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Treasures of Aht Urhgan

ToAU 1: Land of Sacred Serpents

Upon arriving in Aht Urhgan Whitegate, you wander into the office of Salaheem's Sentinels, a mercenary group run by the mace-wielding Mithra known as Naja Salaheem. Her mercenary brigade often works on behalf of the Empire and is privileged with the trust of the royal family, so she says.

Initially unimpressed by your appearance, Naja agrees to allow you to join Salaheem's Sentinels on the condition that you are able to successfully deliver a supplies package to an outpost that is under imperial control. These outposts are also known as staging points. The Immortals patrol these areas, located at Illrusi Atoll, Dvucca Isle, Halvung, Mamool Ja and Azouph Isle.

The Immortals, she explains, are a powerful organization of blue mages entrusted with the task of of protecting the Empress and maintaining the general peace in Al Zahbi, as well as managing affairs concerning Assault Missions.

ToAU 2: Immortal Sentries

Deliver the package to the Immortal at either staging point, and you will be told how to use the runic portals for warping back to Aht Urhgan Whitegate. The runic portal technology, created by alchemists, functions by instantaneously disassembling the user and reassembling him at the Chamber of Passage in Whitegate.

Back again in Whitegate, Naja Salaheem praises you for your work and hires you to her mercenary group.

You are now a mercenary.

ToAU 3: President Salaheem

You travel to the Commissions Agency in Aht Urhgan Whitegate and learn how to sign up for and carry out assault missions. Assault is a key part of the Empire's military campaign against the surrounding beastmen armies.

ToAU 4: Knight of Gold

Naja is in a good mood, because profits are up since you have joined her mercenaries. Suddenly, a knight clad in golden armor strides into Naja's office. Naja believes he's connected with the San d'Orian military, but he demands to be called Raillefal. He too has delivered a supply package to the Immortals and is inducted into Salaheem's Sentinels.

However, Raillefal is furious with Naja's dominant personality. He storms out of the room, unwilling to accept his first assault assignment. Naja orders you to follow Raillefal.

In Stoneserpent Square, you come across a Qiqirn named Cacaroon who says he has information -- for a price. After giving the Qiqirn an Imperial bronze piece, Cacaroon points to Raillefal, who is standing behind you on a walkway. The Elvaan, who recognizes you from Naja's office, is troubled by how mercenaries are recruited hand-over-fist while beastmen surround the Aht Urhgan Empire. Meanwhile, the nation of Al Zahbi keeps a small standing army.

Cacaroon chimes into the conversation, speaking about the allure of an artifact called the Astral Candescence. The Walahran artifact is closely guarded in the Hall of Binding.

Curious, you head to Walahra Temple. A worker there, Nadeey, is shocked when you say you would like to enter the Hall of Binding and gaze upon the Astral Candescence. Entry into the hall is forbidden by the Serpent Generals for all but the servants of Walahra, Nadeey says -- not even the Empress is allowed. Suddenly, Raillefal bursts into the temple and says he has forsaken his knightly vows to pursue the life of a mercenary. The Walahra philosophy, Raillefal says, is "From the void all things are born. To the void all things return." With that in mind, Raillefal asks Nadeey, what if this process were accelerated? Nadeey says the knight has misunderstood the philosophy, which was built around "the unavoidable destiny that all of creation shares." Raillefal believes the Astral Candescence -- which the Walahra strive to protect -- is a cause of conflict which contradicts their religious philosophy.

Even the Walahra are unsure of the true nature of the Astral Candescence, Nadeey says. Raillefal warns Nadeey of greater conflict ahead, then turns and leaves the temple. Nadeey says a Yagudo monk had recently come to visit the temple.

On advise from Nadeey, you head to Shararat Teahouse to share stories with other adventurers. Raillefal is already there, seated at a corner table, speaking with a large Yagudo named Gessho. The Yagudo talks about an oft-repeated term, the "Astral Wind," which is the name given to the breeze the swirls around the Astral Candescence. The wind arises whenever the artifact is set within its plinth. Raillefal is convinced the Astral Candescence is the source of conflict with the beastmen, and wonders what secret the Empire is trying to hide. Gessho promises to investigate further, then rises to leave.

Raillefal stands up from his seat and notices you. He asks you to not tell Naja what you overheard from his conversation with Gessho. Then he asks what you have learned.

