Divine Might Spoilers  

The following are transcripts for the quest Divine Might.


This place is part of a now forgotten kingdom.
T'was known as the Strine of Ru'Avitau.

Yve'noile: It is the heart of Tu'Lia.
The Celestial Nexus, the key that opens the Gate of the Gods, lies within...
Yve'noile: The path to the Celestial Nexus, with the shrine at its center, is guarded by the power of five beings born of the crystal.
Yve'noile: Yes, the power of the crystal.
Those five guardians hold the might of deities.
Yve'noile: However, the potential to shatter those powerful beings has grown within the Children of Altana these past ten thousands years.
I see that potential now in the person who doth stand before me.
Yve'noile: Even so...
The power of Eald'narche is incalculable. It far exceeds the might of even the Crystal Warriors.
Yve'noile: I do not know if the strength I can lend thee will for certain aid in thy struggle against Eald'narche. It also entails great risk...
Yve'noile: Thou must have in thy possession the five shards obtained from the Crystal Warriors, charged by the energies released in the clash of titanic forces. Shards broken from the warriors at the same time, in the same place.
Yve'noile: Travel to Ro'Maeve when thou canst see the full moon clearly in the night sky. The power of the ruins will awaken, filling the spring with water that will reflect the lunar sphere.
Yve'noile: Immerse the bottle of illuminink and the sheet of parchment in the waters of the spring. The sheet of parchment will be transformed into an ark pentasphere.
Yve'noile: The ark pentasphere is used to alter the magical properties that govern La'Loff Amphitheater...
Yve'noile: It holds the power to bring the five guardians to a single point, and is capable of annulling the resitrctions on La'Loff Amphitheater.
Yve'noile: The ark pentasphere will make it possible for those many companions who have joined thee on thine adventures to assist in this endeavor.
Yve'noile: Please do not forget, however, this is not necessarily the path thous shouldst travel. Even without the strength I could lend thee, it is not impossible thou wilt prevail...

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