Job Adjustments Part II (7-9)  

As a follow up to last week's article on new ninja job abilities, it is with pleasure that we introduce other job-related additions and adjustments scheduled for the fast-approaching July version update.

Rate of Gain for Combat and Magic Skills

The introduction of in-game systems such as Level Sync and Fields of Valor, while expediting job level increases in the low and middle level ranges, has caused gains made in combat and magic skills to lag behind.

To address this issue, the rate at which combat and magic skills increase during low and middle job levels is set to be given a boost.

Circle-type Abilities

Up until now, the benefits granted by Circle-type abilities have been lackluster relative to their ability delay. The July version update will see these abilities imbued with additional effects for greatly enhanced usability.

The following abilities will benefit from the above adjustment: Holy Circle / Arcane Circle / Warding Circle / Ancient Circle / Killer Instinct

Blue Magic

Two new blue magic spells are scheduled to be added in the coming version update.

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