When you respond about the Empire, he says: "The Empire of Aht Urhgan is ruled by Nashmeira II, the 16th Empress of the Majaab Dynasty. There are actually two capitals to help govern this immense nation -- one in the east and one in the west. As you have probably guessed, this western capital is Al Zahbi, also known as the Imperial Capital."

When you respond about Walahra Temple, he says: "The sphere that floats in the center of the temple is called the 'Gordeus.' In the ancient past, when this Gordeus was unraveled by the Sage Walahra, it is said he came to understand the fundamental principle of existence."

When you respond about Salaheem's Sentinels, he says: "That company is where I endured the worst insults of my entire life!"

After speaking about those three topics, Raillefal shares with you his deep secret: that he is none other than Trion I d'Oraguille, a.k.a. Prince Trion, of San d'Oria. After revealing his true identity, Raillefal asks you to travel to Chateau d'Oraguille in San d'Oria to deliver a letter to Monarlais Halver.

The future of Aht Urhgan, as well as the four nations of Altana, hinge on the letter's safe delivery, he says.

ToAU 5: Confessions of Royalty

You arrive at Chateau d'Oraguille and hand Raillefal's letter to a gate guard. The guard runs into the palace to give the letter to Monarlais Halver. Moments, later, he returns, beckoning you to come inside. Monarlais Halver is there to greet you. Judging by the handwriting on the letter, he figures out the letter was written by Prince Trion. However, he can not figure out what the letter is meant to say.

The Elvaan General Rahal enters the room and says Trion, a.k.a. Raillefal, recently fled the palace in the middle of the night. He had an assistant, Travialce, shadow Trion's movements. Travialce, who is there with Rahal, says Prince Trion began passing himself off as an adventurer when he arrived in Mhaura, where he boarded the ferry for Aht Urhgan. After arriving in Whitegate, the prince assumed the identity of Raillefal and signed up to be a mercenary. However, Travialce says, Trion is wearing gold-laden armor and his hardly acting like an adventurer -- meaning most people have seen right through his so-called disguise. Travialce says he recognizes you from the teahouse, and he remembers watching Trion (Raillefal) hand you his letter to be delivered.

Travialce then goes on to talk about what Trion has been investigating overseas:

Four years ago, he says, Jalzahn, the former Emperor of Aht Urhgan, and his wife both died of a strange illness. The beastmen who live on the western boundaries of the nation used this as a chance to stop offering tributes to the Empire. With the Aht Urhgan empire at a stalemate in its war with the far east, Aht Urhgan officials realized they needed to find a way to defend against the beastmen. Meanwhile, the beastmen of the Mamool Ja Savagelands and Halvung Territory joined together against the Empire, and then they were joined by the Undead Swarm army. Invasions began falling on Al Zahbi, and the Empire's might was wearing thin.

Worried about the safety of Prince Trion, Monarlais Halver called for General Curilla to help deal with the situation. Curilla has no idea why Trion felt the need to heat to Aht Urhgan. Halver says the prince visited Al Zahbi and Whitegate when he was young, when the Aht Urhgan Emperor was still healthy. Something happened on that trip that may have lingered in Trion's mind, Halver said.

Not wanting to speculate on Trion's reasoning, Halver says the matter should be brought to the attention of Trion's brother, Prince Pieuje. At that moment, Pieuje walks into the room and demands to hear what is going on. Pieuje reads his brother's letter, and is shocked by what he reads.

The Kingdom of San d'Oria must focus its attention on the Near East, he said, where a conflict on the scale of the Crystal War is brewing.

Pieuje deciphers Trion's letter: "At the center of this conflict is a treasure known as the Astral Candescence. This object emits an enchanting melody, unheard by mortal ears. The melody envelops and fills those nearby with a boundless energy, be they person or beastmen. The citizens of Al Zahbi call this melody the Astral Wind."

Immediately, Pieuje calls for messengers to be sent to the other nations, and for an emergency meeting to be held in Jeuno.

To deal with Trion, Pieuje asks Travialce to deliver a letter to his royal brother. Then, Pieuje asks you to attend the meeting in Jeuno.

ToAU 6: Easterly Winds

Representatives from Windurst, San d'Oria and Bastok have gathered in Jeuno for an emergency summit, the first of its kind in the history of Vana'diel.

