Drenched! It Began with a Raindrop Spoilers  

The following are transcripts and video from the mini expansion quest, MKD2 - Drenched! It Began with a Raindrop.

Mog House

Moogle : You've found them, kupo! I knew I could count on you.
That's what I tell all my moogle buddies. "Why, my master is the boldest, brightest, bestest master of them all!"
Now we just take these, and...
Moogle : Kupoooooo~there you have it! Better than new!
Why, a bevy of wild buffalo could barge in here this second and it wouldn't budge and ilm, I say!
Moogle : Which reminds me, I went ahead and relayed the requisite reports to my manager at the MHMU.
Moogle : But wouldn't you know it, kupo?
It seems there's been a trifling bit of trouble at one of our Rent-a-Rooms in Jeuno as well!
Moogle : You know the one, right across from Durable Shields.
Whatever could have gone wrong, kupo?
Moogle : Well, there's nothing to be learned lollygagging around here.
Come, Master, we're off to Jeuno!

Little did anyone suspect that this
would prove to be only the beginning
of a harrowing nightmare unheard of
in the annals of mooglekind...

Final Fantasy XI

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