Go! Go! Gobmuffin Spoilers  

The following are transcripts and video from the quest Go! Go! Gobmuffin.

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Riverne Site #B01

Tavnazian Safehold

Epinolle : Huh!?
You were attacked by a what!? A strange pack of Moblins!?
What's a Moblin?
Epinolle : Ah...
Swikastoq : Swikastoqq is a Moblinn.
Swikastoqq wentt to chase away badd Moblinns.
Epinolle : Huh...
But, what were you thinking going out there again. You could've been hurt...or even worse!
Epinolle : Oh, I'm sorry. Let me introduce you. This is my cutie Gobli--I mean Moblin buddy.
Epinolle : She came back here right after you left. She said that something happened on the cape, but I couldn't get her to tell me what it was.
Epinolle : I didn't want the other townspeople to worry, so I've been hiding her in this vacant storage room.
Swikastoq : Badd Moblinns wantedd to keepp secretts of site to themselves.
Swikastoq : Thatt's why they triedd to kill Swikastoqq!
Swikastoq : Thiss mapp is forr everyone!
vana'diell is forr everyone!
Swikastoq : So I give Tavnazia lady mapp.
Swikastoq : Andd I give otherr Moblinns mapp, too.
I give everyone mapp!
Epinolle : But are you going to be okay?
What will happen if you go back to your hometown?
You can always stay here with me...
Swikastoq : Swikastoqq is a Moblinn.
Moblinns live undergroundd.
Swikastoq : Swikastoqq wantedd to knwo more aboutt upworldd, so Swikastoqq leftt home.
Swikastoq : Journey wass hardd. Journey wass lonely. Butt Swikastoqq hadd funn. Swikastoqq wantss to telll Moblinn aboutt funn.
Epinolle : I guess if that's your dream, I'm not going to stand here and hold you down.
Be seeing you around, Swikastoqq!
Epinolle : You know. I really didn't do anything at all. I don't deserve this map...
Here, you take it.
Epinolle : And if in your travels you ever see my buddy again, tell her that I said hi...and that I hope I can see her again someday...

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