Your presence at the summit was requested by Prince Pieuje of San d'Oria. You enter the room, and Pieuje explains the events leading up to the summit. It began when you arrived at Chateau d'Oraguille with Raillefal's letter, which detailed the state of the Empire of Aht Urhgan. The Empire is under pressure from three separate beastman armies, the letter said, and the capital of Al Zahbi is in danger of falling.

Volker, a Hume, said Aht Urhgan was once known as the "Silent Empire." Pieuje says he is aware of the term. During the Great War, the Empire refused to involve itself with the Allied Forces of Altana, even though it possessed an army far greater than the combined forces of the allied nations.

Obviously, people are divided over the past actions of Aht Urhgan. Shantotto, the taru mage from Windurst, says the allied nations owe something to the Aht Urhgan Empire. Meanwhile, Volker is upset that the Federation of Windurst had recently opened its port at Mhaura to the Empire.

Pieuje steers the conversation back on track, saying the main concern is the treasure thought to be at the center of the conflict -- the Astral Candescence. The candescence is a type of instrument said to create the Astral Wind, a breeze which blows from an unknown source. The sound of the Astral Wind cannot be heard by mortal ears. The wind envelops those who are close by and fills them with mysterious strength. Few can resist the lure of the energy, including the beastmen around Aht Urhgan.

The instrument probably hasn't been destroyed because the people of Aht Urhgan believe it could lead to their salvation, Pieuje said. However, in his letter, Raillefal says he fears the Astral Candescence could someday spark a conflict on the level of the Crystal War.

Wolfgang says the Astral Candescence probably isn't a threat to the people of Al Zahbi, but Shantotto isn't so sure. Pieuje asks for your opinion on the matter. You tell him about Sage Walahra, and about the Walahran religious philosephy. Shantotto chimes in, explaining that the servants of Walahra control the Hall of Binding, where the Astral Candescence is kept. However, even though the treasure is heavily guarded, it's in a place that is easily accessible by the beastman armies.

That's when Shantotto reveals her theory: that the Empire is using the Astral Candesence as a trap!

Pleased by your delivery of Raillefal's letter, Pieuje asks you to return to Aht Urhgan and live as a mercenary, and perhaps try to get closer to the Imperial Palace. Through you, he hopes to learn the ultimate goal of the Empire. You accept his offer, and return to Aht Urhgan.

Meanwhile, a mysterious voice says there's more at stake than a trap and bait, and that an astral relic will seal your fate. The Empress is going to far, the voice says...

ToAU 7: Westerly Winds

The Yagudo monk, Gessho -- who also claims to have joined Salaheem's Sentinals -- confronts you at the teahouse upon your return. He says he and Raillefal were recently discussing the ongoing war between the Empire of Aht Urhgan and the nations of the Far East when they were interrupted by a man named Travialce. After speaking with Travialce -- who you know to be an agent of San d'Oria -- Raillefal left immediately for his home kingdom.

Gessho tells you Raillefal's ship would be docking in Mhaura at any moment.

Meanwhile, somewhere else, an unknown being talks about the emergency meeting that was held between the four nations in Jeuno. The unknown speaker is aware of one of the Empire's mercenaries being seen at the meeting.

ToAU 8: A Mercenary's Life

You take up the life of a mercenary, doing assaults and taking part in besieged. Teaming up with other adventurers, you begin to understand the warfare taking place on a daily basis between the people of Aht Urhgan and the beastmen surrounding its walls.

ToAU 9: Undersea Scouting

Naja Salaheem is putting together her company's pamphlet and wondering how she could make more money. You walk in, and she says she has a very profitable assignment for you, and it's from the Aht Urhgan Archaeological Research Institute -- likely a request from the Empress herself! The Aht Urhgan Archaeological Research Institute includes the alchemists of the Imperial Palace, and they are under the direct command of the Empress.

Lately, the Institute has been conducting investigations of the Ruins of Alzadaal, deep beneath the sea. In the past, the Empire had forbidden entry into the ruins. Recently, though, a portion of the ruins was opened up to the public.

For your assignment, the Archaeological Institute wants a mercenary to patrol the undersea ruins, and to dispose of any "unfriendly" creatures.

After you leave, Naja sits and her desk and wonders why someone from the Institute had asked for you, specifically, for this task...

ToAU 10: Astral Waves

Final Fantasy XI
Inside the undersea ruins, you approach a pair of gilded doors and are greeted by a Galka named Ghatsad -- the creator of the Empire's mechanical puppets. He gives you a device called the astral compass, which is capable of detecting astral waves.

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