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General Information

Charisma is the Light-based stat beloved by Bards and Beastmasters everywhere. For the Bard class, Charisma (CHR) is vital in determining the potency and resist rate of their songs, while for Beastmasters the stat is used in conjunction with their Charm Ability to help reduce mob resists. Dancers also favor this stat for the boost that it gives to their Curing Waltz.

Some weapon skills also have Charisma-Based damage modifiers. One such example is Dancing Edge which has a 40% CHR damage modifier.

Charisma by Race

Charisma really is a category where no one race excels. The one point difference between the Elvaan, Hume and Taru races and the Galka and Mithra races really aren't huge advantages when it comes to choosing a race for your Bard, Beastmaster or Dancer. This is a breakdown of Charisma on a level 1 Bard:

Elvaan: 7
Galka: 6
Hume: 7
Mithra: 6
Tarutaru: 7

Boosting Charisma

Life-long Bards and Beastmasters may choose to put Merit Points into their Charisma stat to permanently increase it by up to 5 points, but for those looking for a temporary Charisma boost, choosing a good Charisma Food is the answer.

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