Fetichism Spoilers  

The following are transcripts for the mission Fetichism.

Scene 1: Bastok Markets

Cleades: Good, you've brought all four parts of the doll.

Dalzakk: We have completed our mission as well.

Cleades: Oh, if it isn't Dalzakk. I see that you've made it home safely.

Dalzakk: Did anything strange happen in the Mines District while I was away? I have a bad feeling about that place.

Cleades: It's nothing official, but I did hear from a guard there that...

Gwill: Mister Dalzakk! Werei has... Werei has...

Dalzakk: Werei has what, Gwill?

Michea: It seems as if Werei has left on his journey of rebirth.

Dalzakk: I see. We all knew this day would come eventually, but the Galka in the Mines District will still be sorrowful...

Gwill: What should we do, Mister Dalzakk?

Dalzakk: Keep calm, Gwill. You cannot live your life always depending on others.

Dalzakk: However, we are all worried. I will make preparations to set out again and investigate Werei's disappearance.

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