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Overview of Besieged

Besieged is a defensive battle fought in Al Zahbi. Adventurers join the conflict between the Aht Urhgan Empire and invading beastmen over a treasure called the “Astral Candescence.” The goal of Besieged is to defend the Imperial capital when the beastmen breach its defenses in search of the Astral Candescence, and to recover the treasure from one of the beastman strongholds in the event it is taken. Although the beastmen are vulnerable as soon as they begin marching, adventurers tend to gather in Al Zahbi's bastion and wait for the battle to come to them.

When the invasion begins, five NPCs called the “Serpent Generals” seal the entrance to the Hall of Binding where the Astral Candescence is located. In the event that all five generals fall in battle, the seal will be broken, and the beastmen will be able to enter the hall. If the beastmen manage to reach the astral plinth inside, the Astral Candescence will be taken and the battle to defend Al Zahbi will be lost.

The battle lasts for up to an hour. If the battle is still going when time expires, the beastmen will retreat and it is a victory for the Empire.

The "Astral Candy": What is it?

The Astral Candescence is the name of the treasure over which the beastmen and the Aht Urhgan Empire are fighting. The mysterious object emanates an unperceivable melody from its place atop an “astral plinth.” This melody has the power to affect both the players and the beastmen.

When the Astral Candescence is in the Empire of Aht Urhgan, adventurers with sanction receive an experience bonus. When getting sanction, players can purchase bonuses of regen, refresh and meal duration for a small cost of Imperial Standing credits. These bonuses become more powerful the more times Al Zahbi is defended. However, they revert to their original strengths if the beastmen take the Astral Candescence.

Monsters of Besieged

Besieged Strategies

Be the first to list tactics for beating the beastmen!

Temporary Items

Adventurers are supplied with a variety of items at the start of besieged. These items disappear from your inventory at the conclusion of the battle.

Rewards for Victory

  • Beastmen Level 1: 300 Exp, 300 IS
  • Beastmen Level 2: 400 Exp, 400 IS
  • Beastmen Level 3: 500 Exp, 500 IS
  • Beastmen Level 4: 600 Exp, 600 IS
  • Beastmen Level 5: 700 Exp, 700 IS
  • Beastmen Level 6: 1000 Exp, 1000 IS
  • Beastmen Level 7: 1200 Exp, 1200 IS
  • Beastmen Level 8: 1700 Exp, 1700 IS

Recovering the Astral Candescence

In the event that the effort to defend Al Zahbi fails and the beastmen take the Astral Candescence, adventurers will be unable to earn bonus effects from Sanction. In such an event, the Empire of Aht Urhgan will order its subjects to concentrate on recovering the priceless item. The adventurers must then venture into the enemy base and seize the Astral Candescence from its place atop an astral plinth.


After Besieged is over, some NPCs in Al Zahbi are taken to the enemy base as prisoners. These NPCs are chosen randomly, and will disappear from town when they are captured. Depending on the NPCs captured, you may lose the ability to purchase goods at certain shops or use the auction house. You can free a captive by acquiring and using the key to their prison.

To free prisoners, you must kill beastmen of that stronghold until they drop keys. You must search the stronghold for the locked up NPCs and use your keys to free them.

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