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Federation reinforcements have been dispatched to assist in the defense of our nation's strongholds. You are to travel to any checkpoint garrison under Windurstian control, and escort the awaiting soldier to her final destination.

Unit Requirement: 1-6 members


This Campaign Operation is found under "Supply Transport" when you talk to Emhi Tchaoryo.
To start this quest, your current campaign rank must be Allied Ribbon of Glory or higher.

Talk to any Gate Sentry in any area currently under control by Windurst. Doing so will cause a "Reinforcement" NPC to spawn. Talk to him and he will start following you. Lead him to the stronghold in that zone and talk to him there. He has a tendency to try to run away, especially if you get too far away from him. When he starts to run, he will say something like, "Huh? Was that an enemy scout?!", "I am worried about the soldiers back at the garrison. I have to see if they are all right" or "You are all slower than turtles in mud!" Talk to him again to get him to follow you again. Once you drop him off at the stronghold, return to Emhi Tchaoryo to complete the quest.

Note: You have 30 minutes to complete this quest once you have spawned the Reinforcement NPC. If time runs out, you will fail the operation. Leaving the zone once the NPC has been spawned will also result in automatic failure. This NPC runs faster than the one from the tier I version of the quest. Sprinter's Shoes are recommended so that he will not out run you while fleeing.

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