gogoroon: O-oookay. Gogoroon going in!

Vavaroon: Weee beee rolling in clink clink!

Gogoroon: Immooortal having nothing...

Vavaroon: Impooosible! Loook again!

Gogoroon: Gogoroon telling yooo. Immooortal beee having nothing!

Gogoroon: Gogoroon feeeling blooo...

Wawaroon: Ahahaha!? Someone coming?

Wawaroon: Rooroon.

Wawaroon: Leeeve theee Immooortal!

Wawaroon: Weee beee getting out of here!

Gogoroon: O-oookay! Weee beee luckeee another time!

Vavaroon: Oookay! Vavaroon meeting with Wawaroon later, rooroon!

Rishfee: Ugh...

Rishfee: Where...? Who's there...?

Rishfee: !?

Rishfee: Oh...it's you...

Rishfee: I wonder how long I was out...

Rishfee: I didn't hear or sense anything until someone was right behind me...

Rishfee: I must be getting careless.

Rishfee: Who would be bold enough to assault an Immortal?

Rishfee: But I've wasted enough time already--I have to find...

Rishfee: Hey, what are you doing here, anyway?

Rishfee: Hm?

Rishfee: You were sent by the Grand Vizier?

Rishfee: You're too late. It seems I arrived here after Aphmau had already left.

Rishfee: You can still see Hume and automaton footprints all over the place...

Rishfee: I'm certain she was here.

Rishfee: But I don't think she found any sign of Ovjang.

Rishfee: How do I know that?

'''Rishfee: I had just found her dragging footprints heading out of the tunnels, as if she had given up.

Rishfee: And then everything went black...

Rishfee: All is not lost, however. I think I know where she went.

Rishfee: Walahra Temple.

Rishfee: I'm almost certain she would return there...

Rishfee: Let's get moving!

Rishfee: Woah...

Rishfee: My head is...still spinning...

Rishfee: Player name.

Rishfee: You must return to Al Zahbi and make sure she's okay.

Rishfee: I...

Rishfee: I have to see her before the other Immortals figure out where she is.

Rishfee: No time to lose!

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