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What Is Limbus

Limbus is an ethereal region, much like Promyvion in appearance, accessed via Al'Taieu - Al'Taieu is otherwise known as 'Sea'. Players progress up floors of varying enemy types, opening chests containing AF upgrade items, Ancient Beastcoins, time extensions and chests that will restore HP/MP including abilities (this includes your 2 hour).

Gaining Access to Limbus

To enter Limbus, you must have access to Al'Taieu which is granted when you progress to chapter 8 in the Chains of Promathia story line.

Also, you will need two temporary key items:

  • Cosmo Cleanse - purchased from Sagheera for 15,000 gil; she can be found in in Port Jeuno at (I-8).
  • Key Card - dropped off of an Aw'euvhi mob located in Al'Taieu. A different type of key card is required to access the different zones of Limbus. As northern Al'Taieu is broken up into 3 regions, you must kill an Aw'euvhi within that region to gain the key required to enter your desired Limbus zone. More information is below regarding key cards and associated Limbus zones.

Zones of Limbus

Limbus is broken into two main areas: Apollyon and Temenos. Each of these areas are broken up into even smaller zones.


  • NW Apollyon
  • SW Apollyon
  • NE Apollyon
  • SE Apollyon
  • CS Apollyon
  • Central Apollyon
    • Boss: Proto-Omega


  • Temenos - Western Tower
  • Temenos - Northern Tower
  • Temenos - Eastern Tower
  • Central Temenos - Basement
  • Central Temenos - 1st Floor
  • Central Temenos - 2nd Floor
  • Central Temenos - 3rd Floor
  • Central Temenos - 4th Floor
    • Boss: Proto-Ultima

Rewards of Limbus

  • Artifact Armor upgrade items
  • Ancient Beastcoins, used to purchase items from Sagheera (Port Jeuno at (I-8))
  • Omega/Ultima items used to gain Rare/Ex gear, such as the Homam set.

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