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The following are transcripts and videos from the mission Lost for Words.

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Inner Horutoto Ruins

This cutscene can be viewed in-game by talking to Ramblix at the Goblin Footprint in the Inner Horutoto Ruins (Lost for Words).

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Nanaa Mihgo : Ha ha ha hah...
Nanaa Mihgo : Thank you for kindly coming all this way to carry out our little trrransaction.
Nanaa Mihgo : This is what you're going to do...
Drrrop all the money and equipment you have on you, then get the hell out of here.
Bopa Greso : Heh heh heh...
Don't tell us this is yourrr first lesson in the school of hard knocks now, little girrrl?
Cha Lebagta : Hah! Perrrhaps you should consider this as your tuition fee?
You see, we intended to use that book as bait...to lurrre unsuspecting do-gooders like yourself into our little trap.
Nanaa Mihgo : Hurry up and drop all yourrr belongings!
You don't want to keep me waiting!

Nanaa Mihgo : Huh...?
Ace of Cups : The extinguished magic is our lord!
Ace of Wands : The slumbering strength is our ruler!
Ace of Swords : We have found you, Mithra!
Return the lifeforce of our leader back to us!
Cha Lebagta : Grrr...
This is bad!
Bopa Greso : What do we do, Top Cat?
We can't take on three Ace Carrrdians and expect to live!
Ace of Cups : You tricked us...
You stole from us...
Many important things, you did!
Ace of Wands : They were out lord's belongings!
They were our ruler's possessions!
Ace of Swords : It is not permissible for living fools such as you to take the property of the deceased...!
Ace of Swords : So, Mithra... Tell us where you hid our ruler's belongings!
If you do not want to join him in death, then you had best speak the truth!
Nanaa Mihgo : Alrrright, I'll tell you then...
All you wish to know is their wherrreabouts, right?
Nanaa Mihgo : The boxes you seek are hidden in the old summoner's rrresidence in Windurst Walls...the "House of the Hero."
Nanaa Mihgo : Now that I've told you, you can stop chasing us around, alrrright?
Ace of Cups : ......
Ace of Wands : ......
Ace of Swords : ......
You appear to be telling the truth.
Nanaa Mihgo : Of course I'm telling the trrruth.
I know only too well that you Carrrdians can detect when someone is lying!
Ace of Swords : Then you also know that we are incapable of lying as well.
Ace of Cups : We will be returning to town...
After we have silenced you forever!
Nanaa Mihgo : Why, you double-crrrossing...

The Ace of Cups is defeated by a fire spell.

Ajido-Marujido : This time you've gone too far!
Ajido-Marujido : When you cannot lie, you must value your words as much as your life!
Ace of Swords : It is the Minister of the Orastery...!
Ajido-Marujido : So, "Cardians of the Dark," you have already investigatarued me, have you?
Dare I ask what evil enterprise you are planning?
Ajido-Marujido : Don'taru tell me that you are after the forbidden magic as well?
That couldn't possibly be true, could it?
Ace of Swords : ......

Ajido-Marujido : Humph. They cannot lie, but they can keep their silence! I underestimatarued them!
Ajido-Marujido : So, now I see...
You stole that book from our Cardian friends there, eh?
Ajido-Marujido : But to hide it and your other spoils right under our noses in ol' Karaha-Baruha's residence...? I guess you could say the darkestaru place is always under the candlestick.
Ajido-Marujido : You can leave the rest to me. Give me the key to the "House of the Hero."
I'm talking about Karaha-Baruha's ring. I know you've gotaru it!
Nanaa Mihgo : You know that the second you lay hands on those boxes, the Carrrdians are going to go after you, don't you?
Nanaa Mihgo : Well, I suppose if it means an end to being tailed by those crrreepy Carrrdians and you, my pesky little man, then it is a small prrrice to pay.
Ajido-Marujido : You have the gall to think I enjoy playing cat and mouse, running around after you, do you?
Really, now...?
Ajido-Marujido : As for you, adventurer, you had better get out of here while you still can.
Otherwise, you'll have a cat in hell's chance of escaping with your belongings intact.
Ajido-Marujido : Next stop, ol' Karaha-Baruha's residence!
I had better hurry back to Windurst Walls before it's too late...

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