Mid-lvl exp Parties  

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Specialization Begins

As the game progresses, players pick up more gear and job abilities that begin to change party dynamics. At lower levels, mages can be damage dealers, nearly anyone with provoke can tank and often, one healer is all that's needed to keep the tempo going. In the mid-levels, parties still have lots of flexibility in who tanks, DDs, heals, etc. However, jobs begin to perform better when playing to their strengths.

Key Ingredients of Mid-Range Parties

  • Solid Tank: From here on out, the best tanks are paladin and ninja. Paladins get access to flash, and ninjas get utsusemi:ni. Warriors are still solid tanks in the mid-levels, if geared properly.
  • Refresh: Refresh, or mp regen, is not necassary to get decent experience. However, it is necessary to get great experience. Refresh keeps the mages MP pools up, which allows the party to carry on without resting.
  • Dispel: Several jobs, such as bard, rdm and blu, have the ability to "dispel" buffs that mobs cast on themselves. This is especially useful, as many mid-level mobs, i.e. beetles, crawlers and crabs, buff themselves with powerful defense boosts.
  • Quality DD: You want to have at least one pure damage dealer to drive the fight forward. Several jobs are capable of filling this role, including dark knight, samurai or a DD-geared warrior.

Beginning of TP Burns

Around level 55, many mid-level parties will be held in the ToAU areas. These parties tend to be TP burn parties. As players get closer to level 75, TP-burn parties tend to become more specialized. In mid-range levels, TP burns commonly consist of a tank, three damage dealers, a refresher and a healer. A TP-burn party is exactly as it sounds -- the tank and DD all melee the mob, and use their weaponskills individually, and as fast as possible, without worrying about skillchains.

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