Paladin Maat Fight  

While frail-looking, Maat can take as much damage as you can and can deliver some devastating blows. With the right preparation, however, you will be able to defeat the old geezer at his own game! Follow this guide and you are sure to be able to outlast him.

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Requirements to Win

Achieve one of the following to defeat Maat:

  • Take 3,000 points of damage
  • Bring Maat's hit points below 13~15%

Disposable Items to Bring

It's recommended that you bring the following items with you into the fight:

Equipment Recommendation

The typical way to win this fight is with a "turtle" setup as Maat will hit quite hard. Recommend that whatever weapon you go in with is capped for the fight. It's safe to swap a couple of equipment pieces for a little more DD push but make sure you don't sacrifice much-needed defense. Depending on race, you may want to consider building an HP setup on top of your defense if you haven't done so already.

The idea behind the fight is to simply survive as long as you can, especially since bringing his HP to a certain point will make Maat use Asuran Fists.

Of course, nothing is concrete. Race, day of the week, skill, and other factors may lead you to choose a different gear setup for the fight, but this is how I was able to win the match. =)


As already mentioned, the point is to outlive Maat. However, while one of the ways to beat Maat is by taking 3,000 points of damage, the more common way to beat Maat is to simply wear him out. You'll have to be fast with your macros, though. One mistake and you will lose this fight.

The moment you enter, buff yourself with Protect IV and Shell III. If you have not yet learned these spells, make sure you do so before entering the BCNM. Pop a taco and switch your neck piece to the Opo-opo Necklace. Its effect is that while you are slept you will slowly gain TP. This is where those Sleep Potions come into play!

Pop one sleep potion after the next until your TP reaches 100%. Optionally, you may also consume an au Lait and Yag Drink when you only have a couple of sleep potions left before 100 TP. If not, once you reach 100 switch back to your head piece and rest that little bit of HP/MP you gain from consuming a Tavnazian Taco. Every little bit counts!

Engage Maat and prepare yourself. He will use basic weapon skills like Combo and Shoulder Tackle at first. He will also use most if not all Paladin job abilities (though he has no shield, he'll Bash you with his foot instead called 'Maat Bash'). On top of that, he will Cure himself, use Flash, Holy, and even Banish you.

Keep your HP and MP regens going through out all of the fight. Do not use your Icarus Wing, yet. Weapon skills that you can use could be either Vorpal Blade or Swift Blade. People debate on which one is better but frankly, they both will do the trick so that much is up to you. I personally used Swift Blade as I was afraid of Vorpal missing. Keep an eye out for Flash; you don't want to waste TP by missing due to blindness.

Vile Elixers work well. If you need MP badly, go for the Ether. I didn't mention Hi-Potions since they are technically a waste. You can cure yourself a lot more efficiently than a Hi-Pot...what you need is MP! Using your Icarus Wing too soon will put you in medicated status, preventing you from using Ethers and Elixers.

As you watch his HP slowly trickle away it's time to prepare yourself for an onslaught. When you see his HP slowly beginning to drop below 25% or so, try to keep your HP as close to full as you can. You have to make sure to survive Asuran Fists. The moment you see this, use Invincible. Maat will literally spam this weaponskill till you die or he dies.

Cure yourself to full. If you have TP, use it and then pop your Icarus Wing and WS him. If he's still alive when your two hour ability wears, there is a good chance you will die. I say heal yourself to full for that split second that you may actually live to tell the tale.

Good luck!

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